Home theater Zayushkina hut, table, finger / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Home theater Zayushkina hut, table, finger / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

It is very important for the development of a child to ask a jobhis mind, but do not lose his hand. Fine motor skills are directly related to the ability of the brain to remember large amounts of information and develop speech. Therefore, for small children, drawing, molding and making various diy items are of particular importance. To play the kids and at the same time to teach them to perform beautiful and interesting things, one can, if you try to organize by yourself a table theater on the fairy tale "Zayushkina izba". This well-known fairy tale, to her on the Internet you can find ready-made samples or purchase designers from cardboard or soft plastic. But the kids are much more interesting and it will be more useful to find out how the hut is made from clay and to try out other materials.

Tools and materials

You can make your own blanks forpuppet theater for the presentation of "Zaykin hut" or print templates from the Internet. For puppet theater the following materials and tools will be needed:

  • Thick cardboard is white and colored.
  • A set of felt-tip pens or paints.
  • Brushes.
  • Pencils.
  • Scissors.
  • Bread knife.
  • Glue PVA for paper and superglue or "Moment" for details of the hut made of clay.
  • Polymer clay, the best self-hardening, but it is suitable and that becomes hard when baking in the oven or microwave oven.
  • A small rolling pin or a bottle for rolling.
  • Materials for needleworkDescription of the hut can be found on the net or create a house by its own design. Let the children fantasize a little.

    Hut made of various materials

    Create a finger puppet theater "Zayushkinahut "with their own hands can be made from various materials. The easiest way to do this is to prepare the samples from the Internet - just download and print the necessary elements. But here there is absolutely no creativity, although it is very interesting to do this kind of work. To get the hut, you need to carefully cut out all the details and glue them together at the existing seams. The work should be allowed to dry well before using it for its intended purpose. Not all activities to create a hut are available for young children, so it will require the constant presence of someone from adults and help in complex work.

    Creating crochet characters

    In order to finger theater "Lubianayahut "has become as real, you need to make him characters who will be able to take part in the future performance. The easiest way to tie them with a crochet is to do it quickly, and the work is available even to the little ones. And it is not necessary to knit the whole figure - it is enough to tie a crochet ball, hoping for a finger. It turns out a wonderful head of the hero skazki.Delat it is easy, you just need to take a suitable color for the thread, a light hollow ball and make the harness. Eyes, nose and mouth of the character to embroider with threads for knitting, make hair from the same yarn, tie the ears to the bunny and other animals from the fairy tale. You can supplement the characters with funny hats, flowers or kerchiefs - this will make the fairy tale colorful and interesting, and at the same time teach the children to work with small objects and details. Let the children show their imagination, let the first time not be exactly and neatly, but the kids will be able to show initiative and ingenuity .