How beautiful to hang photos on the wall - schemes and 50 photos

How beautiful to hang photos on the wall - schemes and 50 photos

Photos help us to keep importantmemories of the events that took place earlier: family holidays, weddings, celebrations, meetings with friends. Previously, they were invested in albums, now they are mostly on electronic media. But why hide them - photos can be hung on the wall - this is a simple and economical decor for the walls! But how nice it would be to see the most importantphotos not once a year, for example, but every day! They may be colored or black and white, glossy or matte, perhaps even with the effect of antiquity, but all are so familiar and pleasing to the eye and heart. In this article we will examine in detail the schemes and ways of how to hang pictures on the wall, and also how to do it correctly. The content of the article:

Hanging photo

Let us examine in detail all the schemes and methods for arranging photos on the wall. Horizontal line These can be photos of the same size, or from small ones gradually increase (or vice versa). Mark a line and line up the bottom edge of each photo. By the inclined line It looks like the previous method, only here you drawan inclined straight line and the angle of each photograph should touch it approximately. TIP: Take a photo of the same size, or large at the bottom, and reduce to the top. Rectangle or square

  • The simplest version of this method is to select all photos of the same size and arrange them at the same distance from each other, then the rectangle will turn out by itself.
  • But you can also outline the outline of a rectangle orsquare and select photos so that the edges of the side, top and bottom photos clearly coincide with the lines. Thus, you seem to add a puzzle from photos of different sizes.
  • Symmetrical arc This method will look good if the arcwill take place, for example, around a mirror or a clock. Or it can be obtained when attaching a photo to a thread (read on in the methods of attachment). Chaotically ATTENTION: Even hanging photos randomly, keep in mind that they should look harmoniously together. Think about what photos should be next. We form a picture. For example, we put a heart, a flower, a cloudlet out of photos.

    Ways to post photos

    We will analyze all the ways how to fix the photo onwall Hang in frames on the wall This is a classic decoration, while the frames can be wooden, metal or colored plastic. Also, each of them can be individually decorated with such various decorative elements as beads, buttons, colored paper, cloth, ribbons, pebbles, rhinestones - everything that comes to mind is important to make the jewelry fit and fit the picture. Arrange within the framework of shelves Everything that concerns the framework from the previous paragraph remains, only here we will not hang them on the walls, but arrange them on shelves, racks, bedside tables and tables. Large photo frame If you have a large and beautiful frame from a mirror or a picture, you can stretch the threads inside and place the photo. Also, this baguette frame can be ordered in any workshop. Fastened onto the wall with double sided tape Simplea way, and less expensive in terms of money than the previous ones, because you don’t need to spend money on a frame, just print out a photo and hang it. Yes, and the time will come faster, holes do not need to drill. Hanging threads on the wall, and attaching a photo to them with clothespins. Two nails were nailed at different ends of the wall, a string was pulled between them, and you hung out the photos, holding clothespins.

    • As soon as the photos start to bother, quickly change them to others, here it will not make any problems: you do not need to rearrange the framework, nor unstick the photo from the wall, spoiling the wallpaper.
    • You can hang several ropes at different levels, thus decorating the entire wall.

    TIP: The rope can be tightened more or less by controlling sagging and placing the photo either on the same straight line or arc. Hang on wooden sticks

    • In the photo in the upper corners we make a hole and thread them in a thread, then we take a thin wooden stick in size approximately as the width of the photo.
    • And we tie these strings to the edges.
    • Now we take another thread, we tie it along the edges of our home-made frame-sticks and hang all our construction on the stud for this thread.

    Where to hang

    You can hang a photo best in placesmost attracting attention: for example around the TV, above the sofa, above the bed. Also, photos can fill and beautifully decorate any empty wall. On the whole wall If you have a whole empty wall, then the photos in the best way will fill this space. Pick up photos, scheme and method of hanging and go! Above the sofa Most often, there is an empty space above the sofa, table or nightstand: the shelf is likely to interfere, the choice between the picture or the photos remains.

    • If you stopped on photos, then further actions are similar to the previous paragraph, only the places will be a little smaller.
    • Although, even on an empty wall, they often hang not from the floor, but just at least a meter from the floor, so everything is the same.

    Around the TV Usually the wall on which the TV weighs is empty. But you can beautifully arrange her photo. In the bedroom and above the desk Photos above the desk or at the head of the bed will save you from the problem of buying any decoration. Around the mirror, pictures, windows The mirror will beserve as the center of your exposure, and form a photo collage around you. Not necessarily the mirror should be in the shape of the frame. Perfectly considered round mirror and square frames. On a blank wall in the corridor B 3 or 2room apartments of the old layout is often found a blank wall at the end of a narrow corridor. Usually it is absolutely not functional. But if you hang a photo on it and make the backlight - it will become much more comfortable! In an empty corner, the corners of the walls are often empty, since protruding objects are easy to hook into when moving. But the photos are flat and a collage of them can decorate this part of the apartment in an original way.

    • Along the steps or on the wall under the steps (if a private house or a two-story apartment)
    • You go up, slowly, up the steps, you look at the photos and you don’t feel any fatigue. Alternatively, you can hang out from bottom to top of the photo as children grow up.

    How to hang

    In order to not be disappointed with the result after fixing the photos, you need to initially plan how they will hang, and only then hang them. Let's conditionally divide the planning process into three stages: STEP # 1: Mark up

  • First, make a sketch of the hanging scheme on the leaf, then make the appropriate marks on the wall.
  • Note that the spotlight will be at eye level, an average of 160 cm,
  • Do not reach to the end of the wall, leave centimeters 20.
  • STEP №2: Make a template

  • Cut out frame sizes from newspapers or leaves and attach them to the wall according to the chosen pattern.
  • See how it will actually look, make adjustments if something is not pleasant.
  • STEP # 3: Fastened to the wall Now, in place of each paper sketch, you can safely attach selected photos and enjoy the result. Depending on the method of hanging, you may have to drive in nails, in this case, stock up with the necessary tools. You can also attach tags to photos.with inscriptions or just on the wall to write about the image, for example: rest in the mountains, graduation and in the same spirit. Enjoy the memories and do not forget to create new unique life moments!