How to create shoes for a doll with your own hands. Children are delighted

How to create shoes for a doll with your own hands. Children are delighted

The process of manufacturing shoes is labor-intensiveand requires a lot of attention and perseverance. There are different ways of sewing shoes with their own hands. Since shoes are not sewn on a person, but on a doll making shoes can be made easier and easier. In this article we will try to show you in detail and visually how to sew unusual boots without pads for dolls. Shoes for dolls, made by own hands You will need:

  • foot pattern (can be found on the Internet);
  • ten centimetric satin ribbon (instead of a satin ribbon you can use felt);
  • accessories;
  • crocheted doublerine or nonwoven;
  • the doll herself.

To begin with we take a ribbon, we put it to the footand, taking into account the allowances for seams, we cut off the necessary length. Then from the mated doublerin carefully cut out four circles on the pattern of the foot of the toy. This will be the sole for the shoe. You can replace it with Chinese cotton, linen. Return to the remaining ribbon and cut out from it pieces of a suitable size. You can match the edges of the ribbon with a match so that you do not fall off later. Take the iron and glue the ovals from the doublet on two pieces on each foot. This manipulation is necessary to give greater stability. You can also strengthen the sole with plastic, cardboard or other materials. The next step to achieve the goal - to fold a piece of tissue the right size in half, attach a pattern of the foot. The tape is bent in half along and from the backmanually make stitches or spend on a sewing machine. Thus, we have a tube made of ribbon. Then we turn it out using a wand. Then again we spend it on the sewing machine, turn out and dress the dolls on the leg. The next step is to sew the soles manually with any seam. Remained the last touches - decorate the shoes with accessories. You can use as an ornament beads, beads, buttons, bows, in general, anything you want. Dear needlewomen, now you can easilymake shoes for a toy not only for playing with the child, but also sew it as a souvenir. There are different ways of making shoes, the main thing is not afraid to experiment, make mistakes. You will receive great joy from the result. The more shoes your toys have, the more flight you have for fantasy.