Hook the heart. Master classes. Scheme. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Hook the heart. Master classes. Scheme. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A heart made by one's own hands is beautifula gift for friends and relatives for all holidays. It is especially relevant as a sweet present on Valentine's Day. But it's especially nice to get a heart that is crocheted from bright colored threads as a gift. crochet heartThe knitted heart looks original, festive andhas many options for colorful design and design. The heart can be flat, voluminous, openwork, with ryushechkami, with bows and even with an embroidered muzzle. Everything depends on the imagination of the master who created it. If you do not know how to crochet, for beginners on the Internet you can always find lessons on this needlework. If you own a crochet, then you can easily create a cute souvenir by studying our master class.

Materials and tools

To knit a heart you need very little: a thread, a hook and a piece of your soul. To design and create a form, you may sometimes need additional materials:

  • Synthepone for filling, glue, needle sewing, thread floss.
  • Ribbons, ribbons, buttons, beads, rhinestones and other finishes.

How to crochet a heart

The algorithm for knitting the heart is simple: knit it according to the scheme and decorate it according to the description, or decorate it using fantasy - then the souvenir will turn out even more original. There are several secrets that will help you to link your cute product easily, quickly and beautifully:

  • The thicker you take the thread for knitting, the bigger your heart will be.
  • Thread for creativity, select bright, so that your creation looks beautiful and festive.
  • For greater charm on the heart, you can embroider a touching, funny or joyful face.
  • Give your gift a pleasant scent by putting into it a slice of vanilla, coffee beans or a cinnamon stick.

We offer you detailed master classes on knitting festive hearts, both for beginners and experienced needlewomen. The designations that are used in knitting schemes:

  • in - air. a loop
  • sb - art. without a crochet
  • psn - polust. with a crochet
  • ssn-st. with a crochet
  • s2n-st. with 2 outfits
  • ss - connecting st.
  • P- addition
  • У-reduction

Large solid heart

We need: 30 grams of acrylic yarn of red color, sintepon, hook No. 4. heart crochetWork procedure: we knit the heart by the attached scheme, on the 27th and 30th rows, investing the filler. Before closing the hinges, you can put in a natural flavor.

Flat heart, crocheted

heart crochet heart crochetWe need: remnants of yarn pink or red, hook No. 4. Order of work: knit the product according to the scheme given. The size of the heart of woolen yarn is 3 cm, of cotton yarn - about 2 cm. Such hearts knit very fast, so you can make them as a present for all your friends. The knitting pattern:

  • 3 air. loop closed in a ring and knit in a circle.
  • 3 air. lifting loops, 4 tbsp. 2 nakida, 3 tbsp. with a crochet, picot from one loop, 3 tbsp. with a crochet, 4 tbsp. 2 nakida, 3 air. hinges, connect. Art. in the center of the circle.
  • Crop and pull the thread inside out.

We offer you some more simple knitting patterns for flat hearts. heart crocheted circuit heart crocheted circuit

Openwork heart

heart crochetWe will need: cotton thread, hook number 3, button, beads. The work order: we knit by the scheme, we trim with beads and sew a button.

Three-dimensional heart with beads

heart crochetWe need: cotton threads, beads, hook №2 or №3. Order of work: we knit the heart crocheted according to the scheme, before closing the loops stuffing it with sintepon. Then we finish the heart with beads, as shown in the picture.

A few more ideas

You learned how to knit three-dimensional hearts, and nowappreciate interesting options for their design. Very beautiful works can be obtained if you connect them with openwork viscous. An amusing sweet couple will decorate your house on Valentine's Day. A wonderful original heart-shaped vase will be a wonderful gift to your mother or girlfriend. If flat hearts are tied with a bigger size, they will be made of smart coffee grounds. Having gained experience, you can try to tie gay hearts in the form of funny cats. This white airy heart, connected by the talented hands of the craftswoman is a real work of art. We are sure that you will succeed too! We hope that you liked our lessons and ideas. Fantasy and the desire to create something beautiful will help to connect many wonderful hearts to the joy of you and your loved ones.

Video lessons