How to create cold porcelain with your own hands. Very useful information

How to create cold porcelain with your own hands. Very useful information

Stunning cold porcelain with their own hands. Photo №1 Today we learn how to make cold porcelain,using potato starch and not bothering to brew! Cold porcelain from itself is nothing more than a lamellar mass that is perfectly suitable for all types of this or that work, this mass is somewhat like a plasticine, but several times better and better, because it dries up and hardens. From all that has been said, you can understand that this mass is perfect for molding, that is, you can mold everything that your heart desires; flowers, figurines in general everything that your heart desires. This mass can be purchased in specialized decor stores, there is a white color, the product can be painted with special acrylic paints, of course, if you want. Porcelain body color is used to sculpt certain parts of the body, you can choose colorful bright shades or moderately faded. So, now we will learn how to make cold china at home without using heat treatment. This method is very inexpensive and will not strike your budget. For its manufacture you will need:

  • starch,
  • petrolatum,
  • baking soda,
  • PVA glue.
  • acrylic paints;
  • molds;
  • toothpicks;
  • wire for flowers;
  • scissors.

We proceed to the manufacturing process: In a large, dry plate we pour about 2 tablespoons of corn or potato starch. Next, you need to take one teaspoon of Vaseline and rub with starch. After all these simple actions, you must add a soda (a couple of pinch) and mix again. Then start adding glue from one spoon, constantly mixing the mixture. Stir the mixture until it turns outa kind of test. Before you take the mixture directly into your hands, rub your hands with petroleum jelly to make it easier to work. Like a test, knead the mixture in hand. If you need color parts, then add In this photo, phosphorus is of different colors. White is the result that turned out once. Brown is obtained from cocoa. Add green - and get a green color. Everything depends only on your idea of ​​creation. Blind the stem of the flower and the petals. Collect the entire product. For wireframe, use wire, and to apply a pattern on petals or leaves use toothpicks. When we prepare the product, we will give it the opportunity to freeze for 24 hours. After that, we cover with a colorless varnish. So, your flower from cold porcelain is ready!