Hanger on the door of the wire with their own hands

Hanger on the door of the wire with their own hands

The place in the closets and on the shelves has ended or youlooking for an alternative way of storing things? This small wire hanger on the door will not only add charm to the room, but it is also ideal for hanging light objects that should always be on hold in the immediate vicinity. The main feature of the hanger - it is hinged, clings directly to the door. And it's very easy to do it yourself! Having shown your imagination, you can depict silhouettes of a house or a big city with skyscrapers, mountains and trees, people and animals on a hanger. coat-hanger

Hinged hanger on the door - features

To do this, you need a hank hard enoughwire, so that it is not heavily deformed by weight, pliers and cutters, optionally you may need a can of paint. Copper or aluminum wire is flexible enough, so it will be easy to work with. If you plan to hang very light objects - choose a smaller wire diameter, if you plan to hang bath towels or terry dressing gowns - then take a larger diameter, but bending such a wire will be much harder. Keep in mind that such a hanger on the door can prevent it from closing. Check it out in advance. Alternatively, at the ends of the hanger, you can make loops and fasten it with nails or self-tapping screws directly to the door or wall.

How to make a hanger from the wire on the door - work progress

how to make a hanger on a wire doorStart by straightening the wire. Unwind the skein and manually straighten the main bends, then, with the help of a vice or other improvised tools, achieve the most smooth and direct result. the process of creating a hanger on the door of the wire with your own hands After straightening the wire, proceed tothe formation of bends with the help of pliers. Start with the eyelet if you attach the hanger to the wall, or from the U-shaped bend, on which the hanger will hang on the door. Measure the door in advance to avoid making a mistake with the depth of the bend. It will be useful to draw a sketch of a hanger in full size and strictly follow it. Bend the wire at an angle of 90 degrees to the U-shaped loop. Then start to form the silhouettes of objects. For round shapes, use round objects around which you can wind the wire, for rectangular ones - rectangular or vice. hanger on the door of the wire with your own handshanger on the door of the wire with your own handsDIY-wire-hanger-044After the middle hanger is finished, bend the wire again to create a loop on the other side or a U-shaped bend for the door. Cut off the excess. hanger in the shape of a city silhouette If desired, coat the coat hanger with a layer of paint from the can, let it dry completely - and you are done! painting of a copper hanger from a wireA hanger on the door will easily stand any light things, for example, hats and scarves in the corridor, aprons and potholes in the kitchen, baby things in the children's room. wire hanger on the front of the door Doors in the house are used every day, which means,wear out and eventually fail. If you need to repair metal doors, be sure to choose companies that are proven, with professional experts and a job guarantee, for example, http://www.zamki-c.ru/4.php.