Houseplants blooming in winter: photo and name

Houseplants blooming in winter: photo and name

Want to get the feeling of spring in the winter garden? And enjoy the beautiful flowers, even when there is snow in the yard. Of course, gardening in the summer is much easier, but on the other hand, this is what makes winter flowers especially valuable. After all, in summer they grow everywhere. The content of the article:

    1. Snowdrop

    Legendary flower and indoor plants blooming in winter. These first flowers appear in the garden and the field when there is still snow outside the window. These flowers are not in vain associated with cold and snow. The snowdrop looks fragile and gives the feelingit is a very delicate plant, but in fact it has a very strong root system, which is so strong that it can withstand the temperature at which many trees die.

    2. Crocus

    Crocus-like snowdrops are also considered winter.flower Often in the snow, it looks amazing, not everywhere you will see bright yellow and orange flowers in the middle of winter. This is what makes these plants the most vivid and delightful. Only crocuses can take advantage of the cold rays of the winter sun and serve as a beautiful decoration of the gloomy winter garden - after all, they bloom in winter.

    3. Narcissus

    Houseplants blooming in winter - daffodil. They also love the cold season and, along with snowdrops and crocuses, are considered winter flowers and harbingers of spring. Typical weather for active growth of the daffodil is when the snow is still lying, and the temperature starts to rise above zero on the thermometer.

    4. Calendula

    Calendula is a typical plant in ourlatitudes. This is a small bush with lots of small flowers of bright sunny color. Calendula is also considered a healing flower. Calendula is growing in late autumn, when the snow has already fallen, and bright orange flowers still decorate our garden with their presence.

    5. Christmas rose

    Christmas rose - these are flowers that by theirstudent resistance is not inferior to snowdrops and crocuses. Just imagine a bush with a Christmas rose can be covered with flowers, even from under the snow. These flowers can withstand even the lowest temperatures.