Handicrafts from chestnuts for kindergarten (giraffe, deer and horse): master class

Handicrafts from chestnuts for kindergarten (giraffe, deer and horse): master class

Handicrafts from chestnuts for kindergarten Autumn chestnut crafts for kindergartenshould be simple but interesting. We offer you just such - with a little help from caregivers, children will easily make original toys - giraffe, deer and / or horse. Or maybe, on the basis of a general idea, will it be possible to make a goat or calf? Who will the kids choose? And if in the kindergarten they asked homework to make a handicraft of chestnuts, parents first of all will like this master class so that work on it can be done quickly!

So, to make such crafts in the kindergarten of chestnuts, as in our photos, you will need:

4 small chestnuts and 2 - more; 5-6 toothpicks, depending on the "style" of the animal; some plasticine.

Handicrafts from chestnuts for kindergarten: job description

Best to work with fresh, justharvested chestnuts. They have a sufficiently elastic shell so that it can be easily pierced with a toothpick. If work with natural materials is planned, and chestnuts are poked badly, this is easy to fix: with the help of sewing, an adult can make holes in drying chestnuts, and children can join chestnuts with toothpicks. The basis of the animal For the body, we choose the largest chestnut. We stick 4 toothpicks into it - if they stick themselves, then without external help; and if not, then the holes are first made with an awl, and then toothpicks are inserted into them. Legs If chestnuts hardened, we pierce them with an awl. Then a hole is made for the toothpick-neck. In order to make a chestnut workpiece stand steadily, it is important not to upset the balance. You do not need to have the “neck” as close to the edge as possible, otherwise the animal will constantly roll forward. In the chestnut torso stick toothpicks Put the chestnut-head on the second part of the toothpick. Do not forget about the balance and stick not to the edge, but a little closer to the center. We put on the head We check how stable our autumn crafts for kindergarten are. Checking the balance If everything is fine, then we continue to work. If not, then we help the children to move chestnuts and a toothpick so that the toy stands. Pay attention also to the toothpicks-legs: maybe you can find a better, more stable position for them? For the feet, or rather, the hooves, we select the smallest chestnuts. The most suitable option is “pair” chestnuts, in which one part is flat. But if there are none, it doesn't matter. Any small ones are fine. Here the main thing is to arrange them so that they all fit together on the toothpicks-legs, so that they are not crowded, and yes, that the toy retains its stability. Chestnut figurine base for crafts in the kindergarten We made three figures at once. Let's see what they can be turned into? The basis of crafts from chestnuts for kindergarten DIY giraffe from chestnuts for kindergartenA long neck-toothpick directly hints that we can turn one piece into a giraffe. We will not oppose. Take another toothpicks and break them in half: the half of one will turn into a tail, and the two halves of the other will turn into blanks for the horns. What you need to make a giraffe hack of chestnuts in kindergarten Still need parts from clay: thin yellow band, 6-8 small yellow balls, 2 tiny ones and 2 bigger balls; from white plasticine - 2 medium sized balls for eyes and 2 small black ones for pupils. Let's start with the eyes. White balls crush in the place of the head where the eyes should be. We try to keep eyes round Add black pupils. Expressive eyes The smallest yellow balls are the nostrils. Stick them in place. We make out a muzzle On the edge of the toothpicks horn we plant yellow large balls. Crafts in the garden of chestnuts: photo The remaining yellow balls spread across the body of a giraffe - it must be spotty! Formation tail hackwork giraffe Harness cut or tear into small pieces and stick them with the tip of a toothpick-tail, forming a laid brush. Giraffe tail Giraffe is ready. Autumn crafts giraffe from chestnuts for kindergarten Handmade chestnuts for kindergarten: giraffe Deer What is needed to make a deer? Craft deer from chestnuts for kindergarten: master class

  • broken toothpick;
  • 2 white plasticine balls larger and 2 small black balls - for the eyes;
  • long thin white plasticine harness;
  • 2 fashioned and flattened sausages, pointed on both sides (ears);
  • tail: a piece of plasticine twisted into a sausage, then flattened, curved by a light arc and “drawn” by the stack to imitate wool.

We draw wool on the tail with a stack Just like the giraffe, we make eyes: first flatten the white balls, and on top - the black ones. Eyes We insert toothpicks horns so that they look well in different directions. Insert toothpicks Glue the ears. Toothpicks-horns Tail queue. We tear or cut the plasticine bundle into small pieces and form horns from them (here you will need the help of educators or parents). Autumn crafts in the garden of chestnuts Deer is ready. Step-by-step crafts from chestnuts for kindergarten: deer Handicrafts in a chestnut garden: a deer DIY deer from chestnuts for kindergarten Horse Horse is very easy to do. Autumn crafts from chestnuts for kindergarten: master class For its assembly we make such details from plasticine:

  • 2 white eye balls;
  • 2 black eye balls;
  • 2 short sausages, pointed on both sides and then flattened (ears);
  • several long thick sausages.

Already familiar to you, glue the eyes and ears. Handicrafts of chestnuts for kindergarten: glue the ears We slice or tear sausages into small pieces - this will be a mane. Place it between the ears on the chestnut-head. DIY horse chestnut for kindergarten Then we cut several sausages longer and glue them into a bun, and only then glue it in place for the tail. DIY horse chestnut for kindergarten And a few more photos of our fun company. I think such autumnal chestnut crafts for the kindergarten will definitely please the children! Crafts from chestnuts for kindergarten: photo Crafts from chestnuts for kindergarten: photo Handicrafts from chestnuts for kindergarten Handicrafts from chestnuts for kindergarten Crafts in kindergarten of chestnuts: photo Autumn chestnut crafts for kindergarten See also workshops: and. Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: