Festive New Year hair on long hair can be done at home, using the recommendations of this article.

Festive New Year hair on long hair can be done at home, using the recommendations of this article.

We make New Year's hairdress with our own hands andto his daughter Many caring mothers are worried about their daughters. And these experiences can concern even the appearance of their children. It is clear that girls should look beautiful from the very early age. After all, children attend kindergartens, then school educational institutions. Without a doubt, like adults, our children should look not only well-groomed, but also attractive. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo №1 For every day to make a hairstyle for her girl,maybe, it will not be a big deal. But very soon the New Year parties begin. What to do then? In addition to the fact that any mom thinks about her hair, so also it is necessary to think about the hairstyle for her little princess. Of course, first of all we care about choosing a New Year's dress for our children. On the other hand, without a beautiful suitable holiday hairstyle, even the most delicious dress can look inappropriately. Therefore, in this publication, we want to offer both mothers and their pupils several options for holiday hairstyles for the New Year holiday.

Festive hairstyles on long hair to the new 2016 for young mothers

A beautiful suitable hairstyle is one of the mostimportant elements of the female image, which in many cases gives the woman confidence in their own abilities. As for the holiday hairstyles for long hair, of course, they should be thought about in advance, thinking over all the nuances of the image that you came up with for yourself on New Year's Eve. Naturally, it is best to get acquainted with the latest fashion trends that are observed in the fashion world. However, the hairdress must always be approached, both to your external data, and to the makeup, makeup and even manicure. It is known that it is the New Year's hair for long hair that differs from the usual ones. In each new year we expect something new and bright. Therefore, it is better to choose a hair quite different from what you are used to in your daily life. Nevertheless, do not forget about the features of your appearance. Not all hairstyles are equally suitable for everyone. As for the coming year of the Fire Red Monkey, there also have their own peculiar nuances that need to be reckoned with, choosing a hairstyle or a stylish actual styling for long hair on the eve of the holiday. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo # 2 Note that to create a beautifulNew Year's image, does not necessarily refer to the services of professional hairdressers! The fiery monkey offers all the lovely ladies this year a lot of original options for styling and hairstyles, which you can deal with quite well with your own hands at home. Let's look at several types of hairstyles that will be relevant for the New Year and not only. Volumetric waves on loose hair In the next year of the Fire Monkey, still beautiful beautiful wavy locks on long loose hair are still promising. If you are naturally rewarded with curly hair, then this is only your advantage. In the case if you wear straight smooth hair, they are recommended to be wound using ironing or curlers. In this case, you will also be helped by a hairdryer and special hair curlers - foams or mousses. You can do the same for your daughter. However, the use of a fuse in this regard is not recommended. It is best to use thermal rollers, since they will damage the structure of the hair least of all, which, naturally, is favorable for a little girl. Adult ladies are also advised, if possible, to use thermal rollers for waving. Regarding the upcoming new year, it should also be noted that all sorts of vivid shades on the hair will be relevant. In this regard, it will be appropriate to dye the hair in bright red, red tones, pink and crimson. If you do not want to radically change the color of your head of hair, you can use permanent means for coloring your hair. Today's market offers them a huge amount. And you can wash them off after the first wash of your head. So, to make yourself or your daughter beautiful curly locks, take a little mousse and apply the entire length of the strands. Next, separating a small part, wind the hair on the curlers, and leave for 10-15 minutes. In order to slightly diversify the hair, after removing the curlers, individual strands can be stabbed at different heights with the help of invisible. Thus, you will give the hairstyle even more pomp and shape. In the case of young girls, in strands you can add colorful ribbons, fastening them on the bases of curls. Beautiful ribbons can be selected in the color of New Year's attire. You can also use other hair accessories. On the following images you can see how you can beat the curls in your hair or your daughter's hair. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Picture №3 New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo №4 Romantic feminine holiday hairstylefor girls and their moms Actual Christmas hairstyles for long hair for girls, of course, differ from those for adult ladies. Nevertheless, in the year of the Red Fiery Monkey, a certain playfulness is welcomed, which can be applied to their New Year's hair, both mothers and their daughters. The next version of the hairstyle can perfectly suit both the young mother and her daughter. To perform such a haircut, you will need to make some effort. So, first you need to comb the hair from your right ear in the front of your head. Then you divide this part of the hair into three identical strands. These strands can be made both very rare and too large. It depends on the effect you expect to get. From these strands weave a pigtail, but letting go of the strand that is below. That is, each time braiding a fragment of a pigtail, the bottom strand leave freely hanging down. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo №5 Continue braiding this way around the head,until you reach the left ear. As a result, you should get spikelets in the form of a rim on the back of the head, from which beautifully fall individual strands. Screw these strands with a curling iron, creating beautiful curly curls. Along the braids you can attach a pearl thread or other accessory that you like. The hairstyle looks very natural, gentle and romantic. Namely, naturalness and cute playfulness are hits of the fashion season in 2016. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo №6 Weave in New Year's hairstyles on longhair A fiery monkey can be satisfied and various weaves in your hair. It is clear that too complicated weaving can not always be done at home. But this is not required of you. Using ordinary plaits, you can create an absolutely stunning image, both for your little fairy and yourself. Next we offer you the following hairstyle variant. First you need to distribute the entire mass of hair in such a way that the hair falls on all sides of the head - and back, and on the sides, and in front. However, on the front side, separate a large part of the head of hear. The part that is behind, divide into three parts and begin to weave them with a scythe. But there is one nuance: this pigtail should have a horizontal position, and not go down, as usual. That is, the braid should lie along the shoulder line. After this, it is necessary to begin to weave strands in the formed pigtail, which are on the side. As a result, we must perform a weave with the addition of strands all over the head, or rather - around the head in the form of a kind of rim of our own hair. In order to slightly diversify the appearance of the hair, weaves can be twisted with strands, which is also very actual in the autumn-winter season 2015-2016. Slightly fantasizing over this weaving, you can add bright ribbons or other hair ornaments to it. In the case of small girls, these can be small hairpins with flowers, little animals, butterflies and the like. Look at the following photos, how beautiful and elegant can look like a hairstyle. It comes to any festive events and not only. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo №7 Stylish start for young mothers for the new yearFor pretty ladies in many cases, it may be appropriate to comb the hair with a nap, combined with long strings in retro style. This styling is very important in the upcoming fashion season, and it is most suitable for those women who want to create a certain volume in their holiday hairstyle. Strands can be curled with wavy curls and drop them down on the shoulder or back. Curl strands in small curls, podkolite them to the beginning. The very beginning is recommended to be done on the vertex, slightly receding from the base of the forehead. It should be noted that such laying a la 60's today is becoming more urgent. As for the New Year holidays, it is appropriate to sprinkle your hair with varnish and sparkles. Incidentally, many girls, even at the youngest age, such a styling can be to the face. On the following images you can clearly see how stylish this styling looks. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo №8 To do this, first tightenStrands your hair with a curling iron. Then, make use of the comb small poryos, leaving strands on the top of the head smooth. By them you will at the end "cover" the styling. Strands on each side of the nape release and kill, circling them around the head, on the back. Naturally, the result is fixed using special means for the hair. Curls for little girls without hair curlers. If you want to make your daughter styling or a hairdo with curls, you do not need to use irons or curlers that damage the hair structure. Beautiful curls can be achieved by using the following simple techniques. Slightly moisten the girl's hair, divide them evenly into the required number of parts. Each individual strand is twisted with a flagellum and fasten on the head in the form of a snail. Each individual beam must be fixed with a small rubber band. After the hair is dry, just remove the gum, loosening the strands. So innocuous and absolutely harmless for the hair, you will get chic curls. Locks can be decorated with a large bow or rim, fixed in one place with a shiny hair clip or pick up a hoop. Any option will be appropriate if it is combined with the girl's New Year outfit. By the way, you can use the same technique for curling your own hair. Also, the tied snails can be used as an independent original hairstyle, since in this season all kinds of bundles and bundles are as relevant as ever. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo Number 9 Super fashionable complex weave for the New Yearmonkeys Among young moms there are many who just love to experiment, both with their hairstyles and with unusual weaving on the head of their cutie-daughter. This season all kinds of weaving are welcome. For example, you can begin to weave a few braids from the beginning of the base of the forehead, cross them on the vertex, and the ends of the braids are left hanging freely. The ends of each braid can be twisted and put on the head in a beautiful shape. Look at the images below, how a similar holiday hairstyle might look like. On the other hand, pigtails can be used already in the tail. Alternatively, you can tie a tall tail out of the entire mass of hair. Then, from the tail, select two or more strands, weave the pigtails out of them. The ends of the weaving can be hidden in the base of the tail, laying pigtails beautiful hinges. Some strands can be wound using ironing and put on top of the head in any shape and shape that is acceptable to you. See how beautiful such styling looks. And if your girl is dressed up in a chic dress, then she will look like a real princess. Weaving can be performed over the entire head in a zigzag shape, in the form of a wriggling snake that descends the head. The direction of such zigzags can be varied. As your heart desires. If only your hair would be like your baby and make her unrivaled. The ends of the weaving can be laid out in the form of a flower. And the final result can be formalized with the help of various accessories. Actual hairstyle for a girl under a monkey suit for New Year's holidays 2016 As we said, next year will pass under the reign of the Red Fiery Monkey. In this regard, on the New Year's matinee, you can prepare an outfit that will resemble a small monkey. This will be very relevant, for example, on a New Year's party at the kindergarten. Probably everyone understands that romantic hairstyles are not too suitable for such an image. But we can offer you other variants of incredibly interesting hairstyles. For example, you can tie a "palm" tail on the top of your girl's head. If you know what it is, then it will not cost you anything, to perform the next hair on your own. Take a certain amount of rubber bands, you can multi-colored, and at first one of them tie a tail high on the crown. Then use the required amount of rubber bands, putting them on alternately on the tail. Continue to do this until a kind of "palm tree" is formed. From the tips of the tail form "palm leaves." Such an image will be very original and relevant on any children's holiday. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Picture №10 The second possible version of the hairstyle for the girl inmonkey costumes can become playful beams. It is better to make them two, on both sides of the head on the vertex. Divide the hair evenly into two parts along their entire length. Then tie two tall tails. Next, twist these tails with flagella and decorate them in the form of bundles of snails or flowers. This will give playfulness to the hair, which is very well combined with the image of the monkey. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo Number 11 Loose hair, as a variant of the New YearStyling The owners of long hair were much more fortunate than those who wear short haircuts. After all, even loose hair can look so effective, romantic, feminine, sexy, that no representative of the stronger sex will be able to resist you. New Year's hair can be made using one hair clip or, say, a rim. We all know that a crown-shaped bezel or a quirky bow can fit for girls. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo number 12 Adult women can take advantage ofaccessories more suitable for their age or style. Note that this season will be relevant for any jewelry made of genuine leather or "metal". Also, all the colorful elements in the accessories are welcome. Do not forget that you can use the original informal haircuts, if it corresponds to your outfit and image. And remember the hair color! Make them bright, or tint some of the strands. Use all the bright elements in clothes, make-up, and, naturally, in the design of hairstyles for the new 2016 year. New Year's hair for moms and their daughters. Photo №13 Actually, in conclusion, we can say thatin fact, any hairstyle options will be relevant to the meeting of the new year of the Fiery Red Monkey, if there is shine, playfulness or natural naturalness in them. Be always beautiful, ladies and gentlemen!