Little house of matches without glue and with glue, step by step instruction, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Little house of matches without glue and with glue, step by step instruction, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Matches are a real building material, withtheir help you can build a lot of interesting crafts, ranging from cups, and ending with mock-ups of world famous buildings. A spectacular house of matches can be built with or without glue.

Match house without glue

e20ee641210d1771a6ef43cfa988901cIn order to build your own construction in the form of a cubic house with a roof you will need the following list of materials:

  • 3-5 boxes of matches;
  • mobile platform (a box from a disk, a book, a board);
  • a large coin (2 Russian rubles or 5 Ukrainian kopecks);
  • toothpick, tweezers, or a thin knife;

The length of matches matters. Before work, you should measure it. With a length of 40 to 45 mm, the algorithm is based on the number 6, with a longer length, it can be replaced by a base number of 7. 0e0134af000dffe19da7b5383386f10eStages of work:

  • On the platform, two matches are laid out parallel to each other at a distance of 2/3 of the size of one. They will serve as the basis and in the course of the work will be removed from the design.
  • Based on the algorithm in 6 basic matches, they are laid out on the available 2 perpendicular and centered on the main matches. The heads must alternate.
  • The next layer of the house is laid on the same principle, but already perpendicular to the previous six.
  • A well is built on the existing base. This is a square, which is laid out alternately with two parallel sticks with an overlap of approximately 5 mm.
  • By this principle, 6 rows are built (4x6 = 24).
  • The upper row is laid out in accordance with example 2 and 3 points - 6 matches pressed together with alternating heads, 2 levels, crosswise.
  • The coin is placed on the uppermost row of the house, itwill fulfill the role of the support for the finger. At this step, you need to make the installation of vertical matches. The first four enter the available holes in the corners of the cube. Further, they are inserted head-up between all horizontally lying. A vertical match must pass both the upper and lower rows. Help to move the "logs" of the future house can be done with a toothpick or tweezers. As a result, at the top of the cube a square is obtained from the heads of vertical matches.
  • When inspecting the house it will be noticeable that inSome places lack matches, they will need to be carefully placed in their places. The design should be held without glue and do not crumble if the previous steps are taken correctly.
  • The house turns over, and the very square of the heads becomes the foundation for it.
  • The next step will be to make outdoorwalls of the house, they are obtained by placing matches between the outer projections of the upper and lower floors. After the construction is evenly filled, the house needs to be crimped, the same needs to be done with horizontal rows.
  • In the holes formed at the corners, you need to insert vertical "logs". Fill in the blanks.
  • We find the outer vertical row of the house andthe sides of the foundation push them upwards so that the average match is higher than all, and the lateral ones are lower as they decrease to the sides. We get on the sides of triangles and sides for the roof.
  • Between the stuck out matches lay out the horizontal "logs". Each row is reduced by 2 sticks from the sides, so you can form a roof, which ends with two top matches.
  • The penultimate stage is the laying of "tiles". The inclined matches are placed between the lateral vertical in the cube of the house and cross each other with heads at the very top of the roof.
  • In order to make the smoke, four matches break off and are inserted into the roof in the form of a square. For the fortress, the house needs to be crimped again.
  • Video lessons: a house of matches without glue

    a house of matches

    With the use of glue

    For novice craftsmen, and especially for children, you can make an adhesive version. It does not have a complex design and is executed very quickly. You will need:

    • dense color cardboard (preferably green);
    • 1-2 box of matches;
    • PVA glue;

    On the cardboard are put 2 matches in parallel to each otherfriend at a distance of 2/3 of the length of one "log", on top of them are placed 2 more perpendicular. Each joint is greased with a droplet of glue. Thus, the well is formed. The height of this house is determined depending on the desire. The upper row is laid out a dense row, forming the lid of the well. The material needs to be smeared with glue. In order to make a roof for the house, 19 sticks are needed, we put them separately horizontally, gray out, heads should protrude by 5 mm. We fix by means of two perpendicular matches on the glue. Repeat the procedure with another 19 matches. We form a roof from two planes (cross the tips) and fix the roof on the house with the help of glue. That's so easy to make a house of matches. Cardboard basis can be cut in the form of a glade and decorated with applique.