Heart of beads with their own hands in master classes (video)

Heart of beads with their own hands in master classes (video)


Such a wonderful gift, like a heart of beads,You can give to different events: the Valentine's Day, the birthday or just loved. Special knowledge and certain skills for this is not required. This task can be for beginner needlewomen simple, and most importantly - very exciting. It is enough just to be patient and stick to this lesson, which we provided with photo and video materials.

Three-dimensional heart from beads

Materials needed:

  • Large beads;
  • Large Czech beads;
  • Wire measuring 0.3 mm;
  • Nippers.

Before the beginning of the weaving of the heart, it is better to study the description. The work will take place in the style of "monastic handicrafts with a cross". It is necessary to take a piece of wire along the length of 120 cm, double it, from both edges plant it along the bead and move them downwards. The second bead must be threaded with wire ends on both sides and tightened tightly so that the model is filled. As the diagram shows, the result is a triangle of beads. Now, on any of the grounds, one bead should be stringed, and the third bead should be threaded with wires from both directions, and also tighten the beads. The scheme of the heart shows that it turned out a real cross of four beads. This step must be repeated to the 8th step.
Then you need to make a turn from the beads toThe next piece of the heart - on the right end of the wire put on two beads, and on the left - one. And one it is necessary to pass through two wire edges from both bases the heart. Adhering to the figure, you should weave seven simple crosses before the line is pumped. To get an unfinished cross in the previous element, two beads are sewn on the right side, after which the last bead is traced by the endings from the two edges of the heart. The video demonstrates everything in detail.

At the 16th stage, an increase is made: Firstly, two beads are put on the right side of the wire thread, and on the left there is one, which is pierced through both points of the wire from both directions to make a turn to the left part of the bead hearts.
Further, work continues with the crosses of the heart,Although, on the left, an existing beads will be used to weave the main row. You need to create seven steps and make a turn up. To do this, in the left direction, insert the wire in parallel into both beads and take the other, passing it with two wire edges from both points of the heart.
Now weave the heart according to plan to53rd step. The beads are cut from the beads when turning to the left, two beads are typed onto the metal thread on the right, the last of them is passed from the two bases by both ends of the wire. It is required to finish the point of the line, make the wrong cross from three pieces of beads, fix the wire thread with wire cutters, cut off excess edges. We need to weave two similar hearts from beads. After the completion of both hearts, you should tighten their crosses along the length. To do this, take a special piece of wire thread to a size of 60 cm, as the diagram shows, and crosses the entire outgoing beads.
In the end, you need to keep an open crossTo fill the heart mainly with large beads to add dimensions. Next, close the final crosses, tighten the wire and hide the remaining edges into the heart. In the photo we see what a result we had a solid heart of beads.
In detail, the entire process of weaving such a volumetric heart can be studied using a video tutorial on creating an original decoration.

Video: Platemon pendant in the form of a three-dimensional heart

Embroidered beaded heart with your own hands

Necessary materials:

  • Leather or felt;
  • Beads the size in 11 and 15;
  • Matter for heart pendant;
  • Small stones;
  • Nylon thread number 50;
  • Cotton wool;
  • scissors;
  • Needle for beads.

The first thing to do is paint the feltAcrylic paint. Then on paper draw a heart, cut it, traverse the stencil and paste the rhinestones. Now you can begin to embroider the outline of the heart, stringing on 2 beads, as the photo shows. It is necessary to return on the dialed beads and to put on 2 more. As a result, the whole contour of the heart is sheathed. You should walk again on the silhouette, straightening the line. It is necessary to try to make a seam to the seam. Next, to sew stones with beads the size of 15 is identical to the pattern, to walk through the thread again and again to sweep the rhinestones with a felling. You can still apply a mosaic to the heart fortress. Now a line of beads is embroidered on the circumference of the row from the cabin.

The most exciting thing begins - fillingBeaded hearts and embroidery in a chaotic sequence. The scheme of the second side is as follows: it is necessary to sheathe it in the same outline. Now you can make a wonderful rainbow of the heart: carefully cut off the unnecessary tissue closer to the application, not reaching the seams 1 mm. The photo shows which halves have turned out. Now they can already be reduced and threaded on the outside of the heart. Next, to collect two beads and return to the same edge, pierce the needle through the second bead, string another, pierce the matter and hold a needle through the typed bead. This is how the bead hearts can look. To the heart was lush, it is necessary to fill it with cotton and move on, covering the bottom to the end. The heart of beads can be made smooth, that is, without filler.

Completion of the heart by sewing the remainderBeads. Advice, especially for beginners: on this step it is better to keep the gap between the beads and later to move, rather than sew the last bead near where they will "find" each other. The photo shows everything in detail.

Now it remains to create a loop on which you canWill plant a heart of beads. You need to pull a little above the central point of the heart or wherever you want. String 10 beads and walk the needle in the bead on the rest of the heart invariably, strengthen the loop with several crossings of the thread (somewhere 3-4 steps).

A finished heart-shaped pendant can be used as a key or pendant on a Christmas tree or a bag or it can be presented as an addition to a gift.

Pendant in the form of a heart of beads

Materials for work:

  • Czech beads ruby ​​tones;
  • Hook for braiding №1,25;
  • Conventional yarn.

Tentatively, you should type the beads on the thread. Then begin the entanglement of both hemispheres of hearts from beads. During needlework, it is not necessary to weave the lifting columns - the hand-made knit along the curve. The whole technique of the weaving of the heart will proceed as follows:

  • The 1st line creates a circle in 3 columns;
  • 2nd line - 6 columns to the penultimate ring;
  • 3rd line - 12 tbsp. In the next column of the previous line;
  • 4th line - 18 items;
  • 5th line - 24 items;
  • 6th and 7th lines - a column in a column, without movement, 24 tbsp.

Remains of the filament of the first hemisphere of the heart are necessarycutting down. Similarly, the second part of the hearts of beads is made, although at the end the thread remains to tie four columns that will close the two halves. The photo shows what should come out.

Now you can already make a loop to decorate the heart. It is necessary for this to use pins and round pliers. The loop is fixed inside, while the other parts of the bead heart are not joined together.

Now you can already take for a summary of two accessories, tying the remaining place of the heart for turnover. The photo shows an example of knitting the heart:

1st and 2nd lines - a column in a column. As a result, leaves 44 loops. Then reduce the number of loops, for this they are divided by 4. It turns out that in any next line the 10th and 11th loops are tied together. The procedure of weaving the heart goes on, until there are only 4 eyelets - they must be closed and the thread removed. While the heart is beating from the beads, it is necessary to fill it in a little with some filler.

Such a wonderful piece of art as a bead heart can become not only a suspension on the phone or a backpack, but also an original presentation.
We hope that helped you with the ideas of creating a romantic gift. The following video of the lessons will show in detail the technique of making various hearts.

Video: We learn to weave hearts from beads