How to decorate your Christmas tree with Japanese magic balls kusudamy: make New Year toys in the style of origami with their own hands / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to decorate your Christmas tree with Japanese magic balls kusudamy: make New Year toys in the style of origami with their own hands / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Winter and New Year holidays are a special time,when even adults start to believe a little in miracle, a fairy tale, make wishes and sincerely wait that they will come true. And about the mood of the kids and do not have to say. Each family tries to decorate the house for the holiday and, of course, to decorate the Christmas tree. And if you want the toys on your tree to be the most beautiful and original, try your own homework to make different New Year's crafts with your own hands. Moreover, New Year's origami is one of the best non-ordinary ways to decorate an evergreen beauty.

Gift from the Land of the Rising Sun

Origami became known to the whole world only inthe middle of the last century, but in Japan, in its historic homeland, this art has been known and loved since time immemorial. By the way, origami was the favorite pastime of the noble officials of the state, so they often practiced it, and if someone from the upper strata of society did not master the art of folding from the paper of three-dimensional figures, he could be ashamed of this, because he would have been considered ill-mannered .Today, both children and adults are keen on origami, because it's so cool, interesting and simple - to create beautiful paper crafts with your own hands. Today you can make toys according to the classical traditions of technology (only one sheet of paper - plain and square, without the use of auxiliary tools, like scissors or glue), or you can slightly break the ancient rules, giving vent to fantasy and creativity. Origami-ball on the Christmas tree As New Year's toys perfectly suitedJapanese Kusudam. The so-called balls, which were sewed once from a fabric to use them, as original containers for collection and storage of medicinal herbs or for incense. However, today Kusudamas are made as a modular ball of origami - just glue it from several separate modules of paper. In such a decor, you can make any interesting fantasy and make it a wonderful decoration for a Christmas tree.

Balls-balls .... Magic and a miracle from nothing

Despite the apparent complexity, to make kusudamymaybe even a child. For those who doubt their abilities, there are many master classes with diagrams in free access, as well as video lessons, on which you can see in detail the entire process of crafting your own hands. So, if you are ready to start working, then you need will prepare some materials and tools to not be distracted by anything:

  • of course, you will need the paper itself -consider that it is necessary to take square sheets. In order to make one ball kusudama, you need 60 sheets of paper. The diameter of the future toy will depend on the diameter of the sheets (for example, if you take the standard A4 sheets and make squares of them, you will end up with about a 30-diameter ball, and from a small stationery - a very small ball);
  • also prepare a pencil and ruler;
  • do not forget about scissors and glue;
  • decor - at your discretion - a ribbon to hang a toy, beads, sequins, foil, etc.

Select the color of the paper, depending on what kind of craft you want to make with your own hands. Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • First you need to take your square and fold it. It must be done strictly on a diagonal.
  • Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • You will get a triangle, the lateral corners of which you will need to bend to the top. Just make sure that you get it symmetrically.
  • Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • Next, try to carefully expand each of these bent corners. As a result of your efforts, it should turn out that the longitudinal fold will pass in the middle.
  • Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • Now you will deal with diamonds. Their corners, too, need to be bent.
  • Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • After that, you will get a figure in your hands, on the sides of which there will be two small triangular envelopes. Each of them will alternately fold in half, bending the outer edges.
  • Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • It was our turn to use glue. You need to carefully glue those narrow triangles that you have, so that the petal comes out.
  • Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • In the same scheme, model other petals of different colors, because in each individual flower there are five of them.
  • Origami-ball on the Christmas tree

    • Kusudama balls are complex constructions,related to modular or 3D origami, because the whole figure will consist of many identical parts or modules. For your craft, you need to make twelve colors.

    The finished product can be sprinkled with sequins,decorate with small stamens of foil, glue beads on it and attach a ribbon. Voila - the magic balloon origami is ready and will please you, giving a festive mood and a smile. Origami-ball on the Christmas tree Also you can make any other New Year's Evetoys, using origami technique. For example, it is very easy to cut eleven stripes from a multi-colored sheet (the width with an A4 paper sheet is approximately 19 mm). All the stripes will need to be gathered in a pile, firmly joining them in the center (use threads or scotch for this). Then the inner edge of each strip should be bent to the center and glued. So you will have a beautiful voluminous toy. Once you look at the diagram, you can easily collect and an asterisk in six or nine rays, and flowers, and snowflakes, and Christmas trees. The main thing is just to start. Let the flight of your imagination allow you to embody the most beautiful and original ideas in the New Year's toys created by your own hands. Look at similar master classes: