Homemade honey cake for a family holiday by own hands

Homemade honey cake for a family holiday by own hands

A home holiday can always be decorated withhelp with simple ingredients. Using the right recipe, it is not difficult to realize a high-quality and thought-out recipe for a tasty and unique dish with your own hands. Honey cake for a home holiday Homemade honey cake. Photo №1 With the help of our master class, you will learn howyou can prepare a honey cake that is perfect for celebrating a family birthday party, or just to indulge your loved ones with pleasant sweets. At first it may seem that the recipe will be too complicated. But, we assure you that it is very easy to prepare a dish. To do this, you need a recipe:

  • Honey (2 tablespoons, table)
  • Eggs in the amount of 2 pcs.
  • Sugar in the amount of one glass
  • Soda in the amount of two spoons (tea)
  • Margarine
  • Flour in the quantity of three glasses
  • Paper from parchment for baking

Initial training Homemade honey cake. Photo # 2 To begin with, you need to take margarine in advance. It must be brought to a state of complete softening, so that the ingredient reaches the room temperature. The main thing is to do it in a natural way, and not with the help of a microwave oven. Further, it is necessary to wash the eggs, and then, to do the sifting of the flour. After that, our dough will turn out more airy. Next, we use paper for cutting out and do it in such a way that it is convenient to roll out the future cake. Preparing the cake Use a medium-sized saucepan, which is then put on the fire. It should be slow. In the pot, add honey. We beat eggs and add to our dough. Then, you need to whip our mix. Then, we look after the honey, so that as soon as the honey ingredient has boiled. Next, quickly begin to interfere with our product, until the foam (high) rises. To interfere in this case, you need as much as possible more intensive. Next, the product should become caramel color. Then, remove the plate from the plate and after, take the whipped ingredient with sugar and eggs, add it to the pan with our liquid. Making the cake Homemade honey cake. Picture №3 Next, take margarine and add, and thenis stirred (whipped) with a solution. further, put it all on the fire (slow). You will also need to add a glass of flour after your mass is cooked. It is necessary to mix with a mixer and wait until the dough thickens. Then, it is necessary to remove it from the heat and after, remove the mixer. Next, the dough should be removed from the plate and after, put the pan with our product in a cool place.