Grandma square

Grandma square

Grandma square Grandma square is the mostcommon square motif. If you decide to tie a blanket, then the most suitable motive is Grandma's Square. Start learning crocheted motifs! ? Grandma square is a separate motif of the product. By composing individual motifs we can get a variety of things. Crochet motifs can be compared to the grains of sand that make up the beach. If you look at clothes, everything can be connected with the motive of a grandmother's square - from shoes to hats. The most common use of a grandmother's square is blankets, tablecloths, pillows and shawls. In this lesson we will look at the process of knitting a grandmother's square from the first eyelet to a large canvas. We study the scheme. And in subsequent lessons we will learn to change the thread in the process of knitting a square and connect individual parts.

Grandma square fascinates and attracts

There are people in love with grandma squares beforeto the extent that they do everything that one can imagine using them. It can be jackets, tops, mitts, shawls, blankets, and even slippers! I will show you just such a photo of the application of the grandmother's square and this, in principle, will say it all. ? Learning to knit Grandma square is very simple. With its performance will cope both skilled, and beginning knitters. The main thing is to be patient and not afraid to start. The first square may be some problems, but then everything will go like clockwork! ? For the lesson we need:

  • Yarn: from one to the required number of colors of the same thickness and composition. I have 100% acrylic Semenovskaya Souffle yarn;
  • Hook under the yarn;
  • Scissors;
  • A needle with a wide eye.
  • one. 2. 3. 4. Two lift air loops 5. Two columns with one single crochet in the center of the circle, we hide the thread-tail 6. Two air loops 7. Three single crochet columns in the center of the circle. 8. Knitting alternating two air loops and three columns with one nakida to the center of the circle two more times. 9. One air loop - once again look closely, ONE loop 10. We put the hook in the loop above the first column of the current row, not in the lifting air loop 11. We pull out the working thread on ourselves, on the hook two loops, pick up the working thread 12. Knit 13. Two lift air loops 14. Two columns with one crochet in the arch formed by an air loop and a column without crochet 15. Three columns with one crochet into the next arch formed by air loops of the previous row 16. Two air loops and three single crochet columns in the same arch 17. Continuing to knit three columns with one nakida, two air loops and again three columns with one nakida in the arch 18. Having tied up to the last arch we knit three columns with one crochet and one air loop 19. We put the hook in the loop over the first column of the row 20. Pull the thread on the front side. 21. The column without nakida 22. The thread that remained in the middle can be cut, it is firmly held first row 23. The third and subsequent rows are knotted into the corners of three columns with one nakida, two air loops and again three columns with one nakida. The arches along the edges of the square are filled with three columns with one double crochet 24. In the diagram, Grandma's square looks like this. All rows following the third will be similar to the third with a difference only in the number of repetitions of three columns with one nakid on the sides of the square 25. If you decide to knit a square in one color, then we knit to the required size. 26. After the square becomes the required size (as when changing the thread, and when knitting with one color), we cut the thread at a distance of 15-20 cm. If the square is finished, then If you want to knit grandma's squares fromseveral colors - take advantage of the lesson: Thank you for your attention! See you at the new classes! Do not forget to add a useful bookmark using the bookmarks buttons or social networks located below! Crochet Subscription Your e-mail: * Your name: * Share in social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

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  • : Everything is clear and simple from the photo. Elena thanks for your lessons!
  • Elena Melnikova: Please! ?
  • Elena Melnikova: Hello, Irina! You are welcome! Thank you for your attention! ? Soon there will be a continuation of the lesson on "Grandma's Square", I will be glad to see you on it!
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  • Olga: Lena Thanks for the lesson for a long time I wanted to learn how to knit
  • Elena Melnikova: Please, Olga! ?
  • : Thank you for the detailed explanations and I want to understand the crochet technique I knit with knitting
  • Elena Melnikova: The main thing to start, and then it will be easy! ? Personally, it is difficult for you to hold a hook after the needles!
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  • Lilia: Thank you for the master class and later will not be the same in a circle!
  • Elena Melnikova: Hello, Lily! First, we will consider options for combining such motifs, and then we will see! I am still planning a lot of equally interesting and beautiful motifs, including circular ones, but so far there is not enough time for everything! ?
  • Lilia: Yes, Elena, the time of busy flies, but how do you have enough of it and still conduct lessons! And you can find out where you can see your work! Thank you!
  • Elena Melnikova: Lily, it is difficult, but possible! I get up early, go to bed later, often suffer from insomnia, and so I go to the lessons and type courses! ? What works do you mean! Knitted or you know that I am engaged in decorations! ? In any case, most of the work is in the group: Or on my page: Add as a friend! ?
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  • Elena: thank you very much for the master class. special thanks for “10. We put the hook in the loop over the first column of the current row, not in the air lift loop ”I personally did not know about it and I didn’t like my squares
  • : Hello, Elena! I am very glad that you were interested and useful! I invite you to the next lesson on grandma's square:
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  • Difimbachia: I have long dreamed of such a cushion .... Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!
  • : You are welcome!!! ? I will be glad to see the result!
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  • Yana: thank you very much for the master class, I have long wanted to learn how to knit squares
  • : Please, Yana! ?
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  • Shocking: Why are you cheating me! Write yourself and I can not even comment! Why do not post my answers! This is not a blog if I can’t even write an answer!
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  • Lyudmila: I have been looking for a pattern for a jacket for a long time. Grandma square rescued. All ingenious is simple. I knit and admire, thanks to our grandmothers!
  • : Yes indeed! Often, when I see a blouse with a pattern like a grandmother's square, or even with a regular filet net, I like it so much that I immediately want to knit, knit, knit! ?
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