Headband with a bow for the girl: master class

Headband with a bow for the girl: master class

Headband with a bow Another master class on creatingExpress jewelry: rim with a bow. In the previous workshop I showed how to do it. Today's option is suitable for school and other events. Such rims are made very quickly, and the work is so simple that a schoolgirl can handle it.

To make such a bezel with a bow, you need:

a basis - a metal rim 3 mm wide; narrowwhite satin ribbon 3 mm wide; white polka dot satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide - 29 cm; white polka dot satin ribbon 1 cm wide - 3 cm; a piece of soft white felt or fleece; white sewing thread; sewing needle; matches or lighter; ruler; pencil or pen for basting; glue gun. Materials and tools for creating a rim with a bow

How to make a headband with a bow with your own hands

We measure off the narrow tape, putting it to the rimplus a margin of 2 cm. Cut and searing the edges on both sides. Then bend the tip of the tape on the wrong side of the rim and glue it with a glue gun, pressing the ribbon into the drop of glue. The drop should be small so as not to go beyond the edge of the tape. Rim with ribbon Paste the bezel with narrow tape Need to work quickly, so that the glue does not clingmound before you attach a ribbon to it. If this happens, it can be torn off from the tape with little effort; From the smooth metal base, it will go easier. Cut out two small rectangles from felt or fleece to wrap the ends of the rim. Fix them with glue. Felt tips for the rim Glue the edges of the rim Making a bow. To do this, cut the existing tape into two segments, one slightly shorter than the other. I have it 13 and 16 cm. Edges singe. Cut the ribbon for the bow Each segment we fold, as shown in the following photo, into the ring, the edges go a little overlap. We fasten the edges with a seam "forward needle". Connect the edges Then we place this seam exactly in the center and lay another one, with the same seam, now fastening the two layers of tape together. Stitch in the center Do the same for the second segment and stack the stitched constructions one upon the other. We form a bow From this sandwich we form a bantovaya fold (you can simply fold it with an accordion) and fix it with a thread so that the bow for the rim does not spread. Satin Ribbon Bows The second, a small piece of tape, singed on both sides. Headband with a bow with their own hands Determine the place on the rim where it will be mountedbow. To this place we drop a drop of hot glue, quickly apply the center of our bow to it so that a larger piece of tape is at the bottom, i.e. adjoined directly to the bezel. Then - another drop of glue on the inside of the rim, glue one of the edges of a small piece of tape with a width of 1 cm. Wrap their bow core and fix the other end of the tape on the inside with glue. Hairband with a bow The bezel with a bow, made with your own hands, is ready, and any girl, of course, will wear it with great pleasure. Bow of ribbons on the rim How to make a rim-bow Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: