Headbands with flowers ribbons technique kanzashi (photo)

Headbands with flowers ribbons technique kanzashi (photo)


Flowers, made in the style of satin kanzashitapes, look gentle and beautiful. Looking at them, they just want somewhere to attach, in order to decorate their accessories. In Japan, machinery kanzashi, successfully applied to a variety of hairstyles ornaments. In our country, it is a popular handicrafts are also used for decoration rims, wreaths and the armbands, which make the weave, you can manually, so that later, they decorate the head of little princesses. Headbands with flowers or hoops, occupy the first place, as a great decoration for girls, which can be made with your own hands.
Kanzashi rim or hoop with two magnificent andlarge flowers or a snowflake, will make normal hair, the best and stand out among others. Children's joy will become your most pleasant gift in gratitude for headbands with flowers. Let's look at the very first master class (microns), in which, try to create headbands with flowers in kanzashi style. Beautifully will look and snowflake. All of this, we will create with their own hands for beginners. Video is available on our portal.

Decoration kanzashi to the rim

Before you begin to create the first master class (u), you must purchase the appropriate accessories, namely:

  • green and red satin ribbon;
  • flame of a candle or a lighter;
  • scissors;
  • line with tweezers;
  • glue for textiles;
  • tight thread;
  • needle;
  • slender stamens, which are very simple to make your own hands.

Take a scarlet ribbon, and using scissors, cut squares out of it, eight centimeters each, as in the photo.

Tweezers, grab a blank, turn inside out to him and bend in the middle.

Fold again in order to get a sharp corner as shown in the photo.

One end of the tape, fire anneal, thereby sticking it, as shown in the photo.

Thus, we do the rest of our flower petals that decorate the rims for the hair.

Next, we begin to collect all the blanks in a single unit, ask them with a needle and thread.

His two hands, pull the future flower in the form of an accordion and fix the end of the thread.

Using glue, attach the petals to stamens.

See what new ideas can be done in kanzashi style. Here is a wonderful flower, we turned.

We continue to do the lessons and kanzashi blank green cut into the base material in the boxes, the length of 14 cm each.

One square, fold in the face inside, and the other end, pour over the fire.

Cut into two halves as shown in the photograph.

Remove to plate on the other side.

Glue the green foliage to the main flower. As a result, we've got a wonderful rim on the head of satin ribbons for beginners. Master Class (MC), is considered complete, and the rim is ready. Little fashionista would be happy to wear these hoops.

Bandage tapes kanzashi

Children bandage on his head from the satin ribbons,made with his own hands, will appeal to even the little fashionistas. Such children dressing can be designed for both everyday wear and for special festive evenings. You will not find more than one repeating bandage as such accessory is unique. But every skilled worker, seeking to make it unique and inimitable.

Our lessons and master class (microns), will focus on the bandage to the invention in the Japanese style.
Here is a list of the materials that we need:

  • satin ribbon, shades such as: burgundy and pink, emerald green and white;
  • green and pink brocade ribbon;
  • Accessories for jewelry midway flower, such as stones or beads;
  • thick cardboard;
  • scissors and tweezers;
  • flame of a candle or a lighter;
  • Easy dressing;
  • textile glue.

Our flower, we will do out of round and sharppetals. It would be possible to make this dressing of roses or roses to decorate a few, but let's do something original. Cut our tapes into equal squares and make the petals for the flower in kanzashi style, around, so as described hereinabove.
To create a bandage, we need eighteen tapered petals and ten round shape. The photo shows the amount of detail and form the corresponding petal color.

Begin to make the main part of the flower. Take a thick cardboard and cut out the circle with a diameter of four centimeters. This circle, you need to braid fabric as shown in the photo.

After that, we proceed to gluing the flower petals. The pointed petals, stick around.

At first glance, it may seem that this type ofnot very aesthetic, but have patience, our lessons are not finished yet, the most interesting lies ahead. Let us form the green foliage. Glue round petals pointed workpiece, and between them, another empty piece of paper. These are the need to form petals.

Take them out and glue on the opposite side of the flower.
The remaining blank evenly and paste it in the main part, as in the photo.
Cut the cardboard another circle with a diameter of 3.5 cm, it is necessary to braid pink fabric. Then glue a number of petals in a circle.

Paste the resulting product over a large workpiece.

The third tier will be the smallest. Cut a circle with a diameter of 1.5 cm and should be satin braid. Likewise Fasten the remaining workpiece.

Glue, the resulting material to the top of the flower.

Our master class (microns), is almost complete, it remains only the flower decor. In this case, we will help the metal piece and the bead. Which we smear glue and casts in the heart of the flower.

It takes a simple pink bandage to which you want to attach the flower kanzashi.

Take a satin ribbon and a flower sticking to it. Then, on that side dressing, where the seam Fasten the base material. Look at the picture, as it is done correctly.

That's all his own hands, we have been able to dowonderful and elegant dressing. Kanzashi These flowers can decorate not only dressings, but also for hair rims, hoops and ribbons wreaths. This method is suitable to create roses. Headbands and hair wraps, chic look with roses. Gently will look and snowflake. If you do not understand some of the points we recommend to watch the video, in which all the details shown.

National wreath

This master class (microns), will teach you how to make wreaths, decorated in the Ukrainian style. These headbands with flowers, sure to attract their attention.
In order to make your own hands, Ukrainian wreath for beginners, requires a multilayer dublerin from which the workpiece is cut to a wreath, as shown in the photo.

We need the tape, emerald andcarved from a piece of paper. On its basis, we do leaves a soldering iron. For other pieces, it is necessary brocade ribbon. It needs to be folded in half and squeeze line. Then, cut the extra edge. With the help of glue, fix the foliage. In order to give, the desired shape of the article, you need to use flame lighters or candles.

Weave spikelets, do as brocade, but sand color. Create a double and pointed kanzashi elements, which are pasted into one another. On the underside of spikelets, sticking the green preform.

Red flowers can be made in the form of roses tobeautiful roses decorate head. Since this Ukrainian wreath of poppies will make their own hands. Cut of the ribbon, red squares, and have cut out the shape of a drop. The ends of the blazing fire. Now we'll sew these parts. Do all step by step, as shown in the photo. Start with the major elements, moving to small. The middle of a flower, making seam "forward needle" and pull the accordion.

To create stamens, we need a monofilament thread, which is smeared with glue and lowered into the semolina.

Begin braiding midway flower. It consists of a piece of padding polyester satin and green, from which make a circle. Pour over the edge of the fire and obsheyte them, and the inside of the insert and tighten sintepon. You will get a small ball, shown in the photo. Thread, do the original core.

Putting together the poppy. Sew green pompom in the middle and insert a circle stamens. These flowers will decorate a wonderful kanzashi rims and rims for the hair.

Our lessons are going on, we start doingturquoise bells. Make them from genital blanks, splayed on the other side. In the video, located on our website, you can study in detail the process. Having stamens, forming a bell, with the help of glue.

Now, do weaving daisies. There are several ways to create them, which can be viewed on video.

Getting to the formation of a full wreath. Rely on your imagination and inspiration. They will help you to distribute your colors, in the correct order. Or see how we did.

This is just not a big part of what can be donewith their hands and how to use weaving. Headbands with flowers or roses, as well as a snowflake, hoops of roses and kanzashi rim, all this can be done in different variations.
Our videos and photos, will be able to give you ideas and inspiration to create beautiful accessories kanzashi that will adorn the head and hair.

Video: Learning to do with flowers rim kanzashi