Goat from beads own hands (scheme)

Goat from beads own hands (scheme)


Very exciting activity. A little patience, perseverance and we get an amazing hand-crafted article, which can become not only an interesting element of decor, but also a wonderful gift for close and dear people. Your attention is a master class on making a goat from beads. To make such an article can be of two kinds - flat, and three-dimensional.

White goat bead mosaic weave

The craftsmanship turns out to be voluminous and unusual. The technique of mosaic weaving is used. The scheme is as follows:

For the product you will need several types of beads:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • golden;
  • White thread for weaving;
  • needle;
  • wire;
  • Holofiber.

Let's start making our three-dimensional figurine.
Torso Work should begin with weaving the trunk. Let's consider step by step a master class:

  • To begin with, you need to thread a thread and collect six beads. The needle must be special for embroidery with beads. You can buy at any clothing store;

  • Then put the needle in the first bead. You should get a kind of ring. After that, we use the mosaic method. Its feature is that the elements are added in the third and fifth rows. Pay special attention to the tension of the thread with each bead. This is necessary in order to keep the figure in shape. In this way we make twenty-nine periods;
  • The next stage of beadwork includesDecrease in the number of beads. That is, instead of two we weave one. After a few laps, ideally, you should get a cylinder, you need to put it in holofayberom. If you do not have such a filler, you can use some other, but certainly white. It can be foam rubber or cotton wool. Then close all the beads.
  • Neck Next, proceed to weave the neck of our figure. The manufacturing scheme of this part of the animal corresponds to the previous workpiece.

  • We take a separate thread and type on it six beads;
  • We turn the wire into a ring, fix it, passing the end to the first bead;
  • Shaving, by the same method as the body of a goat. Nothing is absolutely necessary to add. Otherwise, the statuette does not work. In total, make fifteen rows;
  • Here, too, the interior space is filled. The volumetric neck has turned out. It must be sewn to the body with the same thread.
  • Head Next, we shave the goat's head.
    On the string, put on six beads, connect in a ring and twist the mosaic twelve rows.
    Having reached the thirteenth row, we need to make eyes. For this, in the middle we add two black parts.

    After, it is necessary to work only in two directions from the eye to the eye. And in no case do not change the direction. So make five rows.
    Then, from each side we weave two beads and continue the action already in a circle. Make thus six more periods.
    Then we start to clean them in each layer. We place the filler in the middle and close all the beads.

    The billet is ready! We fix the head on the neck of the goat. We sew the nose to the animal.

    Legs At the next stage of weaving we will make goat legs.
    We begin by cutting the thread. On it we type six black beads and turn into a circle. So we rub three rows.
    Then add white beads and make eighteen rows.

    We fill it with holofiber, close the beads, sew it to the body.
    The legs must be made four pieces.

    Ears Next, plait the ears of a goat. They should be made a pair. They are made by a parallel method of beading from white beads and wire.

    The scheme of weaving is:

    • The first row is one bead;
    • The second - two;
    • The third - three;
    • The fourth - four;
    • The fifth - six;
    • The sixth - four;
    • The seventh - three.

    The metal thread is fixed, the ends are drawn down.
    Next, proceed to create the goat's horns. They are woven in the same way as the beads of golden beads and wire. They need to make a pair.
    Weaving takes place according to this scheme:

    • The first row is one bead;
    • The second and the third - two;
    • The fourth and the fifth - three;
    • From the sixth to the tenth series, a plait of four beads;
    • The eleventh - three;
    • The twelfth - two.

    The ends of the wire are fixed and lowered downwards.
    Tail Cooking a tail. It can also be weaved from golden beads and wire.

    The procurement scheme is as follows:

    • The first row is one bead;
    • The second - three elements;
    • The third - five beads;
    • The fourth - seven beads;
    • The fifth and the sixth - nine elements each;
    • The seventh - seven beads;
    • The eighth - five beads;
    • The ninth - three elements.

    We attach the ears, horns and a tail to their seats. The white goat is ready!

    Scheme of weaving goat and goat from beads

    All, probably, remember the tale "Goat and SevenKids. " We offer to weave such a mother-goat and daughter or a little son of a kid. Such a toy will be flat and colorful. For beginners, beadworkers are the best version of the craft.
    Goat For the product need beads:

    • white;
    • blue;
    • yellow;
    • brown;
    • red;
    • the black;
    • wire;
    • scissors.

    Manufacturing process:
    We begin the weaving with the head. The scheme of weaving is quite simple:

  • For work cut off a piece of wire 50 cm long. On it, type 5 beads of brown color, 10 white, and again 5 brown;
  • Next, skip the first brown bead andWe pass the wire through the following four elements. Do these manipulations with both ends of the metal thread. It will be the crown with the goat's horns;
  • Then under the horns do the ears. For this beadwork on both ends of the wire, type 8 white beads and 4 red beads. After, bend the low into the loop and thread the end of the thread into the first white bead;
  • Next, thread nine white elements, and the second end of the wire pass through them. Both ends of the metal thread fall down. This is the second row of the head;
  • For the third - one end of the wire is necessaryDial two white beads, one black, three white, one black, two white. The second end of the thread is passed through all the beads. Both wires again go down;
  • The fourth row - nine white beads on one end. The second is again passed through all the elements;
  • The fifth row will consist of: 4 white, 1 red, 4 white;

  • The sixth and seventh layers are eight and seven elements respectively. In all cases, the empty end of the metal thread is passed through the entire row of beads. The ends always go down. The head of a goat turned out;
  • At the next stage of weaving, we proceed toMaking goat bodies. The diagram shows in detail the whole process of work. To do this, at each end of the wire, type two yellow beads, two blue, one red, two blue and two yellow. The second end is passed through the entire row in the opposite direction;
  • Next, we will weave hands. We string 11 blue, 4 white, 2 brown, 4 white and 8 blue. Then thread the end of this thread through the first blue bead;
  • We also proceed with the second wire. Both sections of the thread fall down. The goat's hands are ready;
  • We continue to weave the body. The next two rows require the same number of beads. That is, each time you need to recruit 3 yellow elements, 4 blue and 3 yellow. Everything must be done in the same way as in the previous cases. The wire goes down.
  • Further the scheme of weaving looks like this:

    • The next row of weaving is nine yellow beads;
    • After that - a layer of eight similar beads;
    • Behind him - eight black;
    • Further - nine of the same;
    • Then eleven yellow;
    • The next row is twelve yellow;
    • Behind him - 13 yellow. After that - 14 of the same color;
    • Then - two rows of sixteen yellow beads;
    • Two rows of seventeen;
    • Two to eighteen yellow;
    • One must be with nineteen blue beads. Fasten the ends of the wire and hide.

    Next, let's move on to weaving hooves.
    1. To start, you need to cut off a small piece of metal thread;
    2. The first row consists of three brown beads;
    3. The second - three white elements. Now thread both ends of the wire through the entire layer of beads;
    4. Next, weave three rows, in which there must be three whites;
    5. We fix the hoofs down the center.
    Goat - Mom is ready! At the next stage of weaving, we begin to make a cub.
    Kozlenochek This article is being tricked, as well as the previous master class.

    For work you will need beads:

    • white;
    • red;
    • green;
    • the black;
    • yellow;
    • brown;
    • wire;
    • scissors.

    Manufacturing process:

    • The weaving scheme is the same as for the previous oneGoats. First you need to cut off a piece of wire. On it we string three red beads, nineteen white and again three red. On both ends there should be six white, we pass the ends of the metal thread. The ears of the kid turned out;
    • For the second row we use eight white elements. The ends of the wire are fixed in a similar way and fall down;
    • The third: 2 whites, 1 black bead, 3 whites, 1 black, 2 white;
    • Fourth: 9 white beads;
    • The fifth: 7 similar;
    • Sixth: 5 of the same.

    It turned out the head of a kid.
    Next, we begin to weave the body. For this, the following manufacturing scheme is used:

    • First row: 3 green beads, 1 yellow, 3 green;
    • The second: 8 white, 2 brown, 6 white. The ends of the wire on both sides must be passed through the first white beads and lowered down;
    • The third - 8 green;
    • The fourth - 9 of the same color;
    • The fifth - 10 green;
    • The sixth - 11 similar;
    • The seventh and eighth rows - 12 green.

    Wire securely and securely cut off. Then proceed to create hoofs. Cut off the small end of the metal thread. On it we string three brown beads.
    Next, the tattoo is five rows. In each of them there should be three small beads. We make three such blanks and attach them to the goat's body. Goat - the baby is ready!
    As you can see, making a goat from a bead is muchEasier than it may seem at first glance. This work is perfect for beginners. Such an article will decorate not only the house, but it can also become, for example, an unusual key fob. Conduct such a master class with children, they will definitely like to make beautiful fairy-tale characters with their own hands.

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