How to make a cat, a cat and a kitten from a sock, photo, ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a cat, a cat and a kitten from a sock, photo, ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Even having in the arsenal a talking doll and a bouncingelectronic puppy, your baby, preparing to sleep, put next to him on the pillow here is a cat with socks. Quite exactly, a soft kind kitten from a sock will become his most favorite toy, if you together with the child will sew it on some of the free evenings. Let your future little dressmaker know how to just turn out or push holes into the holes. This work will be remembered and the toy will fall in love. Kotenok-igrut cat with sock-16Prepare for work:

  • two sock. They can be different from lost couples. Then the toy will become even more fun and original;
  • any filler (sintepon, foam rubber, plum ...);
  • thread, needle;
  • one button for a spout with an arch and two with holes for the eyes. You can buy in the store special toy eyes and nose;
  • chalk or marker;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine for long lines.

The order of performance of works

  • We turn inside out both sock. From one we will sew a tail and a head, from another we will get a trunk with four legs. Assign this job to a little helper. By the way, if your socks are terry inside, it's better to make the wrong side of the face, then the cat will become fluffy.
  • Put the toe upside down and draw the paws on it.
  • Draw the next ears on the second sock. The heel will later become a muzzle.
  • Now you need to cut and sew details.
  • Please note that in all parts necessarilyIt is necessary to leave holes for filling them with a synthepon. In the trunk, leave a hole between the hind paws, in the head and tail in the places of their sewing to the body.
  • Instruct the child to remove all parts.
  • Now you can rest, and the kid will fill them with filler. Show him how to do it and enjoy the spectacle.
  • Now you need to sew the ends and tighten the already unnecessary holes.
  • We connect the details. At this stage, the cat from the socks gets the head and tail.
  • Charge the kid to mark out the eyes and nose for the cat from the sock. Let him try to draw the muzzle himself.
  • Embroider buttons, embroider cheeks and fingers on paws. That's all. Your child himself made a fur seal from his socks. You just had to help him a little.
  • cat out of sock-11Cat Bajun This cat from the sock is cut out in a different way, so it is not on four paws, but on two paws.

    • Dissolve the socks as shown in the photo. One cuts out the trunk with the head and hind paws, and from the other the cat from the toe receives the front limbs and tail.

    cat out of sock-12

    • Sew the details, turn them out, place the inside of the filler, sew holes, sew a toy and decorate the face with eyes, nose and mustache.

    cat out of sock-13

    • Such a cat of socks can be dressed up in doll clothes.

    cat out of sock-14

    • It turned out a charming cat Bajun in the cap and jacket.

    cat bayunCat-tumbler

    • The simplest and fastest scheme. This cat can be sewn in just half an hour.

    cat out of sock-17

    • For this, you need one sock, which you do not even need to cut. Just shape your hands, sealing the sintepon and stuffing it inward.

    cat out of sock-18

    • Sew an elastic band and draw a muzzle. For better holding the form, you can tie a ribbon or a beautiful collar around your toy neck.

    tomcat This cat your child will necessarily make himself, and will love him more than any other toys.