How to make a three-dimensional star from paper in origami technique

How to make a three-dimensional star from paper in origami technique

The star of Bethlehem, if you believe the Gospel ofMatthew, illuminated the divine light of Judah at the very moment when Jesus appeared in the light. But today we are not talking about the Nativity of Christ, but rather about how to make a star out of paper, if there is nothing to crown the New Year's spruce. Or how to make a different sized 3D starlet for the original suspension in the bedroom. Small can be folded from foil, and large paint with acrylic paints and sprinkle with sequins - you will get a luxurious interior decoration. Volumetric convex paper star And it will be useful for you to learn how to makea three-dimensional star from paper for an action-packed game in a ninja. How to use a paper star decide for yourself: a small one should be hung on a Christmas tree, and a large three-dimensional star, for example, deservingly decorates the top of the Christmas symbol. Or let it hang from the ceiling, surrounded by origami balls, symbolizing all the planets of the solar system. Let's start, perhaps, with the simplest scheme - a four-pointed star. This scheme for beginners many will please with its simplicity, so ...

Four-pointed origami star

Our Scheme 1 invites you to make an asteriskshuriken - the ninja's smashing weapon (by the way, maybe you and your little warrior will be interested in the diagram of a samurai helmet made of paper). However, you can give these asterisks from paper their own semantic variations. It will take 4 sheets of a square shape to assemble individual modules, from which the modular origami star-shuriken will turn out. Consider Fig. 1 take a closer look and proceed step by step: Four-pointed paper star. Assembly diagram.

  • The square blank is folded in half diagonally, one of the corners is to be sharpened by the method of bending the planes to the middle deflection;
  • Lower the angle bend upward, forming a triangular form of paper craft. The resulting triangle must be folded in half along the vertical axis to make an asterisk;
  • On the line of the small triangle, make a bendlower edge to yourself, squeeze the place of the crease. Unfold the bottom of the workpiece and screw the convex triangle inward (see figure 1). Make 3 more such crafts made of paper (the same size, color is arbitrary);
  • Collect the convex star from colored paper by inserting the lower corners into the sinuses of the adjacent piece, then tighten the joints and straighten the arrows, giving them the desired volume.

How to make a five-pointed star from paper

Shuriken, as you can see, has developed for a time or two. But the classic origami offers you a heavenly body to make from a single square sheet without connecting blocks. How to make a five-pointed star made of paper, will tell our detailed review below and pic. 2: How to make a convex five-pointed star out of paper - a diagram

  • Square sheet (can be made from standardoffice paper A4) fold on both diagonals, then in half and again in half to a small square - the layout is ready, turn the workpiece into the initial position;
  • Fold the workpiece into a triangle, bending inside the opposite side planes from the top of the diagonal intersection;
  • One of the equal edges of the triangle is bent inwards, equating it to the central axis. Repeat the action on the reverse side, but with the opposite edge.

Adding bends, take one vertex asideon the front side and the second on the back - a five-pointed star origami in your hands. A voluminous five-pointed pentagram is the result of adjusting the "rays". Unbend them so that from a distance the craftspieces look three-dimensional.

Star of Bethlehem with your own hands

Christmas star from a pre-preparedThe paper square is formed in a peculiar way, but you do not foretell any special difficulties. Adding an eight-pointed star from individual modules will be more difficult, but we will soon conquer this peak. And the hexagonal star folds like this: Christmas Star of Bethlehem Paper Star

  • Your reference note is fig. 3. He clearly shows how to make the Bethlehem companion of the Magi. First, fold the sheet (square) exactly in half, then expand it into the indicated horizontal position;
  • Upper corners, strike ahead, combining the corner itself with the line of central deflection. At the same time, the lower corners must remain flat, substantially tapering. Repeat the action with the second upper corner;
  • Return the sheet to the source, then fold again toimagine the first corner bend. Without bending the structure, over the first, break the second upper corner. Proceeding beyond the edges of the workpiece, bend the section to yourself, aligning it along the edge of the triangle;
  • Turn the same protruding section inside, in the opposite direction. The star acquired half of the peaks. Now bend to the top corner of the convolution, equating it to the center of the base of the triangle;
  • To collect an asterisk from a paper already almost it turned out. It remains to bend the lower, freshly bent angle upward, bringing out the point-one of the vertices of the nascent star. Lower lower acute angle, take to the opposite stupid and again bend back to yourself, forming another vertex;
  • The remaining "free" plot is also bent to the opposite corner and take to yourself the last peak. Done!

We will add volume!

How to make a three-dimensional star from paper? Eight-pointed modular star from colored paper is folded according to the design principle. We have to make a complex luminary of separate blocks, each of which is composed like the details for shuriken (see Figure 4). Fold the eight-pointed star Such a product is similar toshurikenu (use Figure 4 and the folding patterns of the four-vertex shuriken - figure 1), the truth of time, the effective octagram takes a little more. But having combined such a piece with your own hands, you really will surprise your relatives and acquaintances. Are surprised by the new level of their capabilities? Then tell the housewife how you did it, because everyone will be pleased to see their personal contribution to decorating the rooms for the upcoming holiday. And you can also show them schemes of paper tulips and festive origami envelopes. Paper decorations in the form of asterisks Let the stars give you joy!