Santa Claus from rubber bands. Video master classes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Santa Claus from rubber bands. Video master classes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The best way to feel the atmosphere of the holiday is to weave out of the colored rubber bands the figure of the most important wizard - Santa Claus. There are three ways of weaving the figure of Santa Claus out of rubber bands.

Father Frost on the machine

We need:

  • white rubber bands - 65 pcs .;
  • red or blue rubber for the outfit - 35 pcs .;
  • black eyeliner - 2 pcs .;
  • pink nose rubber - 8 pcs .;
  • machine;

We have the machine: we remove the central row and the base, leaving only the extreme rows. The open sides of the columns of one row should look to the right, and the other row to the left. The weaving starts at 6 central pairs of columns. First we weave the felt boots from white rubber bands: we put two rubber bands from one row to the other in one column, twisting the eight. We thus make two pairs crosswise, and the third pair is thrown with the eight in the middle. In the same way, we make the basis for the second valenka. Then, using the hook, we remove two gums from the lower layer and drop it inside, we perform this action on the extreme posts on one side and on the other. On the perimeter of each structure we throw single white gum. We again pull up the bottom layers of rubber bands on top, we lower the received design downwards. In total, there should be 3 layers of rubber bands. Along the perimeter we put blue or red gum for the dress, connecting the feet of Santa Claus with the body. In the center we put two pairs of rubber bands of blue or red, turning the eight on the diagonal. From each column, remove the bottom pair of rubber bands. We extend the design by putting rubber bands on adjacent posts. We weave fur for the lower part of the coat: we twirl the white elastic band 4 turns on the hook, place it on 1-2 columns of the structure, then - on 2-3 posts, and so along the entire perimeter. We remove from below the blue rubber bands and we weave them in white. Repeat the design in 3 rows. On top of the white layer of rubber bands we put a layer of rubber bands of blue or red one by 2 per column. We remove from each column the bottom pair of white rubber bands. When the main part of the figure is ready, we remove it from the machine. Eyes and nose weave from black and pink rubber bands, making three turns around the hook and pulling the structure through a white elastic band.

The figure of Santa Claus, crocheted in the technique of amigurumi

We need:

  • rubber bands of white color;
  • rubber bands of red color;
  • yellow rubber bands;
  • black rubber bands;
  • hook;

The technique of amigurumi involves weaving withusing a hook. We take one elastic, wrap it around the hook twice, pass the resulting design through another rubber band of the same color. Then loosen the loose loop of the second rubber band on the hook. Thus all the elements of the toy are braided. You can use the machine for this purpose, so that the loops obtained are on the pins, and the design was easier to fix. To separate the loops obtained, we pass a special small nozzle between the loops and the hook. During the weaving, we constantly introduce new loops, weaving them into the finished fabric. There is a circular weaving of each part of the figure: a white beard, a face, a red cap, a fur coat. Then the eyes and nose are intertwined, made of twisted three times around the hook of the loops.

Option 3: Santa Claus on the handle

We need:

  • red rubber bands - 60 pcs .;
  • white elastic bands - 63 pcs .;
  • blue or black gum for eyes - 2 pcs .;

We remove the central part and the base from the machine,we leave only the extreme rows. Open sides of the bars should look at you. First we weave the hands and beard of Santa Claus. We put on two rubber bands for every two bars, then wind one white elastic band around one bar three times. Repeat the action with another set of machine tools. Use the hook to pull out the red rubber band and drag it to the adjacent bars. The action is repeated with the next row. We remove the finished structure from the machine. For the beard, take one white elastic band, twist it in two turns and pull it straight into three bars. We stretch three more white rubber bands between the rows. We fold up the white rubber band upward, take three more white gum and put it on top. We pass one more white elastic band, then with a hook from below we raise the elastic bands upward. The resulting design is lowered down, we take three more white bands and pull three pins around the perimeter. Then gum from one row is thrown on the next one - and the Santa Claus beard is ready. To make the body of Santa Claus, stretch three gum along the perimeter, forming a rectangle. We alternate the rows of white and red gum, raise the white bands with a crochet so that they are on top of the red ones. Red rubber bands are twisted several times, we lower the received design downwards. In total, 5 rows of rubber bands should be produced. On the sixth row we attach the hands to the construction, putting them on the two extreme pins. Add two red rubber bands on one and the other side to finish the design. Form the next row of white rubber bands, raise the bottom of the red gum. On the bottom three pins attach a beard. Add white gum for the eighth circle, white gum up. The nose and eyes are woven from single rubber bands wrapped around the hook 4 times, then they stretch onto the pin above the beard. The toy can be placed on the tip of the handle or hung on the Christmas tree.