Home decorations for Christmas - the best works from authors in different techniques

Home decorations for Christmas - the best works from authors in different techniques

The snowy field is filled with a lot ofNew Year holidays, from which breathtaking. Winter is a magical and fabulous period for anyone who knows how to appreciate the beauty of a falling fluffy snow that covers every tree and creates real magic on the street. Also, in winter the most grandiose holidays of the country are held, which almost everyone loves. New Year and Christmas - what could be better than the family atmosphere that reigns in your apartment or house? The miracles that occur under the New Year are never forgotten, even at the end of many years we remember how once we celebrated wonderful and incredible New Years together with our parents.

Home decorations for Christmas - the best works from authors in different techniques

Home decorations for Christmas - the best work from the authors in different techniques. Photo №1 Now it's our turn to try. After all, the preparation for such a celebration, where it is necessary to observe the home atmosphere and try to express the interior of the house as brightly as possible - is extremely difficult. But, we are certain that there are special decorative ornaments that can raise the Christmas mood and bring a lot of happiness to your home. If you want to spend as much time as possible with your family and turn your home into a real hotbed of kindness and warmth - welcome! The first thing we'll work on is a classic Christmas wreath. It's very easy to make it, and for this we need a number of materials. The wreath came to our culture not long ago and is the European symbol of the holiday, as for us the Snow Maiden is. For many years the craftsmen made various wreaths using an unexpected set of materials. This time, and we will try our hand at trying to build something unique, using the following list:

  • Prepare cardboard in a dense appearance, carton can also come from boxes that you no longer need
  • Then take two mugs from the templates, also take two lids from under the salad bowl. One is 10 centimeters, the other is 20 centimeters in diameter
  • Tinsel in multi-colored variations is required for 2 meters
  • It will also require sisal
  • We take beads of gold color in a shallow form, on a string
  • Shishechki
  • Adhesive PVA, Glue gun, also adhesive tape on two sides, Scissors and a writing-knife
  • Small fruits, a bell made of plastic and, of course, tapes made of satin, brocade, organza
  • A set of liquid sparkles
  • It takes a pencil

To begin with, we will decorate the cones. They need to be made as glittering as possible, so we will need banners and PVA glue. We put the sticky substance on the bump and then, sprinkle with liquid spangles. Then, we wait until the product completely dries. Home decorations for Christmas - the best work from the authors in different techniques. Photo # 2 Preparation of decor for harvesting At that moment,when the cones are prepared, we are engaged in a rim for the future wreath. To do this, take a piece of cardboard and then, attach to it the circles of our plates. First, we take mugs with a large diameter and make a stroke, then make circles along the center to make a slightly smaller diameter. We repeat the stroke and after, cut out the design elements. To do this, you need both scissors and a clerical knife (to keep the shape). Then, with the help of PVA glue they need to be connected with each other. Then, press and hold for a certain amount of time. We are waiting for the glue to fix and dry. We use a silvery and narrow brocade to cut a piece of tape and tape into two sides to prepare a loop for the back of our circle. Then, pieces of scotch are applied to the circle. Elements need to be wrapped with tinsel. After, the end of tinsel is also necessary to glue. Next, you need to wrap the wreath with gold beads, which are on the thread. The end of the beads should be tied in a small bow. Home decorations for Christmas - the best work from the authors in different techniques. Picture №3 With the help of tapes from the atlas we will formbeautiful, colorful decorations. Make the bows. Also, using sisal, you can wind the balls we need. We use an adhesive gun to ensure that every decorative element finds its place in the craft! That's all, the product with the help of cones is complemented by a new appearance. Now, your craft is shining in the night with various overflows, and in the daytime this hand-made article looks unusually beautiful. Decorate your homes and share knowledge with loved ones during such work! A glass-candlestick with spruce branches A beautiful glass is hard to make even more beautiful, but for the New Year theme there will always be such solutions that will make it possible to find a completely new and individual approach for the glass. We will also try to transform the glass into a real candlestick that will decorate your Christmas party with family or friends. Certain materials are also required for the work. What kind?

  • It is necessary to prepare the material of cardboard
  • Take the scissors
  • You will need paper in color
  • Large tsiganskaya needle
  • Adhesive for glass
  • Vata
  • Sugar, better salt
  • Styrofoam
  • Figures of fir-trees, asterisks, bumps

Initially, we need to take a color versioncardboard, can also be selected with a picture. The image should be placed on the glass in an inverted form, to the bottom. After, with the help of a pencil, create our outline on the cardboard. This place in the future will become the bottom for our crafts. We use scissors in order to prepare the workpiece. In exactly the same way, we form a circle using colored paper and tightly glue it to the cardboard. So, now on the preparation of cardboard, it is necessary to carefully place with the help of glue the necessary ingredients, for a glass. Then, you need to place our figures inside and mark them with crosses. We use a small amount of foam to use the scissors to make the product look like a snowdrift, into which the figurines of the product will be placed. Then, in the glass is placed cotton wool, as well as salt in a shallow form. Sprinkle in about half the glass. You can also diversify the product of "snow" in the form of cotton wool and salt with the help of spangles. After that, we take a tsigan needle to pierce large holes inside the product, in order to strengthen the figure. Then, pour a small amount of adhesive and place it inside. Then, it is necessary to press firmly and leave to dry. It remains only to paste the remainder of the structure using cardboard. You need to lubricate the workpiece using edges and glue. For this purpose glue type "Moment". For glass - this will be the best option. Then, stick the product and leave it for a while, so that the workpiece can grasp and dry out. After all has dried, you need to turn the glass and try to shake the product. Then, the glass is put on the table. It is now necessary to supplement the candlestick with a candle. For this, a white, volumetric candle is best. Thus, the candlestick will find its New Year's appearance. It remains only to light them.