Holder and stand for paper towels: The hands - 5 lessons with diagrams

Holder and stand for paper towels: The hands - 5 lessons with diagrams

To make use of paper towelsreally convenient, they should be placed on a special holder. How to make a paper towel holder yourself? Any hostess can handle these! We offer 5 ideas and workshops self-made holders and stands for paper towels with your own hands. The content of the article:

Roll Hanger

The most budgetary and simplest way of the holder is the holder of the usual clothes hanger. The hangers should not be plastic, but from solid wire. How to:

  • We take the old hangers, unbend them and dress the roll with paper towels.
  • You can decorate the hanger at your discretion: wind it with decorative braid or paint it beforehand from a can.

From old beads

Also, a very elementary holder can be made from its old beads. Or even better - strung wooden balls on a gum or rope. Looks stylish and modern!

Leather belt holder

A stylish solution for storing paper towels. All you need is to hang the roll on the leather straps nailed to the wall and a wooden stick. Necessary materials:

  • Awl and hammer or punch for leather
  • 2 leather straps, each 50 cm long and 3.5 cm wide
  • Stick (with a round cross-section) 43 cm long and 2.5 cm in diameter
  • Rivet and setter
  • Drill and screws
  • Plastic dowels (optional)

Step by Step Instruction: Step 1: Pierce the holes Using an awl with a hammer or a hole punch, make 5 small holes in the leather strap, as shown in the Figure. That is, on the one hand strap 5 cm, 7.5 cm and 18 cm, on the other 5 cm and 18 cm. Do the same with a different strap. Step 2: Fold the straps Fold the first strap in half, align the holes (18 cm from each end) and install the rivet. Repeat these steps for the second strap. Step 3: Fasten the straps to the wall

  • Attach the strap to the wall so that the hole (which is 7.5 cm from the edge) is in the place of the wall where you will attach the strap.
  • Bend the front layer of the strap.
  • Through the same hole mark a point on the wall with a pencil - a place for a screw. Put the belt aside and drill a screw hole in the wall at the marked point (use a dowel if necessary).
  • Repeat these steps for the other belt, to do this, mark the point clearly on the same horizontal line, at a distance of about 45 cm from the first one, taking into account the length of the wooden stick.
  • Now connect not the straps the remaining holes.(that is, 5 cm from the edge) and insert the rivet, the same on the other. Step 4: We hang towels. It remains only to place paper towels between the straps and thread a wooden stick through the first strap, towel roll sleeve and second strap. Now it is convenient to use towels. Changing the finished roll is also not difficult.

    Loft Style Towel Rack

    Sometimes it is convenient to use hanging towel holders, sometimes tabletop. The advantage of the latter is that they can be transferred from one place to another. This pipe holder with a wooden stand is made in the loft style and will be an interesting addition to the home interior. Instruments:

    • Metal pipe 30 cm long and 2.5 cm in diameter
    • Cap pipe 2.5 cm in diameter
    • Metal circle with a hole in the center for a pipe with a diameter of 2.5 cm, and another 4 for screws
    • Degreaser
    • 4 screws for metal 2 cm long
    • Drill
    • Grinding machine (or sandpaper)
    • Wood paint
    • Enamel
    • Finished wooden circle with a diameter of 23 cm (or wooden plate and tools for cutting)

    Assembly procedure: Step 1: make a circle Make a wooden circle with a diameter of about 23 cm (skip this step if you bought it already). Step 2: Grinding Level the surface of the wooden circle with a grinding machine or manually with an emery cloth. Step 3: Making Screw Holes Drill the holes for the screws. To do this, attach a metal circle to a metal circle and drill into the corresponding holes. Step 4: Painting Paint the tree in the shade of brown you like. Step 5: Finish the Stand Connect the wooden and iron circles with screws. Step 6: Prepare the pipe Wipe down the pipe and treat it with a degreaser. It will contact with towels, so it must be clean, and in the building store is not the most sterile storage. Step 7: Fasten the pipe to the stand Screw one end of the tube into the hole of the stand,and screw another cap on another. Step 8: Fasten the towels Put on the stand a roll of paper towels, put in the right place and use. This is what happens:

    Copper holder

    Use the space under the kitchen cabinets and make the kitchen even more comfortable. This will simultaneously increase comfort and save space. Necessary materials:

    • Copper tube about 1.8 cm in diameter
    • Copper corner (diameter on both sides as the tube)
    • Copper corner (on the one hand, the diameter, like the tube, on the other already under the cap)
    • Copper cap
    • Adapter for tube from 1.8 cm to 2 cm
    • Metal circle with a hole for the tube (diameter 2 cm) in the center and another 4 for screws
    • Truborez or hacksaw
    • 4 screws 2 cm long
    • Super glue
    • Tube adapter

    Detailed instructions: Step 1: Cut the tubes

  • Using a pipe cutter or a hacksaw, cut one tube about 2.5 cm longer than your paper towels.
  • Cut another one about 10 cm - this will be enough for the roll with towels to fit under the cabinet, and at the same time it is not very low from it.
  • TIP: Remember that the mounting hardware will add a few more centimeters. Step 2: Glue the tube On a copper corner (with the same diameters on both sides), apply a layer of superglue along the rim and insert a short copper tube (firmly press and wait until it locks in place).

    • Apply super glue to the copper cap inside, and then insert the narrow end of another copper corner into it.
    • Now, at the other end of the closed corner insert a long tube, initially smearing the corner with super glue along the rim.
    • That is, now you should have: a short tube (with a corner open on one side), and a long tube (with a corner closed by a stopper).

    Step 3: Combine the tubes Apply glue to the open part of the corner and insert a long tube into it. In this case, a short tube and a closed corner should be directed in one direction, as in the photo. Step 4: Connect to the mount Screw the wide end of the adapter tometal circle, on the other hand, insert the adapter. Now paste the free end of the short tube into it. Step 5: Screwing Screw the holder to the bottom of the cabinet in the selected location. Put paper towels and now they are ready to use! It will not take much time to manufacture, the process itself resembles a designer, only with practical use.

    Other ideas

    See also other paper towel holder ideas that you can easily make with your own hands.