How to make Christmas garlands of paper will be interesting to learn both adults and children

How to make Christmas garlands of paper will be interesting to learn both adults and children

How to make Christmas garlands of paper? Yes, it's very simple. You will need material and free time. There are many options for making garlands. Some products are very easy to work with and even a small child can cope with them. Other products will require a little more free time and effort, and the kids will need your direct intervention and presence. In any case, this interesting and exciting activity will be a wonderful time spent together. In this article, we will talk about several variants of this toy. The New Year is perhaps the most cherished holiday in the whole world. Of course, this one brings with it fun, but, fortunately or unfortunately, it does not do without the hassle that precedes it. Absolutely every person makes every effort to ensure that the holiday was not the same as for everyone, but special, so that the Christmas tree was the most beautiful, the dishes are the most delicious, the outfits are the most fashionable and so on. The main role is occupied by the Christmas tree and a beautifully decorated house or apartment. And, probably, each of us wants it to be, as never before, original and unique. Purchased jewelry, of course, no doubt, stunningly beautiful, but they are hard to name original. After all, this or that ball, a figure can also be found among neighbors or friends. If you really want to be original, then just fantasize and start making toys yourself. What could be better than Christmas toys made by own hands? To this wonderful lesson, you can join all members of your family, do not forget about the smallest. This is another undeniable plus. So you can spend more time with your family for an interesting lesson and pleasant conversation, learn their opinion and just talk on different topics. In everyday life, unfortunately, we can not always give our relatives enough time. This article is devoted, directly, to Christmas tree decorations, namely, from it you will learn how to make New Year's garlands of paper. How to make Christmas garlands of paper. Photo №1 Of course, the easiest way to get everything isnecessary Christmas-tree decorations in the store. For example, huge colorful balls of glass or plastic, rain, tinsel, beautiful electric garlands and so on. No doubt, this Christmas tree will be very elegant and spectacular. But, as we have already said, all this purchased charm can not be compared with those toys that you and your loved ones can do. Think for yourself, toys made with your own hands are invested with all the best, kindest. After all, a person who makes this kind of New Year's souvenir, puts his whole soul. Over time, of course, both factory toys and toys that were made with one's own hands will lose their former appearance. The product purchased in the store, you throw away without much regret, but the one you made yourself, and maybe even with your child or any other member of the family, throw up the arm will not rise. You will take any way to repair it. And this is not because you feel sorry for a piece of paper, but because it is with this product that one of the most pleasant fragments of your life is connected. It's simpler, and most accessible, of course - it's, of course, fixing old toys. Also, they can be decorated with various elements of decor. It can be anything. For example, you can sew a ribbon to an old toy. If the toy is soft, then it can be decorated with a braid. One of the most common options for creating Christmas decorations is considered to be toys made of paper. Now I will tell you about how to make a very simple, but no less interesting toy called "The Ring". How to make Christmas garlands of paper. Photo # 2 For work you will need:

  • colored cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

First you need to make a ring of cardboard. In principle, it can be replaced with a ring, for example, from scotch, which was previously zadekorirovano - pasted or painted in the right color. Then you need to cut out a strip of plain or colored paper, if desired. The main thing is that its width is less than the radius of the ring itself. Make an accordion out of this strip and glue it inside the base ring. After this step, add some bright strokes to the product. You can cut out small squares of contrasting colors from cardboard. Bend them into two parts, glue them into the folds of the accordion. Get a great product that will decorate any apartment. How to make Christmas garlands of paper. Picture №3 No less famous and simple in the execution of the garland is the so-called "Snake". How to make Christmas garlands of paper. Photo №4 With the manufacture of such garlands, I think, should notthere are no problems. Any child who has already learned to hold sharp objects in handles should cope with this occupation. So, if you have kids, you can safely use them. They will be just happy to help you in such an interesting lesson. And in the meantime, proceed to a more responsible stage of work. It is necessary to cut a circle of large enough size from colored paper. From its edge it is necessary to make a small indent, approximately two centimeters. Cut the ribbon. It should be cut to the center of our circle. If, however, you want to entrust such an assignment to your baby, I recommend that you first draw the lines with a pencil. This will make his task easier, and the lines will be exactly equal. Of course, there are many options for paper garlands, for example, those that you see in the photo below. I told how to make New Year's garlands of paper in only two versions. Remember that your work is based on desire. Otherwise, you can show your imagination, and you will necessarily succeed.