How and what to paint concrete floor: Step-by-step instruction with Photos

How and what to paint concrete floor: Step-by-step instruction with Photos

How to paint a concrete wall or floor - quickly andbeautiful? Here we give a step by step master class for painting a concrete porch or veranda leading to the street. But you can use this technology for painting any surface made of concrete: the walls on the balcony, the window sill of concrete, the stairs, the fence in the country house of concrete or the paving slab. Also for the floor in the garage so as not to dust or a concrete path in the country. The content of the article:

    How to paint a concrete floor and what paint

  • What paint to paint? We take a special concrete for outdoor use, it is called "Paint for concrete surfaces". In any hardware store it is easy to find.
  • What we paint - roller! And the more area you have, the more they will be needed. Stock up on 2-3 rollers, they quickly deteriorate
  • Sealant to cover the top, with what it should be waterproof. So paint serve longer.
  • Necessary materials:

    • Degreaser (cleaner)
    • Stiff brush
    • Paint Roller
    • Painting Scotch
    • Paint for concrete surface (gray and white here)
    • Yardstick
    • Waterproof protective sealant

    Step by step instructions for painting concrete:

    Step 1: Cleaning the concrete floor The first step is to clean the concrete surface.

    • To do this, apply a degreaser and cleaner to it and leave it for 20 minutes.
    • After that you need to thoroughly clean the surface with a stiff brush, and then rinse it with water.

    ATTENTION: The floor must be completely dry of water, to speed up this process you can use a fan. Step 2: Basic floor painting First we will paint the entire floor gray.

  • So that the paint does not accidentally hit the walls and baseboards, we close them with masking tape (you can also use newspapers or oilcloths).
  • After that, you can take a roller and apply paint.
  • When you apply one coat, leave it to dry for 4-6 hours, and then apply a second coat.
  • TIP: Now it takes 3 days to completely dry the paint, so you will have a short break. Step 3: Laying out the lines Now we come to the creative part of the project, namely to drawing the strips. After a three-day wait, you can safely get to work without fear of damaging the floor. We will make 60 cm wide strips here, you can make them narrower or wider at your discretion. For marking stripes, we need masking tape. And remember that accuracy is important here.

  • Measure 60 cm from the wall and glue a strip of masking tape.
  • When making the markup, keep in mind that the tape has a certain width.
  • The strips to be painted in white should be 60 cm wide between the inner edges of the adhesive tape, and the strips that will remain gray should be 60 cm together with the adhesive tape.
  • LIFHAK: In order not to be mistaken in the calculations, double-check the width of the strips again after applying the adhesive tape! Also, in order not to be mistaken, you can make notes on the scotch tape in the form of arrows pointing to the stripes that will be painted white. Step 4: Painting the strips Now you can paint over the desired strips in white and leave them to dry for 48 hours. Step 5: Sealant Application

  • After the paint has dried, you can remove the masking tape and apply a protective waterproof sealant to the entire floor surface.
  • It is applied with a roller, just like paint. Leave to dry for 2 days, and after this time, your new floor will be completely ready for use!
  • ATTENTION: You can even wash such a floor with a garden hose (of course, initially removing all the furniture from it), or with a mop and cloth. That's what happened as a result! But what this floor looks like in a more homely environment, along with furniture and a door mat: Painting the concrete floor gives a quick and beautiful result, and requires a relatively small investment of funds. And with the new floor your home will become even more comfortable and beautiful!