Goat cross-embroidery scheme of a horned animal

Goat cross-embroidery scheme of a horned animal


Probably, there is nothing more pleasant than doing somethingSweet and bringing joy with their own hands. Embroidery with a cross will help in this as well as possible. Today it is fashionable to make some symbolic gifts made independently. Firstly, this is an authorial, exclusive work that you can not just go and buy in a store. Well, in the second place, a piece of the soul was actually put into such a product, and it's simply impossible not to fulfill it with love.
This lesson will describe the ways thatWill help to fulfill the most relevant products, this is the symbol of the year - a goat embroidered with a cross. These will be two completely different schemes. Both the first and the second are so nice that the products will not lose their relevance even after the year of the goat ends.
Both schemes can be considered sufficientSimple, so that even a beginner can embroider them. Of course, you will still need to have some experience in cross-stitching, at least - you will need to know how to hold a needle. And the process itself will be able to deliver a lot of pleasure both to the performer of work, and to those to whom it will be presented or simply who will look at it.

Embroidery of three-dimensional goat

So, the first scheme will describe the variantEmbroidery, with which you can make a keychain, a soft toy or make an original decorative pillow. In the year of the goat, such trinkets at home are considered a good sign. This is the figure of a goat in front and behind. It has small dimensions, which can depend on the size of the cross.
Such a goat can be embroidered on two smallPieces of fabric, then - cut out, these pieces will be sewn and filled with cotton. The result is a small, very cute soft toy, or a keychain.
The goat can be sewn on the corner of the pillow, while - on the one hand, embroider it in front, and on the other - the figure of a goat from the back.
Materials for embroidery In order to fulfill this version of the symbol this year, we will need a string of mulina such shades:

  • Gray three colors: very light, slightly darker and darker;
  • Pink;
  • Red;
  • Yellow;
  • Black;
  • Salad dressing;
  • Green.

In addition, a needle that is comfortable enough for embroidery, a fabric for embroidery with a cross and a embroidery frame will be required.
Embroidery goat
We begin the embroidery from the marking on the fabric. Horizontally, the image will take 5 sections of 10 crosses, and vertically - 8. This is the embroidery scheme, starting with the eye. To properly calculate their location, you can immediately note them on the fabric. On the top you need to count 3 sections. The right eye will be in the second section on the right, and the left one in the second on the left.
The beginning of the embroidery is the black pupils of the eye. It is important here not to be mistaken in the indentation of the eyes from each other. Then we perform their contours, which we make with an average shade of gray.
Next - embroider the same color contours of the entire head. At the same time we immediately do ears. We supplement the goat's head with a chin and a chub.
After this, you can proceed to the trunk. You need to start from the top, having worked first outlines that will be made with the lightest shade of gray thread. We miss the places for hoofs and collars.
Then, in the lower part of the figure, we denote the shape of the hoof and the other hoof elements in a dark gray color, which must be made in this color.
We make black hoof elements and where necessary, embroider elements of an average gray hue that will be inside the figure of the trunk.

Light-gray fill all the voids of the head and trunk, without forgetting to leave space for a single bow on the neck of the goat, mouth and horns, and pink elements of the ears.
After that, you can proceed with pink, red and yellow details.
Then we make grass with flowers on which our animal sits. It is better to start this part with flowers. Then we continue with the greenery elements and finish with green ones.
It remains only to delineate some details of the picture by using thin lines, using the lowercase manual seam.
The foreground of the goat is complete, so you canProceed to the rear. We perform it approximately the same way. If the drawing is subsequently cut from the fabric, then do not forget about its indentation from the edges. In case the front and back plan are embroidered next to, and then cut, the distance between them should be at least 4 cm. Cut out parts of goats are best swept with a sewing machine.
If a keychain or toy is performed asA gift in the year of the goat, the two parts must be stitched from the inside. After the base is filled with cotton, from below it should be in the form of a circle. Bottom of the goat should be circled in pencil, attaching it to the paper. The resulting figure is cut out, applied to the fabric for embroidery, also we circle. As a result, we have a pattern of the bottom of the toy, with which the goat can stand. We embroider it with a cross, using green thread. Cut out, again making an allowance of 2 cm, then - by a seam stitching the edges inwards sewn to the base. The original gift in the year of the goat is ready.

Stylized motley goat

Such a goat will become an actual gift in the year dedicated to this animal.

There is one more, not so popular, but still -Very original version of the embroidery of this animal. This is a fun and colorful image that will be relevant not only in the current year, but also as an ornament on children's clothes, bed linens, and it can be simply embroidered and hung in a frame. For example - in the children's room.
The image will take 6 sections on the fabric of 10 crosses horizontally, and 8 - vertically. To perform this composition you will need threads of these colors:

  • Dark and light lilac;
  • 4 shades of green;
  • 3 shades of yellow;
  • 2 orange;
  • 2 beige;
  • red;
  • 3 shades of blue;
  • white.

The scheme is quite simple. To do it, you should start with the cross-stitching of her outlines. Further - the scheme is finalized as the colored circles are executed.
Do the work will not only need a cross. It will be necessary to use a lower-suture.
This embroidery scheme is popular this year for children's works due to the fact that the pattern is simple in execution and very funny.

Goat Schemes