Hat turban knitting: knitting headgear for photos and videos

Hat turban knitting: knitting headgear for photos and videos


This model of caps is called a turban, but oftenStill you can find the name - turban. Small, but warm and bulky caps go to almost all women, and therefore never go out of fashion. In spite of its rather intricate appearance, it is not so difficult to tie such a cap with knitting needles.

Scarf hat

The first way of knitting the turban caps is more suitable for beginner needlewomen.

In order to make this fluffy and warm miracle will be needed:

  • Knitting needles number 5;
  • Two coils of thick yarn (50% acrylic, 50% wool). You can take the thread with the addition of mohair, the main thing is that they are thick. Approximate weight - 100 gr.

To create a description of how to match the cap, we will use the following notation:

  • Ln - the front loop;
  • Ipt - the back loop;
  • N - nakid;
  • Kr - edgeband;
  • P is a series.

The main kind of knitting with knitting needles -
. In it there is one secret: it is possible to bind such an elastic only in the classical way, it is impossible to bind the loops with a "grandmother's" method, otherwise the drawing will not work.

The design of the eraser. We dial an odd number of loops, and then we untype it as follows:

  • First r. - LP + 2 Cr .;
  • 2nd p.: LP, straight line H, In. - Do not tie, take off on another spoke, thread behind the product. So until the end of the river;
  • 3rd p .: H, In - do not remove without tying, LP + H together. Coming the same way.

The remaining series are tied in the same sequence as the last two p.
In order to make a turban cap, you can simply knit a scarf of a certain length with knitting needles. We type 37p. And knit an English rubber band somewhere around 90 cm. Now we need to collect a turban.
We wrap our knitted scarf around the head,Twist in front and sew the side loose ends back to the canvas. The second seam simply connects the cap in the middle. And here is a real knitted turban ready. In order to keep it tight on your head, you can tie the bottom of the cap with a crochet.

Knitting with additions

The second option is how to make a turban cap. This model knits with thin knitting needles. Dial 12 pt and knit like this:

  • 1 p. - LP, 2p. - IP;
  • 3 r.p.: 1Un, 2LP;
  • 4th and all even further - according to the figure.
  • 5d р .: 1ИП, 2 ЛП in the certain order: 2nd ЛП for a back wall, to not remove from a loop, then 1я ЛП for forward, both we transfer on other spoke. This is called crossed loops.

Next, we need to associate this scheme with 4 cm (8-10 rubles). The next 28 p., Somewhere 12-14 cm, knit on the figure, but with the condition, on each person. P., Add 5n between links of crossed n.
The next 5-6 cm - knit straight. After that, in the same order, decrease n, tying with two spokes between the "scissors" of the crosshairs. The last 4 cm - to make clearly according to the scheme. Close knitting. Knitted turban is ready. If you want a cap to tighten its head on the bottom, you can do it differently. When behind again there will be again 12p., Divide them into 3p. + 2cr. And knit with facial smoothness as many rows of each rope, so that they grab the cap. Close the knitting and tie the ropes to the main part.
If you want the scars on the hat turned outMore gorgeous, you can slightly improve the scheme, tying instead of crossed n. - "French gum", where the crosses 1 LOP on 2 LP always from the outside of knitting in each person. R.

Magnificent turban

The third way how to make a magnificent cap turbanKnitting needles. Here, thick yarn with mohair and needle No. 5 are more suitable, this method is also suitable for beginner needlewomen. You just need to tie a rectangle with an elastic band 2x2.

We type 62 points. The scheme is simple: 2 LP, 2 IP. We knit so about 56 cm. It will be approximately 110 rubles. Closing the knitting, leave a large tail of the thread, they will need to sew a hat.
We connect the rectangle so that it stitches togetherWidth. It is important here not to stretch the elastic band, pick up the edges, so that the stripes do not disperse. Get a wide bezel around the head with lush pleats. We now connect it from above and stitch it. Let the bands at the top stretch. It is important to separate the canvas from the front in the middle in a separate thread, so that the "knot" of the turbine turns out.
You can make a rectangle not an even rubber band. In this case, knit it will need only 40-42 cm. The approximate scheme: Kr, 10 LP, 2 IP, 4 LP, 2 IP, 4 LP, 2 IP, 4 LP, 2 IP, 4 LP, 2 IP, 4 LP , 2 IP, 10 LP, Cr. On the wrong side we follow the picture.
When the entire volume is done, the hinges are closed. You can perform at the beginning and at the end of knitting for 4p. Facial smoothness. Now we just collect the thread of the turban in front and behind. To do this, just a dense thread, inserted into the needle, we brush the edge of the rectangle with the usual notch suture and tighten it. The resulting ringlet is carefully sewn, bending in half. It turns out a magnificent beautiful hat, as in the last photo.
Do not forget that our hat has become softer,And the drawing looked smoother, before stitching any of the models, the knitted fabric must be stripped off. So the edges will be visible clearly, and it will be easier to collect a cap in a turban.

Video: Knitting technology of turban with knitting needles

Schemes of turban knitting