How to Make a Beautiful Peony Flower from a Fabric with Your Own Hands

How to Make a Beautiful Peony Flower from a Fabric with Your Own Hands

Everyone knows a wonderful garden flower thatcalled the peony. It pleases everyone with its flowering from spring until late autumn. The bud can not be ignored - it is lush, bright and exudes a unique aroma. It has long been believed that the peony possesses magical properties: drives away impure forces and brings health. At present, the medicinal properties of certain pion species used in pharmaceuticals are known. Knowing about its properties, I would like to wear this wonderful flower as a charm, but since the living plant will wither quickly, try to make a peony from the fabric. For this we need:

  • A small candle (as for aromalamps);
  • the fabric itself - it can be a satin or chiffon of the color you like (often gentle shades), but with a content of 100% polyester;
  • double sided tape;
  • yellow threads of a floss and scissors.

So, let's begin! 1. To begin with, you need to cut 5 circles from the fabric. Diameter of 4 circles is chosen at will (optimal 8-10 centimeters), but the fifth circle needs to be done a little less. It is not necessary to make a perfectly smooth contour of the circle. How to make a bright peony from the fabric with your own hands. Photo №1 2. Now, to give these patterns a likeness to the petal, use a lighted candle. You can do this by rotating the edge of the circles above the flame. When the edges are evenly bent, you can proceed to the next circle. It is important to remember that chiffon and satin is very easy to melt, so you need to carefully sing along the edges. 3. Next, ready melted circles are cut from 4 perpendicular sides, to give the appearance of the petal. 4. Places where the cuts are made, too, it is necessary to hold it slightly over the flame, pushing the place of the notch. 5. To make the flower more lush, on 2 petals we make four more notches and we also melt their edges. 6. The petals are ready, proceed to the middle. For this, yellow threads are necessary for the mulina. We wind them around two fingers, making 6-8 turns, and without removing the bandages between the fingers. 7. Having removed from fingers, we cut turns on edges and we receive something like a bow. Straighten all the threads and get the middle of the pion. You can also use a large beads or beads of pearl color instead of the middle. 8. We have already prepared individual parts of the flower. Let's begin its assembly. We take the 2 largest circles, cut into 4 parts and glued together. They will be the base of the flower. Then glue together and glue to the lower layers of smaller blanks, cut into 8 pieces. 9. In the middle we sew beads or the yellow core of the flower, sewing together all the layers of our peony. For this, it is better to use the same threads as for the core of the flower. After that, you can spread all the petals, giving them a uniform splendor. Peony is ready! You can use it, attaching a pin to your clothes, decorating the covered table, glue it to a double-sided tape in the car or any other place.