Housekeeper with his own hands: a master class

Housekeeper with his own hands: a master class

Housekeeper with his own hands For keys and other little things that are always inabundance are found in the hallway, you can make a housekeeper with hooks, and from scrap materials. We chose pictures with street cafes as a background, and instead of decor, we used old keys, which no one long ago remembers from which locks and doors they are from ...

To make a wall housekeeper with your own hands, you will need:

Original wall key holder with decoupage do it yourself wooden photo frame 15x21 cm; two hooks with fasteners; scissors; PVA glue; glue gun; glue brush; napkin for decoupage; gouache; old keys 3 pcs.

How to make a housekeeper with his own hands: a master class with photos

1. Disassemble the photo frame into components. Remove the glass - it is not needed in today's work. For the housekeeper is better to choose a solid wooden frame, fastened not with glue, but with a furniture stapler. Keyboard with his own hands from scrap materials 2. Detach the part from the reverse side for desktop use. How to make the original housekeeper with their own hands 3 If thin cardboard is used as the back side in the frame, then instead of it, cut a plywood blank of the same size - so that the hooks with an abundance of keys subsequently have a reliable support. 4. Spray a napkin with urban motifs from a spray bottle, then iron it with a warm iron. Napkin for decoupage wall key holder five. Remove the bottom layers of the napkin, leave only the top layer, with the image. 6. Cover the workpiece with white glue. 7. On a greased surface to impose a cloth. As soon as she begins to soak with glue, a wide brush to smooth out wrinkles, pressing the napkin to the base. When the surface of the pattern is completely ironed and soaked with glue, leave the product to dry. How to make a wall housekeeper with your own hands (photo) 8. After drying, cut off excess wipes with scissors. How to make a housekeeper with his own hands: photo 9. Paint the wooden frame brown, let it dry. If the paint has good coverage (as in the photo), one layer is enough. If the background shines through or the color is not sufficiently saturated, it is better to make 2-3 layers of paint, but before that each previous layer is important to completely dry. Keyboard in the hallway with their own hands 10. Drawing napkins tint with a thin brush and gouache. Add bright red, green, blue details. Paint strokes will create the illusion of a fully painted canvas. Painting the background for the wall key case How to make a wall housekeeper with your own hands 11. Insert the plywood with the background in a wooden frame. 12. Mark the place of attachment of hooks. Their number can be correlated with the number of family members or locks, from which it will be necessary to place the keys. Wall keys with their own hands: photo 13. Using the glue gun to attach the old keys on the right edge of the product. How to make a housekeeper with his own hands 14. Using a screwdriver, fasten both hooks to the intended locations. The size of self-tapping screws to pick up such size that they did not stick out from the back of the key keeper after fixture. Housekeeper with his own hands: a master class 15. Since the keys have significant weight, wall-mounted photo frames are not suitable for use. It should be replaced with metal hinges that need to be screwed to the wooden base of the key frame frame. Fixture for wall key holder Handmade wall key holder is ready. Housekeeper with his own hands: photo Wall key holder with your own hands Irina Gribanova (Iriana) specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: