Home decorations and gifts for February 14 from paper

Home decorations and gifts for February 14 from paper


    Home decorations and gifts for February 14 from paper

    Ahead of Valentine's Day abundancegifts and home decor items in retail chains is simply amazing in its diversity. However, nothing can be compared with valentines and home decorations made by hand. Indeed, in the manufacture of such fakes invested not only free time, but also a piece of the soul, a certain mood. As a rule, the simplest and most convenient material for crafts for Valentine's Day is paper.

    Valentines from paper

    It looks original and very beautifulaccordion valentine. For its manufacture, it is necessary to prepare only thick cardboard or thick paper and various decor items. You can decorate such a card with paper hearts, sparkles, beads, etc. To get the original Valentine, the base sheet must be folded with an accordion, slightly reducing each step. Then cut out colored paper hearts of different sizes. The number of hearts depends on the number of steps on the card. In addition, you can decorate the card with other decorative elements, as well as write wishes on the turns of the sides of the valentine. Valentine's Day paper cardValentine's Day paper card Openwork valentines look very beautiful and cute,made using quilling technique. For the manufacture of such crafts, paper strips will be needed, from which very delicate drawings are obtained. To create patterns, strips of paper must be twisted into spirals and clamped in a certain way to give the desired shape. Clips on paper spirals can be different. This helps to get patterns of different sizes and shapes. The resulting blanks are stacked together, creating the necessary pattern, and glued together. You can also decorate valentines with similar quilling elements by laying out a heart-shaped pattern. Also, using quilling blanks, you will get a beautiful, airy, voluminous heart, which can be a separate gift for Valentine's Day. Crafts made using the quilling technique can decorate the interior for a long time if coated with a solution of PVA glue. Quilling valentine cardQuilling valentine card

    3D hearts for interior decoration

    Valentine's Day is a holiday of lovers. On this day, you must definitely decorate your home accordingly. Moreover, jewelry can be made in a short period of time from the most ordinary materials at hand. Perhaps the easiest and fastest and most simple version of the decor of the room for Valentine's Day can be small 3D hearts. Such small crafts can decorate a festive table, doors and walls. For work you need only red or pink paper, scissors and glue. It is better to take double-sided paper. It is necessary to cut out hearts from it. Make an incision in the middle of the workpiece, slightly bend the sides with the incisions, grease them with glue and press them tightly against each other. 3D hearts3D hearts

    Hanging garland

    In order to make vertical garlands andhearts will need: • Several sheets of double-sided colored paper in different colors; • Heart-shaped pattern; • scissors; • Threads; • Sewing machine. On prepared sheets of colored paper, it is necessary to circle the template with a pencil and cut the blanks. Next, the hearts should be sewn on a sewing machine so that a ribbon is obtained. The distance between the hearts should be approximately 7-9cm. in the same way you need to make a few more ribbons of hearts. You can use a similar garland for the decor of a window cornice or doorway. Garland of heartsGarland of hearts

    Door Handle Pendant

    To make original pendants on handlesDoors will need: • Paper in red and pink; • Thick cardboard; • scissors; • Pencil; • glue; • Satin ribbon; • Trailer. On paper, you need to draw hearts of different sizes. Then cut them and gently bend in half. As a basis, you can use a ring of cardboard. The base must be a trailer and stick on it blanks of hearts. Such pendants will be an excellent element of room decor for Valentine's Day, help create a romantic atmosphere. Door handle pendantDoor handle pendant

    Paper heart for interior decoration

    For work should prepare: • Colored paper; • scissors; • Threads; • Trailer. Several strips with a width of 7-10 mm should be cut out of paper. The length of the strips should differ by a centimeter. Then it is necessary to fasten all the paper strips on both sides and form a heart from these strips, bend the edges inside the fake and fix it again with a trailer. It remains to fix the thread on the heart for hanging and decorate the room for the holiday. Hearts for paper interior decorHearts for paper interior decor We also recommend viewing:

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