Pink Bead: gradual weaving of their own hands (photo)

Pink Bead: gradual weaving of their own hands (photo)


Immortalize the beauty of flowers is designed bead florist that knows no bounds, thanks to the variety of flower, raduyuschemu our eyes.
Carnation - a strict and graceful flower. To date, there are about three hundred species of this plant. Try with our own hands to recreate its beauty.

Red Carnation Bead own hands

For weaving clove beads, we need:

  • Beads red;
  • green beads;
  • Beading wire 0.3 mm in diameter;
  • green thread (can be replaced by floristic tape).

To create a clove bud beaded we need to weave four levels petals of red beads.
To weave a basic level, we needmake three loops, which consist of five red beads. For this purpose, the wire segment and sixty-five centimeters in length, it is necessary to string of five beads, twist the bottom of the first loop, which will be central. Further, on equidistant distance, we do the following two symmetrical loops. Now the ends of the wire loops must be obtained under the braid together. As a result, we get the first level of clove bud of beads, as in the photo:

The second level is already six red and breakfastpetals, which include each two loops. To create such petals take the wire length of one hundred centimeters in length. At a distance of thirty centimeters from any one of its ends recruit five red beads and form the first loop. Further, on the tip of a long wire strung as beads, so they can go around the loop is first created and came into contact with it. We continue to weave and create five more double loops.

Now we need to connect with each otherfirst and second lobe levels. To do this, we take the first level of the workpiece and threading it into the center of the second level. The photo is displayed in detail the whole process. The tips of the wires from the two levels need to twist together. Then, with his hands in a circle, place the petals of the second level in order to come out the same intervals among the petals, which are in the neighborhood.

The third level consists of sixpetals. To prepare its weaving section of wire 1.25 m long. Creating a similar level of weaving the second row, except that all the petals will contain three loops.
At a distance of one foot from anythe tips of the wires forming the first pelku. Then, using the tip of a long double-typed red beads and encircles the low bead first, and then the second eyelet.

Make a blank in the third level, you mustinserted into the center of the bud is composed of two levels. Next you need to twist the ends of the wire formed with each other and arranged in a circle petals third level.

The fourth row of petals weave apart from each other on different wire lengths. The length of each such segment is seventy-five centimeters.
One lepestochek fourth level consists offour loops arranged one above the other. In order to process any of the braiding wire ends was equal length, forming a first start loops need thirty centimeters at a distance from any of the tips of the wires. Finishing weaving formed loose ends, which are at the base of the petals, twist together.
Total to create a full clove bud fourth level of beads we make eight similar pieces.

In order to join together eightpetals, it is necessary to prepare an additional wire in a length of about seventy centimeters and one by one to connect from each other by threading wire through the bead, which is locat at the base of the petals.

Further, all of the eight petals should be closely contractedtogether, align the ends of the auxiliary wire length and twist them together. In this case, the ends of the main wire that come directly from what we do not twist themselves petals.

Attach finished fourth level to the first three.

Now we need to place on the budworking surface (the "face" down) and straighten the ends of all the wires from each of the petals of the fourth level on different sides. Next, connect the pairs are tips and stringing them eleven beads green. The secondary segment wires are producing the same action. All in all we should be formed nine paired ends, strung them eleven beads green.

Fold together the ends of wires and push up a green bead up against the base of the bud. The resulting delays tips for bud twirl each other.

This weaving Bud bead workshop is over and we are starting to create leaves.
To create a long, narrow leaves.characteristic of cloves, using the technique of parallel braiding. Total will do four leaf, two upper and two lower. The upper leaves are shorter than the lower.
Weave upper leaves carry on the segment wire in sixty centimeters in length as follows:

  • 1st row - one bead green;
  • from the 2 nd to 10 th rows - two green beads.

The lower leaves are on the wire segment fifty centimeters in length according to the scheme:

  • 1st row - one bead green;
  • from the 2nd to the 15th rows - two green beads.

We begin to gather details of our studs. Using strands of green start winding the wire stem, since the founding of the bud. In the course of the winding, attach a pair of upper leaves. Then, resuming coil exactly to the moment when you decide to join the next couple of lower leaves. Then continue to the end of the thread to issue green stalk.

Video: Pink Bead weaving a loop