Hat with ears on the basis of master classes (photos and diagrams)

Hat with ears on the basis of master classes (photos and diagrams)


With the onset of cold weather the most popular andCaps become popular as an accessory. This year, especially popular are the unusual models with cat ears. They can be found in both children's and adult wardrobes.
Due to the fact that the cap with the ears is consideredAn integral part of any spring-autumn image, today we offer you with the help of our master class to learn to knit this indispensable accessory. Especially for beginner needlewomen, we will hold several master classes, in which we will talk about how to tie a children's and a female hat with cute cat ears.

We knit a hat with ears

This small training master-class was created specifically for you to master the technique of knitting
And pleased your baby. The model-related model is suitable not only for girls, but also for boys. During the job description we will use the following abbreviations:

  • Loop - the p .;
  • Ryadochek - r.

To knit caps with cat ears you will need:

  • A pair of spokes at number 6;
  • Hook number 3 and 1,25;
  • needle;
  • Silvery yarn - 100g;
  • The remainders of the threads are soft pink or white.

The description of the work will be as follows. Traditionally we start the master class with a set of loops. At the beginning of work on the needles should be exactly 72 pcs. Knitting begins with the main thread in two pieces. Then we sew 25 rows of pearls with a pearl pattern. Next, we knit a children's hat with cat ears with the help of the facial smoothness. In this case, do not forget about the need to reduce the loops in each even number - 6 pieces each.

Having connected 10 cm, we tighten all the loops into one. Cut the thread and use the crochet hook or needle to join the sides of the knitted fabric.

At the next stage of the master class we beginMaking the bottom of the cap for the boy. To do this, we form with spokes 47-53 points, so that the seam made earlier was in the center of the knitting needle. After that, we sew 7 r. Pearl pattern and proceed to the formation of the lower ears. To do this, first close the 17 st point in the middle. Having plotted 7 r. We cut the loops: in every even p. We take 1 point from two sides. From the next 3 sts we form with a knitting needles a single loop and, without cutting the thread, plait the braid or chain with the help of a hook.

For the boy, the tip of the dressing can be additionallyDecorate with a tassel, and for a girl with a pompon. The second lower lobe is knitted according to the same pattern as the first. To make the children's knitted kotoshapka look more neat, its edge must be treated with a "step-like step" or elastic band. To make the resulting hat for the boy become more elegant and interesting, it should be decorated with ears like a cat. You can connect them in just a few minutes. Internal parts of the ears are made of pink or white yarn. To make them, you need to collect 15 bars with a crochet and make a cut along the way of knitting. Following the description, you must make two of the same triangles as in the photo. External parts for cat ears knit. The length of the set of rows is 10-12 p. With the spokes, just like the crochet, you need to form a small triangle.

Finished elements of the cat's ears must be folded and 2Fold the yarn of silvery color. To cat's ears turned out to be wider they must be tied with a high post. At the end of the master class, you will only have to sew cat's ears to the cap for the boy.

To make the kotoshapka look more realistic and elegant, you can also decorate its front part with embroidery.
Face of a cat, you will turn it into a beautiful exclusive accessory, which, no doubt, will please any boy or girl.

Knitting kotoshki for baby

To tie a hat for a girl with funny ears, like a cat you will need:

  • Wool yarn - 1 hitch;
  • 1 thread "YarnArt kid Mohair";
  • A pair of spokes at number 3;
  • large needle;
  • Markers;
  • button;
  • scheme.

In the description of the technique of knitting hats for a girl, some abbreviations will be used:

  • Loop - the p .;
  • number - p .;
  • Purl;
  • Facial - of persons.

Before you begin to explore the descriptionWe recommend that you associate a small sample: 8 cm = 18 p., That is, it turns out that 1 cm should be 2.25 p. The total number of p. Is 103 pcs. We begin the training master-class to create a cap, which even a real cat could envy.
In this master class, you first needMake the ears. To do this, you need to dial 9 points. The first row consists of AH. Etc. In each subsequent person. R. An increase is made - 1 st. Knitting is continued until 25 pts are formed. After that, the thread is cut off, and the eye is laid aside. The second tab for the baby cat's catches the same pattern as the first.

But, at the end the thread is not clipped. From it form 17 n. Occipital part and the first eye is attached to it. Next r. It is necessary to connect with the help of. Etc. As long as there are no 72 knits on the knitting needles, knitting is performed by persons. Smooth with additions on both sides. After that, the needles are dialed 31 points for the overhead part of the children's cat-puppies.

Knitting closes in a circle and continues withoutIncreases. In this way another 34 p. Then the future cap is divided into 6 parts, the deductions are carried out. First of all, 7 points are allocated, and then every 17 points. The loop marked with a marker is considered to be central. In each subsequent 3 r. Loops located near it are tied together: 2 together face, face and 2 more together for the posterior stenochku - also facial.

After this, you must cut the thread and insert it into theNeedle. The remaining eyelets are transferred to the needle, tightened and fixed. Children's cap is almost ready! It remains only to wash the product, sew a lining for it and make cat ears.

To make a cat's ears you need to type 17 n. The first row is tied with the backs, the second is done without facial cuts, the third is done. Next in each 3 p. We subtract 1 point from both sides. Knit knitting needles according to this pattern until 7 pts remain. The remaining stitches are transferred to the needle, tightened and fixed. For children's hats, you need to perform 3 more of these abalone. Finished cat ears should be washed, stripped and stitched.
Charming children's cat-cat with ears like a real cat is ready! It remains only to sew a button and decorate it with a bow.

Video: Baby cap with ears

The process of knitting a female cat-hat

Knitted hat cat will like not onlyBoys and girls, but also to adult women. Therefore, in this small mass we will tell you how to create this wonderful accessory for women.

Elegant female cat hat knits very muchSimply, so even a novice tinker can literally in a couple of days please yourself with a new thing. To cap with ears appeared in your autumn-spring wardrobe you need to buy:

  • A pair of spokes;
  • Wool yarn.

A detailed description of the work. Tie a spoke with a rubber band 1X1 or 2X2 rectangle, consisting of 10 or 12 ryadochkov. Next, knit the facial smoothness until the time when the cap with the ears grows to the length you need. The resulting rectangle fold in half, sew the side and upper seams, as shown in the diagram.

After that, execute 2 pairs of ears of the sameColor, as the cat itself and 2 pairs - a contrasting color. Billets for the cat's ears in the female hat look like ordinary triangles and knit according to the following scheme. First, a string of air loops is made - 3 pieces. Then 2 loops are skipped, and 2 are tied with a column without a crochet into the next loop. In the end, it should be exactly 3 points. The knitted fabric is turned over. 11 rows of rows are knitted without a crochet with an addition - 1 pt at the end of each row and the same at the beginning of 4, 7, 10. The twelfth row should consist of 17 p.
On this, this small teaching master classCan be considered almost complete, since you only need to sew the ready cat's ears to the cap. In addition, the female cat-hat can be decorated with a knitting needle with a bow made by a crochet or original embroidery imitating the cat's face.

Video: How to tie a hat with your own hands