How to make a black and white panel of beans with your own hands

How to make a black and white panel of beans with your own hands

If you ever thought about how tostart making beautiful interior items with your own hands, then you have a great opportunity to put a good start. We offer you a simple and original way to decorate your house with a black and white panel. The combination of just two colors will make your work simple, which is very important for a beginner artist. How to make a black and white panel of beans with your own hands. Photo №1 However, the simplicity of the embodiment of this idea is not at alldoes not simplify the originality and elegance of such a panel. After all, the contrast of the two opposite colors - black and white - is a very interesting design solution. Now that we need for this panel. We will need:

  • two packets of white and black beans,
  • simple pencil,
  • good glue ("Moment" is suitable),
  • white and black gouache, transparent aulacle.

The basis for our panel can be madehands of cardboard or order in a baguette shop. Be sure to prepare a frame with glass for the size of the panel. Let's talk separately about what will be depicted on our panel. It will be better if they are large silhouettes, interflowing into each other. So we get a very impressive visual effect and a game of opposite colors. You can depict the symbol "Yin-Yang" from Eastern philosophy. Or, for example, two chess pieces of black and white colors. As an option, the silhouette of a black and white cat sitting next to it will suit. In general, the main thing - that the silhouettes were clearly outlined. The plot is chosen, now we need to draw it on plywood with a simple pencil. Next, we paint this picture with black and white gouache as it should look according to our idea in ready-made form. Now carefully begin to glue the beans. We spread the plywood, then tightly press the beans to it and to each other. White beans are glued to white, black - to black. When all the panels are laid out, you need to let it dry for one to two days. Then in one or two layers we cover our panel with an aulacle and hang it where it will decorate your interior. You will be convinced that your interior has played a completely new way. You see how simple and quick you can become addicted to the art of decor, starting with the simplest version. Also, the original design solution will be a bean tree. At the same time, the trunk of a tree is a twisted wire tightly wrapped in corrugated paper, and on the branches of a bean of the appropriate color.