How to make acrylic painting of nails: Step-by-step instruction, algorithm and materials

How to make acrylic painting of nails: Step-by-step instruction, algorithm and materials

Acrylic paints, from their very appearance, have becomethe most popular paints of all kinds. They paint pictures, paint stained-glass windows, paint a tree, decorate fabrics and clothes. In this article we will open for you a new application of acrylic paints. We will teach you to paint nails with acrylic painting, and we will do it at home. Yes it's true, in order to have a chic acrylic manicure does not necessarily go to the salon, where the masters will make you all airbrushed. How to make acrylic painting of nails: Step-by-step instruction, algorithm and materials. Photo №1 Recently, acrylic painting of nails has becomethe most popular kind of manicure. Masters of manicure rejoice at the number of people wishing to make themselves such beauty on nails, but we will teach you to make this beauty with your own hands. So, why acrylic paints are so popular are the grown manicure. Everything is very simple. The fact is that this kind of paints is able to most accurately convey the small elements of the decor of your nails, from veins on rose petals, to the antennae of a small butterfly. What do you need for acrylic painting your nails?

Necessary instruments and materials:

  • Lacquer base. Acrylic colors are not applied directly to the nail itself, before you start painting it, you must completely cover it with the varnish of the color that suits you, depending on the style of the manicure, the color of the future pattern and the shape of the pattern itself.
  • Brushes of different thickness and rigidity. They are needed to perform the drawing itself. Thin hard brushes will serve for contours and small pattern details, and thick for large ones.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Needle. It serves as a corrector in this process, if the colors have slightly moved away they can be corrected with a needle. Not the fact that during the painting the needle you need, but we must be ready for anything and if something goes wrong, quickly fix it, and not run in search of help with an unpainted nail.
  • Varnish-fixer. It will serve as a good fixer for your creation and will give it a charming shine.

When everything you need is already the bestknow the algorithm of their actions, in order to properly organize the work and prepare your workplace. This will give you more probability of a super successful manicure the first time. Algorithm of acrylic painting of nails.

  • Prepare all the necessary materials. It's best to arrange them on the table in the order in which you need them. For example: lacquer base, brushes, acrylic paints, lacquer-fixer.
  • Apply the lacquer base.
  • Draw your nail the way you want.
  • Cover your masterpiece with a lacquer-fixer.
  • It is worth saying that everything is worth thinking about beforehand. You can even draw a kind of sketch on a piece of paper. You can use the colors of the varnish and paints that you want, but you have to choose the right combination. If you have chosen a bright, saturated shade with the color of the lacquer base, then it is better to take acrylic paints pastel. If the color of the base is gentle and not causing, then the color of acrylic should be just the opposite, ultra bright. Do not forget about the pattern. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with simple ornaments. Believe me, they will look no less spectacular and attractive than the hieroglyphics made in the cabin.

    Step-by-step instruction of nail painting with acrylic.

    How to make acrylic painting of nails: Step-by-step instruction, algorithm and materials. Photo # 2

  • We put on the nail lacquer base of the color thatchosen earlier. It is very important that the whole nail is covered with it, otherwise under the weight of the paint and the varnish-base, the manicure gets down very quickly. Do not also put too much lacquer on the brush, otherwise it will spread not only to the fingernail, but also to the finger in a fraction of a second, and it will take a very long time to dry. We wait until the base is completely dry.
  • Begin to paint our nails with acrylicpaints. Do not forget about the color. The amount of paint should also be taken into account. Do not put too much acrylic on the brush, otherwise it may just be a lump on your nail, not a pattern. First, the largest elements of the pattern are applied to the nail. To do this you will need a bigger brush. Do a pattern that you will make up the bulk of the picture. Next, take a smaller brush and add small patterns. Not small weight have details. For example, a shade of the same color may be different. In the center of the nail, it can be darker, and on the sides - lighter. This technique will give your drawing a visual volume, and from this the manicure will look even more beautiful and spectacular. But again, it depends on the very picture that you are depicting.
  • If your drawing has some smalltheir oversights can be corrected with a needle both at the end of the painting itself and in its process. But you need to do this until the colors are dry, otherwise you will just chop your manicure with a needle.
  • When everything is already adjusted and the paint driedwe put on a fingernail a varnish-fixer. Try to apply it in one stroke on the entire nail, so as not to oil the picture. Do not overdo it with the amount of clear lacquer. Wait until it dries.
  • How to make acrylic painting of nails: Step-by-step instruction, algorithm and materials. Picture №3 Just that you did not just make yourself a manicure, you made a creation of art that you can carry with you and surprise them around.