Home plants for the bathroom

Home plants for the bathroom

The latest trends in the design of the interiors at home oroffice will please all lovers of green spaces, house plants and flowers. In addition, the institute of color Pantone announced the main shade of 2017, bright, spring and cheerful Greenery 15-0343. Designers, specialized magazines and sites in vain offer to decorate the interior of the apartment with live greens, not only a living room or bedroom, but also a bathroom. But the question is: which plants can survive in such difficult conditions? Sunlight is essential even for yourselfunpretentious plant. Ideally, if you have a window in the bathroom. But, as a rule, such planning of bathrooms is rare and, mainly, only in private houses, but not in urban apartments. Therefore, to settle in your bathroom home plants and extend their life, you have to take care of the fluorescent lamps instead of the usual ones. And in this case, take into account that, in all probability, they will have to shine for quite a long time. If these conditions do not frighten you, let's see what plants are not afraid of high humidity and minimum light.


Nephrolepis is a genus of ferns. There are about 300 genera and more than 10,000 species of these perennial herbaceous plants spread all over the globe. Some of them are used as pot culture and as ampel plants. Ferns like moisture and do not like direct sunlight, so a bathroom with high humidity can be a good home for them. A significant disadvantage is that the fluorescent lamp should shine at least 16 hours a day, otherwise the life of ferns can be very short.


Anthuriums look very impressive and original,so phyto designers often use them to design the interiors of apartments and offices. Anthurium - a pretty capricious tropical plant, we warn at once, it is difficult to grow it at home. Many species can grow only in heated greenhouses. Flowers like scattered light or partial shade and do not tolerate direct sunlight. In this case the plants are shade-tolerant, they can grow in the bathroom, but a day lamp is needed for flowering. Spray the leaves regularly, even a light shower does not damage the plant. It is recommended to put a wet sphagnum moss in a pot, closer to the stems.


Spathiphyllum slightly similar to the previous plantAnthurium. Spathiphyllum is also called "women's happiness", because according to popular belief this flower brings to the house the very woman's happiness, which many dream of :). Caring for the plant is not difficult, because it is quite unpretentious. Spathiphyllum is a shade-loving and hygrophilous plant, but if its leaves become elongated and small, then light is not enough. Moist air, regular spraying, a pallet with wet moss or pebbles - these measures will favorably affect the growth of the green inhabitant.


Aglaonema is a relative ofinteriors of diffenbachia, a very useful houseplant. It is believed that Aglaonema effectively cleans the air in the premises from harmful substances that get into the air from furniture, plastic and varnish-colored coatings. Like all tropical plants, it needs warmth and humidity, does not like cold drafts and direct sunlight.


Kalatea in nature grows in the shade of other plants. Her leaves open with the approach of the day, and in the evening they close. Kalatea loves bright diffused light or partial shade, but she can not stand the direct sun. With a lack of light, the mottled color of the leaves is lost, they become green. Under a fluorescent lamp in the bathroom, the flower will feel quite comfortable. Plants will not only make the air in the bathroom clean and fresh, but also radically transform the interior. Let the bathroom be beautiful! Source: sanuzelservice.ru