Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyle Greek hairstyle - veryA good way to remove hair in just a couple of minutes and look spectacular. Now we look at what a Greek hairstyle. Surely many of you have met such hairstyles on the TV screen, or just in life. Now with this hairstyle goes a lot of girls! ?

Greek hairstyle under the bezel

Honestly, I was aiming for a Greek hairstylefor a long time, but somehow there was no time to make myself a bezel. And then a wonderful case and an excellent reason! Make the bezel easier than ever. For this, I took the usual wide gum, bought it on the occasion in the store for a long time. At first she was supposed to be useful for a skirt here, but then the skirt was made on a different elastic band, and this one remained to wait in the wings. I waited! ? The gum that you pick up must be soft and the length must match the girth of the head. Then I knitted a violet flower from the remains of mohair and angora. Knit a flower for the rim under the Greek hairstyle! ?

First row of petals

Second row of petals

Next comes the middle. Since I made a flower from fluffy and bulky yarn, I did not knit the middle, but attached Opal bead. ? You look at your flower and what effect you need to achieve. Do not hurry. Collect all the beads, buttons and make the middle of the lesson below. Attach in turn all the prepared materials, if necessary, take photos and compare the results. Chose the right middle! ? Excellent. Now we will learn to do hair!



We take a thread and a needle, we take blanks We sew the edges of the gum so that they would slightly overlap each other. We attach a flower to the place of stitching the edges of the gum, than we hide them READY! ?

Learning to do hair!

Here on this video you can easily learn. I used it and! ? I did it like this Well, how are the results! ? Waiting for your work. Write in the comments as your results! Accidentally appeared on this page! Fill out the form below and get these lessons on your mail! GIFT subscribing - book "Openwork cap."