Crafting of a bracelet with a flower from beads

Crafting of a bracelet with a flower from beads

Weaving the flower from beads - rather amusingAn occupation that many craftsmen can enjoy. Thanks to a large number of diverse and very interesting ideas, today you can decorate your dress, brooch, hand-decorated with various and interesting elements.

Making a flower beadwork

Handmade bracelet with a flower of beads. Photo №1 A flower of beads is one of such elements,which can be used specifically to realize their own idea and make a very beautiful, unique accessory. Use this lesson to learn how to make similar flowers from beads. Do not forget that any lesson can be adjusted and supplemented with your own ideas. In addition, this idea of ​​the flower is perfect for a variety of inventions in newfangled clothes. So, our flower will consist of special round beads, as well as using bikonuses in the same size. At the beginning of your beadwork, you need to form a circle with a central designation, to which will be attached beads of beads. In order to make the first segmentation, you need to take a piece of line in a convenient length, and then - to string on them the three selected beads, then - cross at both ends of the line in the next strung biconus. Handmade bracelet with a flower of beads. Photo # 2 In our case, weaving with beads will beto be carried out in one, therefore, all this must be done not in the middle of the segment, but at the edge of the cut. Further, in the longest, right tail, which will come out of the bicon, another bisconus is sewn, as well as two beads. After, it is necessary to send the side bead of the previous segment. Then, it is necessary to tighten and get the second segment for the base. In the same sense, you need to form four segments. Then, in order to connect them to a circle, it is necessary to thread another line of biscones after the last segments, which passes through all the bicones of the segment. Then, it is necessary to tighten.

Flower with beads

Handmade bracelet with a flower of beads. Picture №3 Then, it's worth fixing your design andAdd to it also one bead, to make the flower smooth. Between beads of a round kind, on external circles it is necessary to insert one more bikonus. Then, in order to consolidate the product, it is worth to walk along this circle two more times. And then, it remains only to add the petals to the bicones of your outer circle. To do this, needles must be displayed on the right side. Then, thread on the product three bicones and send to the bicones for the outer circle on the left side. It should total 5 petals. This petal can become one of the elements of the bracelet, and also act as a beautiful suspension.