How to create a house of natural material with your own hands

How to create a house of natural material with your own hands

You can make such a wonderful jobwith his child, even if he does not go to school yet. A few hours, and the fairy-tale hut is ready. Most importantly - the main material you find on the street - in a park or park. Working with natural materials always gives children a lot of fun. How to make a house of natural material with your own hands. Photo №1 To make such a house you need:

  • branch-workpiece,
  • fir cones and chestnuts,
  • dense cardboard, for making roofs,
  • sheet of plywood for stand;
  • dried leaves,
  • stapler,
  • knife stationery,
  • glue,
  • plasticine,
  • accessories.

Now we will consider step by step: Cut the dried branches before cutting them to the same size with a knife. Each twig should be approximately 20 centimeters. From them we add a house, gluing the branches with glue. We begin the construction of the roof, at this timethe glue will dry. A sheet of thick cardboard (A4) should be folded in half - the shape of the roof was obtained. Cutting out two more triangles, we get an attic roof area. Glue it to the pre-bent sheet of glue. On the slopes of the roof we glue the dried leaves. It will be tile. You can attach the leaves with a stapler or put on the glue. The main thing - that the leaves were about the same size. But the color can be different. Now the roof must be glued to the assembled structure of twigs. We do this with the help of glue, dry it and attach the house to the veneer. Doors and windows we will make of plasticine. From it you can make and figurines of little men and domestic animals. Well, now it's time for your fantasies! Let the child himself come up with what will surround your house. You can make Christmas trees of cones, little people from nuts or chestnuts and much more. You can use and wood bark, and moss, and even dried insects. Or maybe you want to make the work a little brighter? Then put a few figures from the "Kinder - surprise". You can even make a house that is experiencing a certain season. Vata can easily become snow. Beads will make twigs flowering trees. From the colored paper you will get flowers and mushrooms. From small pebbles it is possible to make a path. You can fence the house with a fence of twigs, put a bench, plant a number of flower beds. Such work will be in the joy of your baby. It can easily become an ornament of any room or suburban area. Such work will not only develop a child's fine motor skills, imagination and imagination, but will also bring you closer to your child.