Rubber bracelets for weaving: types and differences of sets

Rubber bracelets for weaving: types and differences of sets


Rubber bands for plaiting bracelets captivate allMore students, teenagers, adults. Eyes run from the variety of sets for the price, manufacturers, color, quantity, shape rezinochek, the presence of additional fasteners, tools. The guys do not imagine their life without a new hobby, and parents are worried about the quality of the goods and the health of children.

Sets of Rainbow Loom

Therefore, examine three questions: 1) what are the color rezinochki plaiting shape, brand, material; 2) as far as they are harmful to health; 3) how to choose a safe genuine products.

When one Chinese Chong Chong Ng, inventing hisdaughters machine for weaving gum, saw a children's interest, decided to improve its brand and patent Rainbow machine. So in the sale received the first multi-colored, small, round gum-iris for weaving rainbow loom bracelets. This American manufacturer offers a range of products under the brands:

  • Monster Tale is designed for beginners. The set features a small machine, 600 gum, plastic hook. Purchase can be in the range of one thousand rubles;
  • original set of Rainbow Loom for beginners. It is worth a little expensive (within 1,500 rubles), and has a small packaging: 600 irises, plastic hook fastener, big machine;
  • Alpha Lum is also the first product, but comes withgrave bundle. There are already 1200 irises, metal hook, not folding machine, clips, a comb with teeth. From this set, you can weave bracelets with unusual inscriptions;
  • Rainbow Loom Deluxe offers for 4500 rubles three machines (two large, one small), two hooks, irises 3300 (only 11 colors), clips, beads, pendants.

These kits for the price expensive and have manyfakes. Therefore, look at the quality of the gum machine. Bubble rainbow when stretching take initial shape, have no toxic odors. The machine without chipping, with the logo and a red arrow, which is impossible to tear off with a fingernail.
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Types Loom bands - Rainbow Loom subsidiary

Rubber Bands Lum also differ inconfiguration and price. Manufacturers offer more quality gum (monochrome, glowing, with an unusual shade and the surface, two-color), durable tool, color gamut of 21 shades. You can find the following range of kits bands:

  • exclusive Loom Bands. For 1600 rubles 2600 offers smooth gum, pupyrchatoy and "pinion" form, three hooks (large plastic and metal and small), Machine, pendants, buckles, box with 14 compartments. Jewellery pupyrchatoy rubber look original, gracefully;
  • averaged bands. For 1750 rubles 3000 offers smooth gum (10 basic colors), two large hooks (plastic, metal), good reinforced machine, beads, clasps, pendants shaped, box for storage;
  • large Lummen Bands Premium. For 2000 rubles 4200 offers multi-colored rubber bands (one-color, neon, two-color), durable reinforced machine, two hooks, beads, clasps, charmiki, storage box.

If under this brand meet kitsunusual curly forms, it is the Chinese fake. The sets of bands are always machine and hooks US manufacturer, high quality gum (odorless, not painted, not torn by pulling).

Other sets of weaving gum

Now the market offers a variety of colored curlygum in the form of hearts, stars, animals. Their number can be from 200 units to 65 thousand (and this is not the limit for producers). The kit includes machines (round, rectangular, single-stage, removable), a support for the machine, hooks, fasteners, certain colors gums, beads, watches, other accessories. These details determine the value of the goods.
Apart from expensive cases on sale can be foundmulticolored rezinochki crazy loom (62 rubles). The bag is composed of 500 rubber bands (one color or mix), 15 snaps, hook. The cost of increasing the number of rubber bands, colors, accessories, tools. Also within 1,000 rubles, you can buy baby kits animals, trinkets, figurines, toys. The package also includes the machine, hook karabinchiki, fasteners, beads, stickers, instruction gum.

But the bright unusual sets belong tocaution, checking the quality of the material. A lot of fakes come not only from China, but also European countries. It is better to buy a classic gum as check on the quality of the neon, glossy, phosphorus, gel, flavored rezinochki no special device is impossible.

The more dangerous gum plaiting

Bracelets made of poor quality material ateveryday socks cause allergic reactions on the skin (redness, itching, spots, eczema, brittle nails, dermatitis), airway problems (cough, pulmonary edema, bronchitis). Thus it is necessary to eliminate the usual rubbing tight rubber bands for plaiting.
If you spend much time with poisonousrubber bands, it may appear symptoms of food poisoning (violation of appetite, poor concentration, nausea, fatigue, headache, depression).
This rubber compound affects human health. The fakes may be toxic chemicals - phthalates and formaldehyde. Even more, they kept in fakes crazy, Dee Loom Bands, unusual Chinese packages. Where in the sets have plastic trinkets, accessories, toys that contain poison several hundred times higher than normal.
This excess may be carcinogenspromote skin cancer. Research chemistry students with elastic bands identified in their structure heavy metal lead, chlorine, phenol, unsaturated hydrocarbons harmful. These toxic substances are dangerous to humans. They irritate the skin, mucous membranes, causing bronchitis, weakness, drowsiness, leading to disruption of the central nervous system.
Injury can cause not only the composition, butand improper handling of rubber bands. Registered number of cases of suffocation, skin turning blue, when children swallow small rezinochki, cheat on his fingers and fell asleep with her. Therefore, dangerous for kids any gum, and students need to explain the rules of work with rubber products.
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How to distinguish a fake

When you purchase does not always allow to open kits for weaving. So look at the following facts:

  • the original set has the carton andcases sold separately. Most often, the manufacturer offers a stand for the machine with compartments for fixings, suspensions, gums. So that the goods in plastic curly Casey bags (like crazy) are not direct analogue of the manufacturer;
  • stay tuned to the official website of the manufacturer or distributor for the release of new products;
  • the price of the original gum several times higher than a similar forgery;
  • rainbow loom original logo on fakes is not respected;
  • a certificate from the seller, and on the packaging product information in Russian.

If we can see the contents, then pay attention to two facts:

  • gum the same size, with no chipping;
  • colors is not more than 11 shades, from subsidiaries more.

Colored gum elastic, when stretching and weaving take shape. Rubber is not painted, without a pungent odor. Tools come with a manufacturer's logo.

Eagle Eye is a red arrow. No logo, no arrow is not erased with water, not torn off a fingernail.
Before working set of rubber bands to leave openoutdoor (balcony, courtyard, cottage) to weathered unpleasant smell of rubber. And only then you can start weaving bracelets or toys. If in doubt what to buy - simply select the gum or silicone rubber (latex), since PVC can add ftolaty.
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