How to make a boat out of paper or cardboard with your own hands

How to make a boat out of paper or cardboard with your own hands

Origami - not only developing art, but alsoAn excellent opportunity to captivate the child with an entertaining game with paper figures. If the kid does not yet know how to make a boat out of paper, be sure to teach him how to fold such a toy. The child will develop a further script of the game himself: a paper boat can roll animals from the Kinder Surprise, and a "real" canoe is indispensable for every Indian to hunt and survey mysterious rock grottoes. Origami boat made of paper What do you call the boat? Canoe and punt made of paper. The origami boat folds simply and the task for a couple of minutes is assisted by a detailed step-by-step instruction. Having mastered the proposed schemes, show them in practice to kids. For children, the first skills of origami will be very useful: it's an educational game, and training for accuracy, and an exercise for concentration of attention. Step by step, we'll see how the boat folds out of paper with his own hands, relying on 2 elementary schemes.

Option 1 "Flat-plate"

How to make a boat out of paper We make a punt-boat from a sheet of paper ThisA toy made of paper for babies is especially interesting in that it is quite realistic to seat small passengers and send them to a real river cruise - miniature handicrafts and small toys. This origami boat can easily be kept on real water. The scheme is simple:

  • Rectangular (you can square) the sheet folded in half along, then across (for ease of orientation to the center), then return it to its original state;
  • Turn the upper edge of the sheet inward to the middle, repeat the operation with the underside. Note that the rectangular (not square) sheet is folded in a similar way from the horizontal orientation;
  • Continuing to fold a paper boat, smoothly bend inside each corner of the workpiece (as in Figure 1);
  • Accelerate the sharpness of the conical parts of the workpiece from the paper to go to the final stage of folding the toy - again bend the corners, as shown in the diagram;
  • Fold the product away from yourself on the central edge of the workpiece, and then gently turn out the structure, opening the central cleft (take a pliable paper, it can not turn out of cardboard);
  • Carefully stretch the toy, press the inner folds - your origami boat is ready for launching.

Option 2 "Canoe"

How to make a paper origami boat Doing a canoe from a sheet of paper You can fold andAnother boat out of paper with their own hands, without wasting too much time. The Indian canoe will require a little more attention due to its design features - the closed nose pieces of the toy. Pie is best made from paper, because it can not come out of cardboard. The canoe is folded by analogy with punt. Let us consider in more detail

  • The square sheet is folded in half and from top to bottom, and from left to right - a central intersection of the workpiece is formed;
  • Then each corner evenly wrap inward, focusing on the center - you will get a neat square of smaller size;
  • Expand the sheet into its original state and again bend each corner inward, but now the vertex of the corner is equal to the nearest face (see Figure 2);
  • It turns out that each corner will now be bent inward twice - a "TV" is formed (a square in a neat "frame");
  • Turn the folding paper from the paper downward with the "face" and bend the upper quarter of the workpiece toward you, focusing on the center. Do the same with the lower quarter;
  • Bend the inside corners of the resulting rectangle - the boat is almost ready;
  • Accelerate the sharpness of the conical protrusions, additionally bending the interior of the corners (as in Figure 2), blunt angles, too, "zalomite" to yourself;
  • Carefully open the workpiece and, holding the folds, turn it inside out, then straighten the canoe noses from the inside.

Not immediately, but your child will also getFold the original boat out of a simple sheet of paper. It is possible that soon the growing family member will surpass you in skills in origami technique. After a couple of months, do not be surprised if the child comes to you and shows you how to lay down a submarine or make a boat out of paper, and maybe even harder - a real two-tube steamer! Origami - a fascinating art, it is only necessary to get carried away once. Why not start now with a small paper boat?