Grandfather frost from beads: schemes of weaving New Year's articles (scheme)

Grandfather frost from beads: schemes of weaving New Year's articles (scheme)


On the eve of New Year's holidays, we willThink about the original gifts or the purchase of interesting Christmas toys. Our master classes will help you to make by your own hands original handicrafts in the form of the main attributes inherent in your favorite celebration.

Master class on weaving of Santa Claus from beads

Grandfather frost of beads - an easy wayBeadwork, which even novice masters can do, which they never did. A scheme of weaving will help to understand the number of string beads.
If you stick to the step-by-step lesson, you will be able to weave such a figure of Santa Claus, as in the picture, without the help of professionals.
So, for the weaving will need:

  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • Beads (white, pink, red, black, flesh);
  • Bead, for the bells cap.

A voluminous grandfather frost with his own hands will be created in the technique of volumetric parallel braiding.
For help, we suggest using this scheme:

Such a voluminous figure flaps from the hat. For this, we put on the center of the wire a large bead and a plait in a parallel fashion. Next, dress 2 beads. For the 2nd row we also dress 2 beads.
3rd row: a spade of 3 beads. In the following rows we change the number of beads through a step. That is, it turns out: 5-6 row 4 beads, 7-8 row of 5 beads, and in 9-10 already 7 pieces.
At the end of the weaving you get a nice cap, as in the photo:

Model the face of a three-dimensional figure: Weave a row of 11 white beads. The next 2 rows of plaid of pink beads (their 9 pieces). In the next row, make eyes. For this, we alternate beads: 2 pink, 1 black, 3 pink, 1 black and 2 pink beads.
Next, there will be a row of 9 white beads.

5. On the face of the voluminous figure we make a nose and cheeks. To do this: dress 1 pink bead, 1 - bright pink, again 2 beads pale pink, 1 red, 2 pale pink, 1 bright pink and 1 pc. Pale.

Next, the series is played with the use of some white beads.
We put on the wire the following color beads: 2 pink, 3 white, 2 pink, 2 white, and the tip of the wire through the first of the last and tighten. We dress two more white beads and do the same manipulations.
Must be 9 needles. Next, the tip, which weave beard - send in a bead series.

Shave the next row: dress 7 pcs. Beads - 3 red, 1 white and again 3 red. Here's the next row will come from the red beads. Again it is necessary to return to the number of beads 9 pcs, in the center to leave a white bead.

We continue with the same scheme - 5 rows. In the end, before the white vstavochkoy will go a series of 12 beads (5-red, 2 white, 5 red). The back row is obtained from 12 beads of red color. The white insert is obtained from 4 rows. Two of which are woven with white beads (13 pcs.), And the next - from 15 pcs.
Scourge next series: Here the number of beads is decreasing. We dress 10 beads of black color and plait. For the other row we use: 9 beads of black color. In the same row we will add 15 centimeters of wire. This piece of wire will be used to model boots. Weave them also need a parallel weaving.

Weaving boots: 3 rows, 2 to 3 beads, and one central, 4 beads. By the same scheme, we rub the other leg. We fix the wire and cut it.

Shave hands: we dress 8 beads of pink color. Then continue to weave in parallel - 4 rows of 3 white beads. Next, weave another 6 rows of 2 red beads.
Model another handle. After weaving, we cut off unnecessary tails.

That's actually the whole process. It turns out cute and voluminous grandfather frost.

Video: Santa Claus from the beads in parallel weaving

Weaving the Snow Maiden from beads

By the New Year holidays we propose to make by our own hands an unusual hand-made article - a Snow Maiden from beads.
To work needed:

  • Beads (white, blue, yellow, light beige, turquoise);
  • Wire length 120 cm;
  • scissors.

The voluminous Snow Maiden from beads is padded with a parallel weave, just like Santa Claus.
On one end of the wire we sew beads, and the second tip is passed to meet the 1st through these same beads.
Model the body. To do this, you need to make 2 parts separately, beginning with the top.

Handgrip: they are made separately. Rows in the weaving fit on the principle: even to even, odd to odd. Next, a bead is dressed, a five-piece rifle plait and closed with two simple ones. After, the ends of the wire are put on the rows of the trunk. The other handle is a spade from the body in the opposite direction. We look at the schemes:

For braiding we use the followingscheme. Rows are stacked accordion, as well as pens. We pass the wire with the finished pigtail to the bottom row of the cap. The second spit is padded in the opposite direction of the circuit.

Snowman from beads own hands

Snowman from beads - such a funny figure you canDo with the children. When you are at home, long winter evenings can be quite fun and useful to spend leisure together. The lesson is so simple that it can be used by beginners.
We need the following materials for plaiting:

  • Line and thin wire;
  • Beaded needle;
  • Beads of different colors (2 pcs. Black for the eyes, white for the trunk, larger bead for the pompon, green for the cap, blue for the buttons, red for the hands and carrots, 3 large plastic beads of white color (10, 8 and 6 mm) for flying around the base ).

For successful work we suggest you familiarize yourself with the scheme of braiding beads:

Bead braiding scheme

  • We are braiding the head of a snowman. Cut off a piece of fishing line, 60 cm long;
  • Strongly fixing the bead on the fishing lines, we proceed to work;
  • Shave 1 row: we dress 6 beads and draw a needle into the hole opposite to the original one;
  • We put on 3 beads and again opposite the needle;
  • We dress 6 beads and a needle in the same direction;

  • A sham on a 4-line scheme: string the beads (1 - white, 1 - black, 2 - white). The series ends according to photograph 1a;
  • Platemus 5 row: simulate the spout. To do this: thread 3 red beads, and then return it back, pass into the hole of the penultimate bead (see photo 2a);
  • The same manipulations are carried out (see photo 3a);
  • We dress 6 white beads and stretch the needle in the opposite direction;
  • The following rows are performed in the same way, and we finish the weaving in the reverse order: 3, 6, 4 and 2 pieces. And the head of the figure is ready (photo 4a).
  • Model the body

  • To get a braid medium size bead will need 95 cm of fishing line. The result is 13 rows. We need to weave as well as the top;
  • Shave hands: use 2 white and 9 brown beads for this. At the same time, carefully adhere to the extreme, we put on a needle through the following two (photo 02-1b);
  • Next: go 3 brown, with them you need to do the same actions. After another 2 and repeat the same procedure of weaving (photo 02-2b);
  • We stretch the needle back, through 6 beads of brown color (photo 02-3b);

  • As in the photo (02-4b), we dress the next 5 beads of white color and connect this segment with the base;
  • Another take 5 beads - then back. Again 8 pcs. 2 times the same color. Next come 2 white, 1 blue, 2 blue, 1 white, 2 white. Throw another 5 white;
  • 9 and 10 series of plaid white color;
  • 11th row - plait by analogy to point 2. The second handle will be obtained (photo 02-5b);
  • We are braiding the lower part of the largest bead: we cut off the fishing line 115 cm, fasten the beads and the tattoo rows: the odd ones will be 10 pieces, and the even ones - from 6 pieces. The exception would be 14 rows (7 pcs.) And 15 rows (4 pcs.);
  • Tails are cropped;
  • We are assembling an odd job.
  • It turns out a beautiful snowman from beads. Good luck in your work!

    Video: Souvenir snowman from beads