How to create a beautiful decorative bottle with your own hands.

How to create a beautiful decorative bottle with your own hands.

We all used to decorate our house in every possible way! Each of us does this in different ways. We go shopping to choose a different decor for your house, which is not worth the small money for today! We have another solution to this issue - this is to make this decor with our own hands. You will not spend a lot of money and time, but there will be an understanding that this thing is unique, because it was you who made it current. You will need:

  • 1 bottle is best with a clear glass and an unusual shape with a wide neck;
  • Vegetables, citrus fruits
  • A variety of greenery,
  • garlic and pepper,
  • acetic acid,
  • paraffin candle for filling our bottle.

So, let's start: Our bottle needs to be prepared. To do this, it should be washed properly and preferably even sterilized. Then, beautifully you need to cut vegetables or fruit to fill the bottle. Then put them in a bottle chaotically so that it was beautiful! How to make a beautiful decorative bottle with your own hands. Photo №1 At the end of filling, the contents need to be pouredAcetic acid this will preserve their naturalness, but not edibility. Then melt the candle so that you get a liquid wax and pour into the neck of the bottle so as not to get air. Top with a normal lid and decorate the bow! Our bottle is ready! That's so easy and without much expense we madeThe original bottle that will perfectly decorate your interior. Another no less interesting decoration for a house from a conventional plastic bottle will be a flower vase. Only this time we will need:

  • a plastic bottle of any shape;
  • Universal adhesive;
  • bright clothesline;
  • Scotch.

We cut a narrow neck near the plastic bottle. Well we smear the walls of the bottle from the outside with universal glue and give it a little "stick". Then with a small piece of adhesive tape we attach the clothes line to the bottom of the bottle from the outside and start tightly wrapping the rope around the bottle. If you decide to use several colors, cut the rope in the desired place and attach a rope of a different color. Now leave the bottle for a while so that the glue is well dried. It is advisable to put your work of art on the balcony. So, your bottle is ready and you can put flowers in it! A similar, but already large vase can be made from a 5-liter plastic bottle from under the water. This pot can be used for large flowers. And you can put it directly on the floor.