Beadwork technique in the master class (photo)

Beadwork technique in the master class (photo)


From beads you can not only weave flowers andDecorations, but even "build" funny houses that can decorate your interior, becoming part of a conceived beaded composition or becoming a Christmas tree decoration for the New Year holiday.
We offer you options for weaving such structures and inspiring ideas for finished products.

Master-class on making a beaded house


  • Multi-colored beads: beige, pink, blue, gray and black colors);
  • wire.

When creating our house, we use the technique of parallel weaving.
Begin to weave from the wall and part of the roof, according to scheme number 1.
On the wire we put on a beige bead andWe push it to the middle of the wire. Next, you need to take 2 beige beads and thread them on the right end of the wire, and the left tip to enter towards the beads on the right side. (See photo # 1) and tighten our wire so that the beads are in the center (photo # 2).
We take an arbitrary end of the wire and string itOn it the following three beads of beige color, and then we pass through them the second tip from the opposite side (photo # 3), tightening the wire (photo # 4).
Thus it is necessary to continue to weave the wall of our house according to scheme 1.

Picture № 1
Picture № 2
Picture no. 3
Photo № 4 Using the scheme number 2 we begin to weave the second wall.
The next piece of wire must be inserted in the broach over the pink upper row of the first wall (see photo # 5).
We string 16 beads of pink on this wirecolors. Now you need to insert the end of the wire that is next to the first wall in the next broach, pointed at by the red arrow in photo # 6.
The next series is mastered, connecting the two walls, inserting the wire in the broach, as in photo # 7.
Thus we continue the weaving of the wall until its completion (photo No. 8 illustrates the connection of neighboring walls).

Picture no. 5
Photo № 6
Photo № 7
Picture № 8 Let's start to the scheme number 3. Here we begin the weaving of the next wall, which we will start from the roof. When we get to the beads of pink color, we fasten the second and third walls, pushing the end of the wire into the broach (see photo # 9).
The last fourth wall is padded according to scheme No. 4. It will need to be connected to the first and third, as in photo No. 10.
Rocks of the roof are made of beads of blue color. We take the wire and insert it into the upper row of beads triangles of beige color. String on one tip 16 blue beads and plait further, using the technique of parallel weaving. (Photo number 11).
Each subsequent series is connected withTriangles through broaches on both sides. Thus, we weave the first half of the roof in the direction from top to bottom, and then we do the same operations with the second piece of wire - this will be our second half of the roof.
You should get the houses, like photo # 12.

Picture no. 9
Picture № 10
Picture no. 11
Picture no. 12

Simple variations of beaded small houses

You can try to weave quite light flat houses, simply stringing the beads of the necessary colors onto the wire according to the scheme):

Scheme of weaving a flat house Another interesting option for making a beaded house is the use of a material such as plastic canvas.
Cut the canvas onto the blanks for the future product. Embroidered beads on the line are embroidered in one direction along the canvas. On the sides, according to the scheme, you can embroider a pattern in the form of windows. The tops of the triangle are embroidered in low of five beads, starting from the top (1 row, 2 row, 3 row, etc. as in the photo), at the end, sew a triangle with a sidewalk. As a result, you should get three stitched elements of the house from the walls and the roof. It remains to embroider the bottom and sew together all the details.

Video: parallel beading technique