How to make a New Year's wreath of napkins to decorate the house, we'll tell in the article

How to make a New Year's wreath of napkins to decorate the house, we'll tell in the article

How to make a New Year's wreath of napkins, willit is useful to know all those who prefer to do different things, decorations, especially New Year's decorations for their home, with their own hands. This is just one of the options, featuring simplicity and aesthetics. Any person, and even a child, with the help of adults, can deal with it. It will take a little time to make such a wreath. The main desire. On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, probably, each of us has a head full of pleasant troubles. After all, we all want to have a special festive atmosphere at home. Therefore, it's time to think about a craft that will decorate your front door. If you believe the doctrine of Feng Shui, the wreath is hung not only to make it happy for your family and passers-by. He is hanged in order to attract the best things to the house, and, of course, frighten away all the worst. Thus, such decoration performs not only an aesthetic role, but also acts as a guard for the dwelling and its inhabitants. But did you ever wonder who first invented this wonderful piece of jewelry? It was a theologian from the city of Hamburg - Johann Wiechern. Based on historical chronicles, this event occurred in 1839th year. As far as we know, at one time in his house lived children from poor families. Johann knew how much these children waited for Christmas, with what impatience. And then he decided to make a wreath himself, he is a calendar. He did this miracle-wreath literally from what was at his fingertips. The basis was a wheel from an old trolley. Also, he needed spruce branches. The inventor wrapped the wheel around them. Then he inserted 28 candles. Namely, 24 small candles of red color and 4 large candles of white. Red candles denoted days, and white candles denoted Sunday, which remained to live until the great feast. Every morning the children, not taking their eyes off the product, watched the candles light up. And when there was only one candle, the joys of the children were boundless. About what was happening in the house of Johann Wiechern, it became known to all the inhabitants of the city. A bit later, all of Germany found out about this. And a little later - Europe. Here and so this beautiful and long-beloved tradition has taken root, without which many of us do not represent the holiday itself. Today I will try to teach you how to make a very interesting and colorful wreath of napkins. It can become an excellent addition to any New Year theme party. How to make a New Year's wreath of napkins. Photo №1 Now we will understand how to make a New Year's wreath of napkins and what we need to prepare before starting work. We must stock up with the following materials:

  • 200 napkins of different colors;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • wire;
  • yarn;
  • ribbon or dense thread for suspension.

First you need to fold the napkins into a pile. Cut out a circle from each of them. To make it more comfortable to work, and the circles were the same size, cut out the circle from one napkin, and already cut out the rest by its mock-up. How to make a New Year's wreath of napkins. Photo # 2 Now you need to take one napkin and crush itso that it looks like a flower petal. If after that it turns around, you can fix it with a transparent gun glue. Now make a wire frame. I think there is nothing complicated here. It is necessary to make two large rings of thick wire. After that, fasten them together with a thin wire. On all you will take only a few minutes of free time. How to make a New Year's wreath of napkins. Picture №3 The wire frame should be wrapped in yarn. Its color depends on what color you have wipes. It does not matter how to fix the napkin, fixing it on the base. Do it so that it's convenient, first of all, to you. It's time to attach the petals from the napkins. To do this, insert them into the body, between the threads. How to make a New Year's wreath of napkins. Photo №4 After the whole frame is finallyfilled with petals, you can tie a ribbon for suspension. If you want, you can pre-authorize it. If you leave it as it is, it's not scary. After all, our work without it is very bright and colorful. To the resulting product, you can add other elements, for example, sprigs of spruce or pine, small Christmas trees or bows, but this depends on the desire of the person who does the craft. New Year's wreath is ready! Happy holidays to you!