How to make a bulk valentine cookie? Masterclass modeling from polymer clay

How to make a bulk valentine cookie? Masterclass modeling from polymer clay

The feast of Valentine's Day is the day whenloved people not only confess to each other in love, but also express small, but grateful. The years spent in a joint marriage, or the next anniversary of relations - is absolutely not important. The main thing is that feelings do not fade away, and love every year glowed with new colors!

How to make a bulk valentine cookie? Masterclass modeling from polymer clay

How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo №1 Preparing gifts for Valentine's Day -this is a special task, requiring the master to be self-centered, individualized, and willing to create something that will remain a good memory for many years. Polymer clay is an ideal option for this. Many are used to the fact that Valentines should be paper. But, such material quickly deteriorates and after a couple of years will lose its true qualities. Clay, in comparison with paper, looks more eternal, which means that the gift can be kept for many years. At the same time, the possibilities of polymer clay are amazing: after all, you can think through various forms and create very interesting products, using only your own hands, as well as a small share of imagination. To express your love as brightly as possible, you definitely want to come up with something extraordinary. To your attention we offer two popular ideas for blanks from polymer clay for the Valentine's Day holiday, which you want to make and give to your loved one. The first item is a cake in the form of a valentine, the second is a valentine on a stick. You can make both options and make a close "sweet gift". It is a pity that you can not eat these articles! Preparing Valentine for the holiday - a delicious idea How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo # 2 So, in this lesson we will try to deal withthe creation of unusual valentines. The first of them will be made specially with a magnet so that it can be fixed on the refrigerator or on a board. It will take some materials that will help in making beautiful and quality Valentines.

  • Prepare polymer clay or plastic in brown, red, yellow and white
  • Cardboard is required
  • I need to take a pair of scissors
  • Prepare a small magnet for work
  • Also, take a sharp object for processing
  • Take the standard version of the universal glue
  • It will also be necessary to take a contour of acrylic
  • To fix the result, a varnish

Delicious Valentine's is the best gift fora loved one! But, if such an article looks delicious and remains eternal, even better. A simple lesson will tell about the way to create a multi-layered artifact Valentinki in the form of a delicious cookie Forming a valentine How to make your valentine from clay ?. Picture №3 Initially, we should make a specialstencil, which is done with cardboard. We use thin paper, which we fold twice and then transfer our heart shape to the cardboard. Then, cut out the product. Thus, we get the form of our template. To make a beautiful modeling, you need to divide the mass of brown into two parts, equal to each other. Then, you need to form small cakes from them, in width to the heart we need. The shape of the heart can initially be made flat. Next, you need to apply a template with a thin object, for example - a knife. Then, we cut out the shape we need from polymers. Then, pay attention to the fact that the edges of the product looked organic. It turns out an odd thing that looks like a biscuit with a slit. Then, it is necessary to mix a lot of clay yellow and white in order to get a shade of light yellow clay. Then, we perform the same actions as the previous time to get another layer for the future craft. By the way, hands should be washed after each layer, so as not to pollute the surface. Cake shape How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo №4 Our cakes are ready and, therefore, proceed toforming a cake. The yellow stem is pushed out into the middle, the cords are at the edges. Next, we form the filling. As a basis, we will take the preparation of cranberry jam. It is ideal to take a variant of translucent clay, but if you do not have one, use the usual one. To begin with, you need to roll out a heart shape that will be smaller in size. Then, the heart is laid on our cake. Then, all our work should be crushed using a cardboard sheet. This is to ensure that the product does not leave prints. Then, we are engaged in shaping the decoration. It is necessary to form a tourniquet. Variants of sausages are white and brown, which are the remains of carved hearts. They are laid out thanks to the parallel to each other. They need to be pressed slightly on the ends and then, to twist in one direction. Very soon you will notice how these lines will become a beautiful spiral. Then, this spiral should wrap our variant of valentine. The product is sent for baking, right into the oven! After baking How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo №5 The temperature and timing of baking depends on yourproducts. Instructions can be found on the back of the package. After the product is "baked", we need to let it cool down a bit. After, take up the process of decorating it. It is worth remembering that we are going to make a magnet for this craft. For this, you can prepare a magnet and glue it with a gun glue. Also, after this, you should make a contour of acrylic. A beautiful greeting inscription or improvised drawings is a good choice. Here you can experiment and invent something of your own. Then, wait until the acrylic dries on the product. The completion of this whole process will be a layer of varnish that will protect the product from damage and make it permanent. It is especially important to do this on the inside of the products, where the jam filling is. Consider that not every varnish will hold well and help your product. It is better to take a professional who will help protect, rather than spoil the craft. If the varnish is not there, it's not at all scary, since the handicraft is not used constantly. It turns out an interesting and unique, and most importantly - "tasty" form of valentine, which you can give to your loved one. We are sure that she will like your companion or companion! Valletnika on a stick How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo №6 If the idea of ​​a cookie did not suit you,you can make a real Valentine's wand! It will look like a candy and of course, you can want to eat it, but alas it's an eternal candy. And all because it's made from a real and eternal decorator called Polymer Clay. Lacy heart with the help of polymer clay with its own texture for such a thing - it's not at all difficult. It is possible to form several such ornaments and, of course, decorate a real family table, or make a present to a loved one in the form of a bouquet of sweets.

  • Prepare enough polymer clay to realize as many hearts as you need
  • Prepare a red ribbon
  • Take white and red acrylic paint
  • Requires skewers or wands
  • Take a sponge to work on the material
  • It will take a brush
  • Board from plastic, soft
  • Roller or paste machine
  • Nazhdachka
  • Shaped "heart"
  • Stamp made of silicone

To begin with, you need to stretch the clay in yourhands. then, in the product you need to add water, so that the mass of plastic is ready for processing. Then, using a plastic substrate, we roll out our product, or we do it with a paste machine. The layer should have a thickness of three to five millimeters. Then, the layer is laid out on the table and with the help of a silicone stamp we make an openwork pattern. Use the rolling pin to print a graphic pattern. How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo №7 How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo №8 How to make your valentine from clay ?. Photo Number 9 Preparing the valentines for the gift Next,It is necessary to take a special mold, or scissors in order to prepare the shape of a heart of clay. Now, until the clay has dried up, it is necessary to insert skewers, or toothpicks or sticks into the base of our future blanks. Then, wait until the workpiece dries out for 6 hours. After this, it is necessary to work the end of the workpiece with sandpaper. This is done to ensure that the surface is smooth and smooth. Then, the figure is painted red with acrylic. then, using the sponge, we press a drop of white paint to it. After that, in small and light movements we apply a white paint sponge to make it appear on the delicate zone of the valentine. The texture of the product will be displayed. Our hearts are ready. They can be used as a design for a table or a holiday. You can also decorate with this heart and add a little bright tone as a gift. The clothes clamp can be painted with white acrylic paint. The accessory can also be attached to a bouquet of flowers, or simply presented as a souvenir.