Mitten for lovers: knitting technique (photo)

Mitten for lovers: knitting technique (photo)


Detailed instructions, step by step and with photos,How to tie fashion in this season mittens for lovers. Mittens (mittens) - clothes for hands, convenient and practical in the cold season. They are designed for convenient grip, for this the thumb has its small compartment, and the four others are placed together in one "pocket". Unlike gloves, which for each finger have their compartment, mittens better keep the heat in severe frosts.

Mitten for lovers - romantic winterClothes for hands, which is allowed in the cold December evening to walk, holding hands. They will help not only to warm the hands, but also to exchange heat with each other.
There was a tradition, the newlyweds who play a wedding in the winter, wear such nominal mittens, and go hand in hand on life further.
It is interesting! The idea of ​​creating such mittens was born during a walk with her husband from a well-known American businesswoman, designer Wendy Feller. Wishing to feel the warmth of the man's hand, the woman came up with a scheme and created a mitten made of sheep's wool.
Fantasy, how to decorate your mittens forLovers, has no boundaries, they can be diverse and to discredit both beloved. But first you can try to connect the most simple style of mittens for two, and please the work of your loved one.

Mittens for two - easy and simple

Blue color is democratic, it will suit both a guy and a girl. For work you will need:

  • Yarn - 3 coils, any, main color and two others for the pattern are suitable;
  • Circular knitting needles - 2 sets of the same size;
  • scissors.

Important! Mittens should not look like a "sieve", so knit tight! It is necessary to tie three mittens: female, male and general. You can start with a woman, she is usually left, as a woman keeps closer to the heart of a man. There are many theories and historical facts about this, but the main thing is that a woman, holding a man by her left hand, releases him right for useful actions.
For the female gauntlets, you need to dial 48 loops and lock them into a circle. Start mark with a thread.

To connect an elastic band 2 * 2 persons, all 15 numbers.

Next, tie two rows of facial smoothness and proceed to unfasten the pattern, for the female gloves white threads will fit:

  • 1 p. (Shortening the row) - 3 blue loops, 1 white, 5 blue, 1 white, etc. Repeated;
  • 2 r. - 2 white, 3 blue, 3 white, 3 blue, etc .;
  • 3 r. - 1 blue, 5 white, 1 blue, etc .;
  • 4 r. - 2 blue, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 white, 3 blue, 1 white, etc.

Then knit the canvas face up toThe base of the thumb. Firstly, first loops of the 3 loops (2nd spoke) and 9 loops to be laid on the pin, as in the photo, then again, dial 9 loops to restore the canvas.

To knead to the tip of the little finger and begin to reduce two loops at the beginning and at the end of the row, two in the middle. When the hinges are narrowed to the end of the mitten, close and fasten the thread.

The thumb is to be tied off with the spokes of the facial surface and covered like a mitten.

Men's mittens just the same with smallDifferences. Initially, 60 loops are made, 15 rows of elastics are sewn in 2 rows * 2 faces. Then the front face and exactly the same pattern as the female mitten, only the thread for a pattern of a different color.
For the big finger 3 loops are tied (1 stNeedle) and 10 loops are removed on the pin, 10 loops per knitting need to be replenished for continuation of knitting. The main thing is to properly untie the thumb, place it on the cloth of the product according to the left and right hands.
Important! Women's and men's gloves differ in the location of the thumb!

The most interesting thing in the work, the thirdMittens. For her, two rubber bands are knitted with separate knitting needles. For a woman's hand, 48 loops are typed, 2 rows of 2 rows of 15 rows are removed. For a man's hand, it is similar to 60 loops.

It is necessary to translate both gums into oneSet, for this, one face is to be connected with both spokes to the front face (24 + 30 loops), then the other two halves until all the loops are on one spoke.

Through two rows of facial smoothness, on the common mitten it is necessary to untie the pattern. The scheme corresponds to the female and male mittens, only here the hearts as in the photo, alternate in color.

The fingers on the common glove do not get out, soThrough two rows after the pattern, you can start to reduce the fabric, through each 6 loops 2 together. Approximately from the base of the little finger, the gloves are gradually diminished as well as the previous ones, two loops together in 4 places of the canvas.
The overall mittens are slightly shorter than the mens and females, since the palms in it are closed in a handshake.

He + She: the wealth of choice of the mittens

A huge variety of styles and colors of mittens for lovers, knitted with crochet and crochet, with additional cute accessories in the form of hearts, a pair of little animals and inscriptions "are happy together."

The main thing is that they fulfill their destiny and warm them in the frosts of both lovers.