How to create an application made of natural material made by yourself? Learn now

How to create an application made of natural material made by yourself? Learn now

Very beautiful crafts can be made from various cereals and seeds. Lentils, peas, beans, millet, buckwheat are just a few cereals suitable for this occupation.How to make appliqués from natural material with your own hands. Photo №1 To make "kitchen" crafts for youyou will need: - directly, cereals themselves, seeds, or grains; - cardboard or thick paper to create a base; - scissors; - glue; - pencils; - Sheets of wrapping paper; - decorative elements. And now a small master class: we will make some simple, but at the same time beautiful and interesting handicrafts. "Autumn grapes" For crafts you will need: - dry twig; - thin twigs (or petioles from leaves); - dried leaves of plane tree, maple or grapes; - Black beans; - scissors; - adhesive (PVA) and brushes. Stages of work:

  • The basis of the bunch - grape vine or a suitable branch should be cut to the size of the sheet, spread with glue and put on a cardboard diagonally, placing this structure under the press before the glue dries.
  • After the branch is firmly adhered,you can depict a bunch of grapes. This will require beans. Begin to glue "grapes" should be from the top row, previously applying glue stripes horizontally. The amount of beans in each subsequent row is reduced by one.
  • Now we need to "attach" our bunch to the branch, which uses the petiole leaf.
  • It remains only to paste the leaves - and the picture is ready! Dried leaves should be kept under pressure when sticking.
  • Little chicken To make this application we need:

    • Buckwheat,
    • millet,
    • cardboard,
    • pencil,
    • cinnamon.

    Stages of work:

  • Chicken must first draw on the basis, make a stencil.
  • Then the area inside the stencil is spread with glue.
  • The next step is to glue the "eye" (it can be made from beans) to a chicken and fill the "trunk" with foal.
  • Now we have to wait until the glue dries, remove excess millet and stick the beak. To do this, you can use the husk of sunflower seeds or halves of beans.
  • The feet of the chicken can be made from both cinnamon sticks and from thin twigs.
  • The final stage will be gluing flax seeds or buckwheat, to represent the "feed" of the chicken.
  • Applique "Merry carrot" Materials for application: - green and red lentils; - parsley (stalks); - pencils; - glue PVA and brush for it; - Black tea; - cardboard. Stages of crafting.

  • To begin with, let's designate the ground: draw a horizontal line with a pencil, stepping back, approximately, one third of the sheet from the bottom. Then, above the line, it is dull to draw the top three halves of the carrots, without the tops.
  • The area inside the carrots should be spread with glue, then fill with red lentils and allow to dry.
  • After that, draw glue the tops, and glue the green lentils.
  • Now we will make the earth: the lower part of the sheet under the line is spread with glue and we will add black than.
  • After the glue has dried completely, holdcrafts to the light source and see if the base shines through the carrots and the earth. If so, apply glue again to the right places, and add the missing cereals or tea.
  • Also, you can draw grooves on a carrot with the help of large tea leaves.
  • Here we have such amusing applications!