Hairstyles in the Greek theme have a long history, but this has not prevented them from remaining in fashion from the moment of their appearance.

Hairstyles in the Greek theme have a long history, but this has not prevented them from remaining in fashion from the moment of their appearance.

Fashionable Greek style in hairstyles for longhair - a pledge of your female seduction Surely, any woman who cares about her appearance, is familiar with Greek haircuts for long hair. This kind of laying, of course, originates from ancient times, when there was a great and rich civilization of ancient Hellenes, which gave to all mankind a lot of achievements in different areas of human activity. Do not miss out on the ancient Greeks and hairdressing art, offering the whole world ahead of one of the most seductive and feminine hairstyles, which is now called "Greek". Greek hairstyle for long hair. Photo №1 It is known that Greek women in ancient times did notsheared her hair. Therefore, hairstyles had to do with a long hair, which was considered an incredible dignity of any woman. At the present time, long hair has not lost its relevance, and the Greek theme in hairstyles for long hair, is not surprising today in the trend. The basis of these folds are all kinds of weaving, bunches, curls, which, as a rule, gather just above the nape. But other variations of hairstyles in Greek stylistics are possible.

Modern hairstyle variations in the Greek style

Among the numerous hairstyles on long hairin the Greek thematic, some can be made with your own hands at home, while others require the skill of exceptionally professional hairdressers. The modern Greek knot If you want to look elegant in everyday life, you can try to make a so-called Greek knot that is suitable for daily hikes for work, just like for solemn events. Particularly beautiful this kind of styling will look on curly long hair. To do it, you need to comb your hair thoroughly along the entire length and then collect them in a fairly tight bundle on the occipital part of the head. In the bundle itself, do not draw strands that will remain on both sides along the cheekbones. The bundle is fixed with studs and, if desired, pulled by small thin ribbons. More noticeably, this styling will look, if you make a small part of the hair on the front of the head. On the following images you can see how feminine, elegant and charming can look like a haircut. Greek hairstyle for long hair. Photo # 2 Greek Goethera For a more seductive andAttractive species can be tried to create a hairstyle in the Greek style for long hair under the beautiful name "Hauteur Hairstyle." You can wear such a styling, as every day, and from case to case. However, in order to create such a Greek hairstyle, you will need to purchase "Stefan". It is a reticulum for the decoration of hair, sometimes decorated with rhinestones, pearl threads or pebbles. Greek hairstyle for long hair. Picture №3 So, brush your hair and curl them prettyfrequent curls. Further curls are collected in a rather tight bundle on the occipital part. After this, the bunch is placed in the "Stefan", from under which are produced a few curled locks. Greek hairstyle "Lampadion" You should pay attention to the hair style in Greek style under the loud name "Lampadion". This work of hairdressing art, otherwise it will not be called, looks like it is identical and elegant, and resembles the languages ​​of insane fire. It is suitable for many festive events. To perform the "Lampadion" will require hairpins, as well as a beautiful ribbon or invisible. First of all, comb the hair and divide them by a cut in the middle of the head. On the occipital part, select one strand and tie its base, using a braid. Then this strand must be twisted. That part of the hair that is not bandaged is also necessary to curl. At the same time, the volume of curls can be made as you like. Then to the strand, which is tied with braid, fasten all the locks using the hairpins. The tips of all the curls are assembled in one bundle, which should turn out to be volumetric thanks to curled strands. As a result, your image will look both majestic, feminine and seductive. Greek hairstyle for long hair. Photo №4 We make Greek braids About the weavingGreek plaits can only be said - any modern and not very weaving methods are welcome. However, the highlight of Greek braid is that they must be wrapped around the base of the hair along the entire circumference of the head. To perform one of the variants of the Greek braid, divide the hair with an even cut, selecting three equal strands on the top of the head. Use either a regular braid or a method of French weaving. Actually, you should get two identical weaves on both parts of the head. To make the hair volume and "openwork" pull out of the braids of some strands. This can be done along the entire length of the braids, or in some places. Again, all the braids are gathered on the back of the head, fixed by invisible or stilettos. If desired, braids can be decorated with ribbons, a beautiful rubber band or any other accessories for hair. Greek hairstyle for long hair. Photo №5 Greek tail - fashion classic Classicthe Greek tail is a hairstyle with which any girl with long hair can cope with her own hands. First wind the hair on the thermal hair, or use a plait. After receiving the curls, fix them with a varnish. Next, collect all the locks in the back of the head and fasten the elastic band in the tail. Creating such a beautiful tail in the Greek style, you can experiment with any accessories, decorating your hair in any places. Greek hairstyle for long hair. Photo №6 Use of dressings in modern versionsGreek hairstyles on long hair The use of all kinds of bandages and hoops in Greek style hairstyles on long hair is always welcome. For example, curling the hair along their entire length and collecting them in a bundle, decorate the packing with a rim. Of course, you can release a few strings from the bundle, dropping onto your back. You can use a bandage, beforehand releasing a few curled locks on both sides of the head along the cheekbones. The bulk of the hair tie in the tail or bun. On the following photo-images you can see how stunningly, unpredictably, but invariably perfectly look such hairstyles. Greek hairstyle for long hair. Photo №7 Greek hairstyle for long hair. Photo №8 Greek theme in hairstyles for long hairalready many years, even centuries, remains relevant. Therefore, any girl or woman must necessarily try at least once to create a haircut for yourself! Note that the styling that came in modern fashion from ancient Greece, suitable for the fairer sex with any type of face and any features of appearance in general.