House of branches - technology DIY with photos! Beginners

House of branches - technology DIY with photos! Beginners

A simple step by step workshop how to make a housefrom the branches, ideal as a craft for kindergarten or for grade 1. You can build such a decorative house with your own hands together with your child - an excellent family occupation! Our reader shared this lesson with us, for which he is very grateful! So we proceed to the detailed technology.

Tools for crafts

To build a house you need: 1. Branches of various living trees 2. Stationery knife 3. Expres glue

House technology

Step 1: Cut the branches from the trees with a secateur; they should not be dry. Step 2 To determine the size of the house and cut the branches of the required length under the base.

  • It is better to cut the branches with a stationery knife in order to obtain smooth edges.
  • From two sides of each branch we make semicircular grooves using a clerical knife.
  • When building walls, apply branches on top of each other with the gaps using glue.
  • To add an exterior (windows, doors, pipe, etc.) it is necessary to measure out the dimensions of the branches and cut into the desired length.

ATTENTION: It is necessary to wait for the glue to dry out after each “floor”, approximately 30 minutes for each climb. And only then proceed to the next "floor" of the house Step 3 If you wish, you can make the house shining in the dark: paste phosphoric pebbles on the projecting parts of the house. Or hang a small garland - you get a great New Year house! Others in this article!