Pendant table on ropes with your own hands

Pendant table on ropes with your own hands

Interior items suspended from the ceiling,create a feeling of weightlessness and lightness. No visual connection to the floor, a sense of grounding, just an air flight! This technique is especially suitable for light interiors in a minimalist or Scandinavian style, for example, for a bedroom. Suspended table as a bedside table looks unusual and original. Hanging table with own hands The pendant table is fastened with three ropes for the hook in the ceiling. And make it yourself will not be difficult! In order to make a suspended table for the interior, you need:

  • wooden plank;
  • Grinder;
  • spray-polyurethane;
  • drill;
  • felt;
  • hot glue;
  • screw;
  • S-shaped hook.

Of course, if you work on your ownown project, then the materials can be modified, and the process itself is simplified or complicated. So, take a board of an interesting texture or cut it yourself. Handle uneven and rough surfaces with a grinder. Drill with a drill three holes, wide enough for the chosen rope. One hole in the middle of the board on the side adjacent to the wall, the other two holes - on the sides, at an equal distance from the first. If desired, you can make four holes - two from each edge. Then the table will be suspended for four ropes. Cover the tree with several layers of polyurethane. Before applying the next layer, wait for the previous one to dry. Cut a strip of soft felt a little narrower than the height of the board. Glue the strip of felt with hot glue on the side, which will fit snugly against the wall. This way you will protect the wall covering from scratches and marks from the table. how to make a hanging table with your own handsPull the ropes through the holes and tie the reliable knots under the board. In the ceiling, drill a hole, screw in the screw with a ring, where you will thread the S-shaped hook. how to make a hanging table with your own handsTie ropes from above, tie a strong knot with a loop and put it on the hook. stages of creating a suspended table with your own hands And it does not matter what will float in the air - a vase with wild flowers or a volume of poetry, a laptop or a textbook, a desk lamp or a photo album.Hanging table with own handshanging table on the ropes in the interiorpendant table