Hanger for scarves, eyeglasses and belts

Hanger for scarves, eyeglasses and belts

Hangers are indispensable for careful and accuratestoring clothes in a closet. Further - a few ideas for increasing the functionality of ordinary shoulders. To make it convenient to hang scarves, ties, gloves, sunglasses and belts, so that dresses and blouses do not slip off the shoulders, you need a minimum of materials and time.

1. Hanger for scarves and ties

Light summer scarves, winter knitted scarves,ties and other accessories lying on a shelf or in a drawer, sooner or later turn into colorful chaos, where it is difficult to find something immediately. An excellent solution will be to make your own hands a simple organizer for scarves. It will take several rings for the curtains in the bathroom, attached to the crossbar of the hanger. A hanger for scarves and ties will make it easier for you to find the right thing! scarf hanger

2. Hanger for gloves and socks with their own hands

Attach large clothespins to the hanger with a thin crossbar. Thus, you can store winter gloves, scarves and even socks! hanger for gloves and socks

3. Hanger for belts

Straps are useful to hang in a straightened state,without folds and kinks. Screw some hooks into the hanger! Men in the house will appreciate such a convenient improvement of conventional wooden shoulders. belt hanger

4. Hanger for glasses

How do you store your collection of glasses? Shelf, box? Here's another place of orderly storage - just hang them on the hanger! a hanger for glasses

5. That clothes do not slip off the hanger

On smooth thin shoulders it is inconvenientto keep a thing. Take 3-5 pieces of such hangers, put together from scotch tape and wind the multicolored yarn! Firstly, the hanger will become thicker, and secondly, silky and light things will not slip off their shoulders. And thirdly, such a bright decor pleases the eye and enlivens the space, whether in a closed closet or a hanger in the corridor. so that things do not slip off the hanger To make your closet comfortable, functional andcapacious, you need to choose the right stuff for the coupé cabinets - various stationary and pull-out shelves, drawers, rods and other necessary accessories. Specialists of Jet-Systems will help you to choose an inexpensive content of high quality, professionally perform all the work to order.